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  1. Would it be possible to get confirmation that the big, Diamond Star Wars guests like Hayden, Ian McDiarmid and Billy Dee Williams will be in the main signing area rather than the Star Wars zone, which I assume is for the smaller SW guests as well as for the other stuff going on there? Given how busy I expect Hayden especially will be, I would have thought so but it would be nice to save a trip over there looking for VQs when they're upstairs...Obviously I don't expect to know where exactly they will be but at least to know they will be in the main area?
  2. jonedney124

    diamond pass batches??

    Oh yes I remember that from last year. As I say, I'm Batch 1 for most people (Standard or Diamond) so will aim for AM shoots unless it feels more convenient to go for the PM and should be able to get the autos quickly. Slightly more concerned about the auto queues, as they are more unpredictable but my Batch 5 Diamond guest has only got 1 shoot atm so hopefully that will make it easier. Got a busy Saturday
  3. jonedney124

    diamond pass batches??

    OK, thanks. It would be useful to know, as it makes quite a difference. If a standard photo shoot fan is wondering when their photo with a Diamond Guest will be, they won't know if they are waiting behind 100 DP holders or 200 DP holders if 4 Diamond batches have been sold. Similarly, a DP holder in an autograph queue wants to know how quickly the auto queue for a Diamond guest will move. I am generally Batch 1 for my Diamond guests so it's not that much of a problem but there is one where I am Batch 5, which is potentially more problematic, as that's between 101-125 or 201-250 in terms of rough numbers, that's a big difference. Anyway, I'm sure I'll manage
  4. jonedney124

    diamond pass batches??

    Could you please fully confirm that Diamond Pass batches are 25 rather than the standard 50? Many people are working on that assumption but someone on another thread claimed that more than 25 people went forward for DP Batch 1 at a photo shoot during LFCC Spring (admittedly, this could have been because DP Batches 1 and 2 were called simultaneously).
  5. OK thanks, having looked at the venue map again, it looks like Piazza entrance 2 is the one closest to the station and you walk through to Hall 5 from there?
  6. This will be my first time going to Collectormania and I will be arriving by train just after 7:30 to join the Early Bird queue. The NEC site says that the event will be in Hall 5 (?) and it's not clear how to get to Hall 5 (or rather, where the queue will be for the event) from Birmingham International station from the maps, as the routes on their map suggest walking through other halls or walking a long way round to either the Piazza or Hall 5 entrances. Can someone please clarify where people queue in the morning and how to get there from the station?
  7. I was Diamond no 249 and they were on those numbers about 4pm. The delays with the Matt Smith TARDIS shoot meant he could spend a bit longer signing at that time but the guy on the queue told me he thought only Diamonds would get in. I suppose some VQs may have got in the queue if they were hanging around and Chris was still available before his shoot but it wouldn't have been that many if they were. Also, the queue was moving quickly at my point because they were only allowing 1 autograph per pass. He was very nice though, we chatted briefly about the A Word, he signed my Rose novelization. I'm glad he is coming back, I worried that he seemed very tired when I got his auto and may have been put off but the positivity of the fans must have been more than enough for him to return.
  8. jonedney124

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHARLES DANCE

    His Diamond and Iron Throne shoot details are missing from his page. Hope he can come this time!
  9. jonedney124


    Agreed, probably the bubbliest and friendliest guest I met all weekend.
  10. jonedney124

    Store Batch query

    My timing, I should say...he was slow due to taking time and shoots but not that slow
  11. jonedney124

    Store Batch query

    I think the Diamond batches are 25 passes for both photos and autos, which is about right for the auto queue (the first number listing was usually 1-30 or something like that) so they should be the same and it goes with the batch you have on your pass. I think I'm DP Batch 1 in most cases, which takes the edge off...was in the 200s for Eccleston and Capaldi last summer, especially the latter took until nearly 6pm to get there given the great man was a slow signer (and busy with shoots throughout the day. I was 66 for Matt Smith but timing also left him until the end of the day.
  12. jonedney124

    Store Batch query

    No problem, thanks for the info.
  13. jonedney124

    Store Batch query

    Thanks for clearing that up, Queen Sindel. So presumably in the auto queue, it will just say DP Batch 1 then DP Batches 1 and 2 etc. instead of the 1-30 numbering system you've had in the past? Also, the DPs won't be numbered anymore but will they say our Batch number on them?
  14. jonedney124

    Store Batch query

    I have just done a pretend order for a few guests' photos and Diamonds just to see how busy they are (I have already bought them in most cases) and there were things that confused me/worried me: John Simm - His Diamond Pass photo batches say Batch 1-6 unavailable, start selecting from Batch 7 up to 12. Have that many DPs (presumably around 300 if batches are 50) already been sold and will the store really allow another 300 to be sold (although it may not get up that high anyway depending on those left to purchase closer to the event). For his normal photo shoot tickets, he is on Batch 5 so that is a hell of a lot of photos already for someone who is a 1 day guest (obviously a popular one but still). Peter Mayhew - His Sunday DP lists Batch 1 as available but then has Batch 4 as Not Available, with no Batch 2 or 3... Bernard Cribbins - Again on Diamond, currently lists Batch 1 and Batch 3 as Not Available but you can select Batch 2 in the middle of them. At the moment, no Batch higher than 3 listed. As I said, these things seem a bit odd but may be Eventbrite store errors, especially the latter two?
  15. jonedney124

    Guest Suggestions

    Alex Kingston is doing a play in the West End, starting on the 28th Feb. No performance on the Sunday...………just saying