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  1. I think everyone isn't understanding with TimDavidHunt is saying, he is merely expressing his opinion, he's not saying that he was forced into getting the diamond pass, it may be a complaint/constructive criticism, and that is totally fine, he's trying to make LFCC aware of what he believes, and he's right, he's not breaking any rules, he's merely voicing his matters, I do not understand where everyone else is coming from when they say, "No-one's forcing you to pay it", have you ever gone in a shop and look at a T-shirt that looks nice and see the price tag and think "that's not really worth it" or buy a T-shirt and think "oh that's not worth it", he just wants it to be fairer, and I understand him, I personally agree with him...
  2. I was going to meet Bob Gale, however I told my wallet, it was that either I would win something at the silent auction (Which I did, Michelle Gomez autograph.) or mosey over to Bob.
  3. My two favourite guest experiences of the weekend: (price, FREE) I bumped into two doctor who youtubers, Ben Letts (The Host productions) and Gallifrey Forever 97, yhey were so kind and considerate with their time, giving me free autographs and photos and hugs, not a quick, usual guest experience, they were so kind and the cheapest (and most unofficial) guests of the whole weekend!
  4. Has anyone else got The John Barrowman red Torchwood bag, the 'red' part of the bag is now starting to come off....
  5. How do I upload photos from my phone to here?
  6. Don't forget all the English dialects!
  7. It was close to the prop photoshoots, it was very unclear, took me an hoir to find him...
  8. I would tell you the reason why I was 'harsh' Ravogd, except, what I would post why I was angry, would be against the forums' rules...
  9. Ah! I wanted to go say "hi" but seeing as you were there, there was no dilly-dallying at Jenna's shoot, am I right?!
  10. Wjbleming, were you at the Jenna Coleman AM photoshoot on Sat, I think I spotted you?
  11. She was upgraded around 29th May, plenty of time to organise something and as for JB bag, cheap quality, no excuse there, no exduse for either of them...
  12. I had both Jenna Coleman and Bernard Cribbins DP and the gift was the same for each: a TARDIS power bank, was not happy with that, Sjowmasters definitely need to put more effort into this, espically since they're both in Doctor Who and a LOT I know who went to the convention had BOTH of these DPs, the John Barrowman DP gift was alright but the quality is cheap and tacky, the material used is very low quality and the bag you get with ANY gift, the velcro came off after use,come on Showmasters...
  13. That sounds like a brilliant idea! (acknowledge this, Showmasters!)
  14. Can anyone suggest how to preserve autographs on the back of phones as I met some Youtubers and had them sign the back of my phone?
  15. I use a walking stick to get around and once I was allowed to pose for my and Bernard's photo, he saw my stick snd went, "Oh...you've brought your stick, have you?" and he swiped my stick and pretended to play the violin with my stick and done all the noises, my FAV photo of ALL TIME!!!
  16. No-one else has said it yet so anyone who met Bernard yesterday, please comment what he was like! He was so kind and funny, especially in the photoshoots!!
  17. Yes, at the last five minutes, it should then change to a normal auction to give everyone a fair chance.
  18. So...I loved the silent auction from LFCC Spring, an ingenius idea and better than a normal auction but there are some flaws: One woman on Sat was holding the only pen closest to me until it was 3pm (over.) There needs to be more crowd control or a longer table to give everyone a fair chance. One of the women on the table was incredibly rude to me and my carer with a very rude attitude. You need to space out the pages so that at 14:59, you're not flicking through pages with ten seconds left. You need more staff there ro check that nobody's cheating, which most were.... And.... PENS!!!!!!!
  19. Am beginning to pack my bags for Sat and Sun!!
  20. As I and Nick Frost always say, Perfik!!
  21. I'm assuming that the LFCC lanyard is given to you with the passes for free?
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