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  1. I see I've been name-dropped. I also watched Revolution Of The Daleks, and I actually rather enjoyed it. Far from a perfect episode, but as far as I'm concerned it's one of the best of the Chibnall era so far. I do agree that the human villain was weak, but then were we really expecting anything more from that character after seeing what they were like in Arachnids? To keep it brief, not the best episode, but it succeeded where it needed to for me to enjoy it.
  2. Now I'm waiting for the reveal that Swift was working in league with the villains the entire time, but through her time spent with Nate she comes to realise that romance was all she wanted in life and sees the error of her ways, before betraying the villains in the finale.
  3. I have returned from my centuries of slumber. So what's all this about becoming the forum champion, sounds like a title for me.
  4. As it lists an autograph price, he'll be signing on Friday and Sunday as usual. As Saturday is the day with the make up shoots, his signing time will most likely be heavily reduced, if he signs at all that day. So yes you can get an auto in person from him.
  5. Each photo session has a set time it runs for, so as long as you are in the right place at the right time you will get your photo. If you book 30 different photo shoots for one day, then you will have to worry about shoots clashing. If you mean just buying lots of photos for Robert, then yes you can take them all back to back at the same shoot so no worries there.
  6. I honestly completely forgot about this thread. That is a very nice 2001 steelbook though.
  7. It's going to be an interesting experience for sure. And yes I'll be trying to go as well.
  8. Sorry to hear that Starbuck. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  9. He hasn't been confirmed for the new date yet, but he has a tour date on the same day as the con. At this stage we don't know if either the tour of the con will be going ahead, so we'll just have to wait and see if there's any news regarding Alice.
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