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  1. Some of you might be going to bed early tonight, so I’ll post now. Have a great weekend everyone! Looking forward to seeing your photos and autos as usual
  2. I don’t think any of you would want to watch it with me, I get a bit, I suppose you could say too excited!? I am a Whovian after all it’s my job description
  3. At least we have Doctor Who on Sunday to look forward to
  4. Thank you! Here is a strawberry caramac cake for you, strawberry caramac is now a thing
  5. Can I join please I’m not going!?
  6. I got it as well last week he’s so cute isn’t he!
  7. Please say Daniel Craig please say Daniel Craig!
  8. Ahh I really want one of those posters! If anyone gets one and gets bored of it you know where I am
  9. It certainly didn’t disappoint!
  10. Me getting ready for Ascension of the Cybermen tonight...
  11. It’s at £122 now and it’s still got six days left! Really nice auto though
  12. Happy Birthday @Chris1970 hope you had a lovely day!
  13. Thought so but couldn’t remember day it was, Sophie is really nice isn’t she!
  14. Is the Sophie Aldred signing at the Who Shop or Forbidden Planet?
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