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  1. Just looked on the pre-order store, I see what the confusion is now. If you click on the first image, the one for LFCC which still has the july date listed, all of the guests except Alice are in there. Turns out, he's been moved to the LFCC Winter page on the pre-order store, but he's the only guest in there at the moment.
  2. Sarah Sutton and Eric Saward Eric Saward Michael Jayston Simon Williams Jackie Lane Tony Selby James Goss Joy Wilkinson
  3. I'm also considering the Peter and Janet duo. Haven't met Janet before so very happy with her announcement.
  4. So far, got a sunday entry ticket and a photoshoot with Colin Baker.
  5. I'm in the exact same situation as you. Gutted doesn't begin to cover it.
  6. Ian McDiarmid, Stephen Fry and the current line-up of Powerwolf.
  7. That's a shame, I never got my tickets either. Surely the event has to be running at a reduced capacity after all, for it to sell out this early.
  8. Julian Bleach, and the current lineup of Majestica.
  9. Aaron is in the pre-order store now. Aaron Paul Pre-order LFCC2021 – Showmasters Comic Con Official Autograph Shop (showmasterssales.com The three guests mentioned above (Riz, Ming-Na and David) are still missing from the store though, but everyone else seems to be there now.
  10. Amazing announcement. I'm planning on making this year the first time I'll do a Saturday at LFCC, and a diamond pass for Chris is definitely on the cards.
  11. Daniel Naprous, John Levene, Richard Franklin, John Leeson
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