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  1. The Friendly Dalek

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Enlightenment- A massively under rated one. This is easily one of my favourite stories of the Davison era (hence why this is the film I have signed by him). I love everything about it. The acting and characters are fantastic. Mark Strickson especially stands out as Turlough. Peter Davison is also great. Linda Baron is highly entertaining. The effects look good in the original version, so that's the version I watch. This story serves as a very satisfying conclusion to this trilogy of stories. Overall- 10/10. The King's Demons- Another meh story. It isn't really that memorable. It is very short so at least it doesn't drag at all. The regulars are good and the supporting cast are passable. Anthony Ainley is once again wasted. Kamelion was an interesting idea, but unfortunately far too ambitious for the show at this time. Overall- 5/10. Nothing really sticks out as bad about it. It is jsit really uneventful and unmemorable. It is fine for a quick watch to pass the time but that's about it in my opinion.
  2. The Friendly Dalek

    Latest Guest Announcement - WILLIAM SHATNER

    YES! Brilliant announcement.
  3. The Friendly Dalek

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Terminus- Nothing works here. This is a very bad story. In fact I'd say it is one of the worst in the show's history. There is not a single thing about it I enjoy. The acting is rubbish from just about everyone (see the cliffhanger for episode 1). The regulars try their best but the dialogue is atrocious. The story itself is badly written, with the episode 4 twist being ludicrous, and the rather depressing subject matter makes the whole thing a chore to sit through. The Garm creature looked terrible as well. This is also the final story for Sarah Sutton in the role of Nyssa, and it doesn't do the character justice at all. Her final on screen interactions with The Doctor and Tegan makes for a good scene, but the reason for her departure is one I don't like. Overall- 1/10.
  4. The Friendly Dalek

    General Chat

    According to Facebook there will be multiple guest announcements at 6pm tomorrow. I assume at least one guest will be announced for this event hence why I said it here.
  5. The Friendly Dalek

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Snakedance- Unfortunately not as good as Kinda but still decent. Martin Cloones and Collete O'Neil are the best aspects of this story, they are both highly entertaining. The rest of the supporting cast are fine but no one else really stands out. The story is alright but no where near as well written as in Kinda. The Mara is still a good villain, and Janet Fielding is again fantastic. Overall- 7/10. Mawdryn Undead- I think this is a highly under rated story. The regulars are brilliant, and Valentine Dyall is wonderful as the Black Guardian. The return of Nicholas Courtney is great, and his performance is very good. The story itself is well written and interesting. Mark Strickson is great as Turlough, and he actually goes on to become one of my favourite companions. I absolutely love the character and Strickson's performance. David Collings does a great job as Mawdryn. If I have any issues with it it's the fact that the story takes a bit of time to actually get going. The first episode especially is very slow. Overall- 9/10.
  6. The Friendly Dalek

    Latest Guest Announcement - VINETTE ROBINSON

    Loved her in both Doctor Who and Sherlock.
  7. The Friendly Dalek

    Latest Guest Announcement - SHARON D CLARKE

    YES! I really liked her performance in Doctor Who.
  8. The Friendly Dalek

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Arc Of Infinity- Unfortunately this is another story I don't really like. The characters are for the most part bland and unmemorable. Omega is wasted, the character is no where near as well written or well acted as in The Three Doctors. Peter Davison is good, and his portrayal of Omega in the final episode is one the story's best aspects. It is nice to see the Time Lords again, and Colin Baker is actually pretty good as Commander Maxil. The direction is flat and the dialogue is mostly poor. The costumes look rubbish, especially Omega's. The story itself is boring and I think it drags. Overall- 3/10.
  9. The Friendly Dalek

    Guest Suggestions

    Doug Bradley Tony Todd Nick Castle, James Jude Courtney, Chris Durand, basically any actor who played Michael Myers. Jamie Lee Curtis Judy Greer Andi Matichak
  10. The Friendly Dalek

    General Chat

    It was indeed a fantastic show. I loved it all. Everyone was wonderful in it, but I think Jason Donovan really stole it.
  11. The Friendly Dalek

    Guest Suggestions

    Jeff Wayne would be another dream come true for me. Unfortunately I couldn't meet him in person yesterday but I did buy a tour programme signed by him, so I would love the chance to meet him in person at any event.
  12. The Friendly Dalek

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Time-Flight- This is undoubtedly one of the worst Doctor Who stories ever made. There is absolutely nothing good about this one. The story is crazy in concept, and there was no way they could ever make it well on their budget. I'm all for an ambitious tale but this was too far. It all looks awful. The acting and writing is terrible, and Anthony Ainley is unfortunately wasted. I think it is made even worse by the fact that it is the finale of a fairly strong Season, so it will be compared to the previous stories in the Season which are all better than it. Overall- 1/10 Overall for Season 19- 8/10. Another very strong Season. Peter Davison is brilliant, and the other regulars are also very good. Many of the stories in this Season are very high quality, but a few bad ones ruin it. The writing is very good, and the show managed to escape the trap of being stuck under the shadow of the Tom Baker era. The Davison era kicks off with a great start and I don't miss Tom at all (now don't misinterpret me here, I love Tom Baker, of course I do. What I mean is, I didn't long to have Tom Baker still in the role at this point, Davison is a welcome breath of fresh air for the show, and I think that Tom left at the perfect time).
  13. The Friendly Dalek

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Just to inform all of you who do read this, I had to miss yesterday's story as I spent the day up in Birmingham. At some point today I will watch what would have been yesterday's story and then continue as normal.
  14. The Friendly Dalek

    General Chat

    It's unfortunate you aren't able to go. I'm sure I will enjoy it. Been a fan for as long as I can remember.
  15. The Friendly Dalek

    General Chat

    Super excited that I am seeing Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds today. Has anyone else been to it or is going to see it on this 40th anniversary tour?