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  1. Any ideas as to when the double shoot with Noel Clarke will be added to the tickets? Can't see it anywhere at the moment.
  2. shodgson

    Latest WHO you've watched

    Dark Water/Death in Heaven again. Simply superb. Love the twelve/Clara pairing.
  3. shodgson

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Keep up the good work Friendly Dalek, always a good read!
  4. shodgson

    Terrance Dicks

    Very sad news, a legend for Doctor Who fans.
  5. shodgson


    My confirmation email now has come through with Charles Dance listed on it, despite me not selecting or wanting it. The amount charged is £31 for Tosin Cole however. Very strange.
  6. shodgson


    Booked a Saturday photo, but when I did it was asking to select a batch number for Charles Dance aswell, who I didn't select or want. Had to select one or it wouldn't let me purchase. Order summary states it's just for Tosin Cole. How odd. Anybody else experience this?
  7. Great write-up on your experience. I couldn't agree more, I was extremely happy to finally meet my favourite actress. The only diamond pass I have ever bought, and I got additional pics signed and a second photo shoot the next day. She is the only guest I have ever been starstruck with too, I was very nervous on the Saturday, but was fine after that. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if she does another. Thanks for making my day Jenna!
  8. shodgson

    Alex Kingston refund

    Me neither, I shall leave it another day or so and contact them via email if no updates.
  9. shodgson

    Great day at LFCC but...

    Haha it was so funny. Most of the people were in stitches when they realised.
  10. shodgson

    Great day at LFCC but...

    I had quite an amusing experience on the Saturday. As I was wearing a blue t-shirt and a Jenna Coleman diamond pass round my neck, a load of people thought I was Showmasters crew and asked 101 questions. To begin with I actually had the answers and was happy to help but after about the tenth time I thought I'd better let them know I wasn't staff! I must of been asked around 20 times for advice/info hahaha
  11. shodgson

    Statement From Jason

    I would love Sarah Michelle Gellar and Tom Hanks!
  12. shodgson

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Sorry forgot to include a quote re. The Rings of Akhaten.
  13. shodgson

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Very underated story. Can't believe it rated so poorly in the DWM polls.