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  1. It's quite an allegation for sure, but it's true. I have a DP for Matt and that was definitely changed after I bought it.
  2. Unfortunately no, the contents of a diamond pass can't be changed.
  3. I'm in a very similar position, I have some big pieces I need him for so had to get a diamond. I personally think there's a high chance he wont hit VQ's. If i recall correctly he didn't get to VQ's in 2018, or he did very few of them. And now he has more huge roles like Game of Thrones under his belt he'll probably be even busier than he was back then. As you say, the diamond is the only way to be sure, and this is one of the rare times where I wouldn't risk it without one.
  4. Unfortunately the items within the diamond package can't be changed or upgraded , if you want the green screen shoot you'll have to purchase it separately.
  5. Jodie did reach VQ's, as I managed to get her auto without a diamond. Alex is a fairly fast signer, so I think you'd be ok with her. I have no idea about Jeri though. Just get to the venue as early as you can, go straight to their tables to get low VQ's and hope for the best. Neither are notoriously difficult to get so I'd say you should be fine without diamond passes.
  6. Yes you can bring your own pens for signing.
  7. It's a body actor for Darth Vader in the upcoming Obi-Wan show (not Hayden Christensen).
  8. James Jude Courtney, Nick Castle, Dick Warlock, Tom Jones Jr, Airon Armstrong, and a Tom and Airon duo.
  9. David Tennant Miranda Otto Bruce Campbell Kevin Conroy Nicola Bryant Brad Dourif Brad Dourif and Ken Foree
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