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  1. Apologies if this has been asked already but is there a specific deadline for requesting a voucher? It is very unlikely I will be able to attend the Sunday of this event, as I am currently supposed to be at another one that weekend (like many others, I suspect). I suppose I could come back for the Sunday of LFCC but bit of a rush to do so on Sat night. I am thinking of coming on the Friday though before heading off to the other event for the weekend. The only LFCC ticket I have (transferred from Spring 2020) is Clark Gregg DP but if he is announced say for Birmingham in September, I could actually go to that so I don't want to request a voucher in exchange for his DP until I know for a fact whether he is moved to another event or just cancelled until next summer. They haven't currently said about transferring guests to next summer's LFCC, which is also a possibility for me assuming we are in much better shape next summer.
  2. I must say I'm surprised that Saturday has sold out this early, considering that the June 21st date for relaxing restrictions is still not absolutely certain, especially with the new Indian variant. Will the guests based overseas be willing to come over here if the Indian variant continues to be a problem? Should any event of this magnitude be going ahead in that instance? Will the event run as normal or will there be restrictions in place? Nobody knows the answer to that last question in particular and what that answer is may put some people off going who have already bought tickets. I suppose part of the reason for Sat selling out may be all the carry-overs from last year but still. Maybe they are offering reduced capacity but in that case, they should have said that and made it clear that Saturday's tickets were close to selling out. There was another con that did just that in the last few weeks and that one is later in the year. The only ticket I have is a transferred Sunday Clark Gregg DP from Spring 2020 and I'm still hedging my bets about attending, despite the appeal of a number of guests, although that has now dropped slightly as Saturday has sold out so can't meet Robbie Coltrane for example. It would be nice if I could go on the Friday for once but don't know if I will be able to get the day off work (usually I can't because it's our busiest season but this year, that may not be the case).
  3. Ok let's try this https://m.imgur.com/gallery/BvqngUb
  4. You've probably found him by now but he is in the area in front of the main stage. Quite busy, he's very surprised at how long his line is, he wasn't expecting it. He's really nice, taking time with everyone. On VQs so bear that in mind.
  5. The schedule for Sunday has had a bit of a makeover, they are now using A and B for guests so some guests have earlier photos. Tosin Cole for example is now at 10:40 in B. I can't seem to post the picture I took of the Sunday schedule so maybe someone else can post an updated one.
  6. I looked at Clark's diamonds for Sunday, he is on Batch 4 which matches what he was on for Spring so I think they have now included the Spring purchases in the Sunmer shop. I did wonder about the Eventbrite app though, will the ticket disappear once Spring finishes? I'm printing mine just to be on the safe side.
  7. Having looked at the LFCC summer purchases for Clark on the Sunday, he is on Batch 4, which matches what he was on for Spring so I think the shop has now included the Spring purchases unless he sold 3 batches just for summer people in 24 hours (unlikely).
  8. Presumably the Middle Earth talk will now just be Sylvester McCoy if it still happens?
  9. I would expect all of the Diamond Guests to be on VQs and guests like Charles Dance are likely to be on them too given his rare appearances and the number of photos he's got. You may find later in the day on Saturday and on Sunday generally that some guests are on open queue. Jack Gleeson was pretty busy last Spring on Saturday but by 10:30 on Sunday, he was on open queue. Robert Englund, on the other hand, was very busy both days, as I think he is a slow signer.
  10. Just out of interest, presumably the Clark Gregg passes were produced for the weekend before he cancelled. Are we able to collect them in preparation for Summer or not? (I still have Alex Kingston's pass from summer for example, as she cancelled on the Friday when many people had already collected theirs. I'm assuming no, but just wondered...
  11. Last year the Hall was opened for queuing at 8 as well as collecting passes from the entrance foyer. I queued for 5 mins to collect my passes then walked straight into the hall then when it was 9 we were directed out of the hall and round to the side. Unless stated otherwise, I'll assume it's the same again. Spring is not summer so queuing doesn't need to open at 7.
  12. They're way ahead of me, already available as part of Clark's listing on LFCC forum!
  13. A shame, although makes a relaxed Sunday even more so. In a way, it's better for him to be at summer because then there are two SHIELD agents...who's up for a Coulson/May duo? However, isn't it going to get confusing for the shop if there are Diamond Passes and photos from Spring being mixed in with the new ones being bought for the summer?
  14. OK, I thought there was a special wristband thing you had to collect?
  15. That's all very well but what about pass and weekend ticket collection, really that info needs to be given in advance in case it's a different place to the queuing entrance (it wasn't last year, it was at the front like summer 2019 collection). To be honest, at the moment this event doesn't seem to be as organised as last year or summer. Last year the schedule was up earlier (summer's draft schedule was up pretty much 2 weeks before the event) and as someone has put here already, we had a floor plan by this point. I'm expecting it to be pretty much the same as last year but confirmation would be helpful, otherwise we may arrive on Saturday and be sent in different directions for queues/collection etc.
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