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  1. Cheers guys ,next year holidays dates for next July in and just booked hotel for next year too ,now the countdown ,what is it 365 days or so .
  2. Hi guys has anyone seen the dates for next year ,o usually see the dates on a poster but haven’t as yet ,I like to book hotel while I’m here and was just wondering ,cheers
  3. I’m confused ,it doesn’t take much but as we know he cancelled today ,so I went to the desk and was told the ticket would be refunded ,so I bought a new one for Sunday ,i now understand he’s attending sat only but I’ve seen a message sayin all tickets for Friday and Sunday can be used tomorrow,is this correct as I was told different and if both are being accepted today do I need to go to desk and get a refund for Friday or will it be refunded .someone help please.
  4. I will certainly go and see him at his table ,cool .
  5. I believe he also worked on Star Trek ,I shall drop around to his table .
  6. I’ve just fond out he’s doing the voice for Jeff Tracey in thunderbirds ,I really hope I get a signed thunderbird picture st the show .
  7. This is tempting ,I’m going to have to think on this one.
  8. He’s been involved in some great films,I’ll have a look at the photos at the show,I also hope he does a talk,I bet he’s some stories to tell.
  9. Prince caspian,I do like that movie,I’ll shall put him on my list .
  10. Ewen mcgregor,frank oz,whoops Goldberg,I just want to meet so many .roll on Friday.
  11. I’d love Jon goodman,Eddie Murphy,Steven Spielberg,Michael Caine,Daniel Radcliffe, but I guy I would love to meet both are legends to be dean stockwell and David graham.
  12. That's a real shame,please get him at another show even London if possible .
  13. Does anyone know when the photoshoot with Mike Edmonds is please,I may just be missing it.
  14. That's a shame,take care jack and get well soon and come and see us soon.
  15. That's a shame,was really hoping in getting an autograph,let's hope she can can along to the summer event or collectormania.
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