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  1. As it lists an autograph price, he'll be signing on Friday and Sunday as usual. As Saturday is the day with the make up shoots, his signing time will most likely be heavily reduced, if he signs at all that day. So yes you can get an auto in person from him.
  2. Each photo session has a set time it runs for, so as long as you are in the right place at the right time you will get your photo. If you book 30 different photo shoots for one day, then you will have to worry about shoots clashing. If you mean just buying lots of photos for Robert, then yes you can take them all back to back at the same shoot so no worries there.
  3. I honestly completely forgot about this thread. That is a very nice 2001 steelbook though.
  4. It's going to be an interesting experience for sure. And yes I'll be trying to go as well.
  5. Sorry to hear that Starbuck. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  6. He hasn't been confirmed for the new date yet, but he has a tour date on the same day as the con. At this stage we don't know if either the tour of the con will be going ahead, so we'll just have to wait and see if there's any news regarding Alice.
  7. If those really are genuine then that is pretty cool.
  8. As said earlier in this thread, Showmasters are planning on providing an update in early June.
  9. I have indeed been on Twitter for quite a while, but I made a new account a few months ago, so you may have followed my original one and not the one I use now. I'll see if I can find you then. I am certainly curious as to what this is about.
  10. Dawn Of The Dead is great. I probably won't bother with Rise Of An Empire, because I know it isn't going to live up to this one. That's cool that you were able to be an extra in Justice League. I've often thought about the idea of being an extra for something, just so I can say I've been in a film, but I can't find details on how to become an extra without paying for memberships and things to a site listing roles. I don't know anything about how people learn where a film is scheduled to shoot so they can turn up at the set and try that way. I've been looking forward to Army Of The Dead for a while, so hopefully Snyder delivers with that one.
  11. 300- This is one of those films I've been meaning to watch for a while but just never got around to. I wish I'd seen it sooner. The biggest draw to this movie is the action scenes, and wow, Zack Snyder killed it with this one. I'm a Snyder fan, even enjoying his DC efforts. The editing and cinematography in this film is stunning. The excellent utilisation of chroma key superimposition gives this film such a unique visual quality. There are many shots in here which are going to be ingrained in my mind for a long time. Gerard Butler is brilliant as Leonidas. The rest of the cast are good, with Michael Fassbender and Lena Headey standing out. Although the film is visually beautiful, it suffers in the writing department. Everything around the Battle of Thermopylae is excellent, but the scenes at Sparta completely tank the pacing. Although the acting makes up fir it, the vast majority of the characters have very little depth to them, mainly serving as nameless cannon fodder during the action scenes. Despite this, I still had a great time watching the film, because once it retunes to the battles, it improves tenfold. The over-use of slow motion might be an issue for some, but I think it worked as it was always used to emphasise serious moments or actions. Xerxes' lack of development may be an issue for some, falling under the category of generic villains. I think it isn't an issue for this film, as the focus is on the Spartan's themselves and how they are willing to fight until the last man for what they believe in. Xerxes serves as the catalyst for their development, so I'll allow the film a pass for this one as he serves his role in the narrative well enough. Overall- 8/10. If you like highly stylised action epics, this is the film for you. It was a blast to watch, Zack Synder directed this one to the max. It is a visual feast, even if the dialogue doesn't always hold up. The cinematography on display makes up for it though for me.
  12. I'm never going to do this again. Thank you for the kind words, and it's great to hear your story about meeting Chibnall. Although I'm not a fan of the era myself, I know a lot of people who enjoy the Chibnall episodes, and I'm happy for the people who are enjoying it. I'm sure Chibnall is a lovely person, it's just a shame I'm not a fan of his writing. I do hope his 5 year plan that he refers to has a satisfying conclusion which can hopefully reunite the divided fandom. It was definitely nice to have a series where the big reveals weren't spoiled months beforehand. Could you imagine how exciting series 10 would have been, had we not known about the return of Missy, John Simm and the Mondasian Cybermen? I love series 10 anyway but those would have been huge revels if the BBC didn't spoil it in trailers. I'm definitely happy that the spoilers are being kept well under wraps in this era.
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