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  1. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    The Aztecs- Unpopular opinion here. I don't think this is one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever. Unlike many other people, I think this story is just very good, not perfect. Some of the acting isn't great, and the story just seems slow to me. However, the story deals well with the discussion of the morality of sacrifices, and introduces to the show's lore the idea that history cannot be changed, and neither the Doctor nor his companions can meddle with established history. I love that concept, and it is fascinating to see Barbara deal with wanting to change history for the better in her eyes, but knowing she can't, and yet tries anyway. The morality and concepts on display here are what elevates the episodes thematically, but I think that the surrounding story isn't that great. Overall- 8/10.
  2. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I'll look around to see if I can find any good reigns for future episodes. And yes, I will be watching the official animations for episodes which have them.
  3. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Could I find recons online? If I know where to find them I may give them a shot for some stories (By the way, I actually love listening to the audio of the Dalek's Master Plan ). I've always preferred just listening to stories rather than watching stills, as I like to picture the settings myself, and I find doing that a more immersive and enjoyable experience (in some ways I try to experience the audio of missing episodes in a similar way to how I enjoy Big Finish stories).
  4. Where are the rest of Sheffield's guests?

    Guests can be announced at any point until the event has started, so there may still be some more guest announcements to be made. That is about all we can say really. There is never a set amount of guests who attend an event, so you can't expect there to be the exact same amount of guests as previous events have had.
  5. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    The Keys of Marinus- Oh dear. This is not a good story, at all. Acting is questionable for the most part, and the writing is also very poor. I dislike criticising the classic series on poor effects, but sometimes I have to, and the effects on display here are truly awful. I do like the idea of a sort of adventure type story where the characters have to search multiple areas to find the titular keys, but the execution just wasn't right. There are some effective moments throughout this episode, but not enough to make it worth watching again. Overall- 2/10.
  6. Academy Awards: 'Achievement in Popular Film'

    Well it looks like we'll just have to agree to disagree in regards to this.
  7. Academy Awards: 'Achievement in Popular Film'

    The traditional Best Picture category will still exist, so those films that may be overlooked by the general public can and most likely will be nominated for that. For example, "You were never really here". I hope that will get nominated for best picture, and people who are interested in the Oscars will still look into what has been nominated for that award. Thus allowing more popular and mainstream films to win the new award, and these lesser known films to succeed in the best picture category. I think I made some sense there.
  8. Academy Awards: 'Achievement in Popular Film'

    I think it is good, as films in genres such as sci-fi often get overlooked by the academy in favour of dramas. This new category will allow those films a fair chance to win an Oscar. For example, I doubt Infinity War will be nominated for much outside of the effects categories, but this new award could have allowed it the chance to win (although I think I read that this category won't be implemented until 2020, but you get my point).
  9. Three Words

    exactly like an
  10. Last Post Wins?

    I am victorious now.
  11. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Marco Polo- I had to listen to this in 2 episode segments throughout today. I don't know why, but I find this story to be rather boring. The acting is very good (at least on audio) and the characters are well-written, but I still find it dull. Story wise, this is one of the strongest in the show yet, and the fact that it takes place over several months adds realism and believability to the story. Overall- 7/10
  12. Wonder woman return

    Although I won't be there to donate to you, it is great that you are aiding charity , and I hope you do successfully at this event
  13. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I collect movies as a hobby, so limited edition blu rays and steelbooks are compeltely worth it for me, as I love having them in my collection. I have quite a few steelbooks already, including some Doctor Who ones.
  14. Latest WHO you've watched

    The last full story I have watched is The Edge of Destruction , but I am listening to episode 6 of 7 of Marco Polo right now (review coming later today).
  15. The Alphabet Game