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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - KRISTANNA LOKEN

    I've met her twice before, both times in London, she was lovely... I'd love to this time get my Terminatrix figure signed :)
  2. Margot Kidder has passed away

    I’m sorry I never got to meet you Margot, we were so looking forward very much to seeing you this time in London. Now you’re flying with Superman. You’ll be greatly missed.
  3. Whoopi Goldberg

    I do apologise I’m currently on holiday in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi and it takes me about an hour to load the forum with the intermittent signal I have on my phone so the forum won’t even load properly for me. I did click guest suggestions first but I couldn’t get it on screen at all to see what was written which was the main reason I created a new post (and I didn’t even think that had worked!) but we also happened to be watching Jumpin’ Jack Flash last night and it suddenly occurred to me about her UK dates coinciding with DST so I thought I’d try and mention it. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. Whoopi Goldberg

    Just a thought but is there any chance of getting Whoopi ‘Guinan’ Goldberg to this event? She is in the UK when this is on and doing her comedy show in Leeds on 13 October and London on 14 October, the very weekend before this show!
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - JACK O'HALLORAN

    Again, photo op booked, looking forward to meeting both Jack and Margot... I wonder if you could get Sarah back too...
  6. Who are you meeting!?

    I plan to meet: Meat Loaf (Diamond Pass for both of us) Megan Fox (photo) Ray Fisher (photo but debating whether to have either my Justice League DVD or Cyborg figure signed) Tony Robinson (photo) Tom Wopat (photo) Catherine Bach (photo) Lucy Davis (photo & hopefully auto on my Wonder Woman DVD) Margot Kidder (photo & possibly auto on my Superman 2 DVD which is already signed by Sarah Douglas) Jack O'Halloran (photo & possible auto same as Margot) William Hope (photo booked, and still contemplating auto on Aliens DVD) Mark Henry (photo) DEBATING/CONTEMPLATING: Lance Henriksen - auto on my Aliens DVD as I had Mark Rolston, Jenette Goldstein & Colette Hiller sign it at Bournemouth Comic Con last year, debating the same for William Hope. Jason Momoa - auto on either my Justice League DVD or Aquaman figure. Lita - auto on Lita action figure.
  7. To he honest, I have anxiety and panic quite easily so the idea of using the tube (which I have no idea how to navigate) terrifies me. I'll get the hotel to book a car early straight from there to the coach station, but then if we leave on Sunday now (I've altered the booking) then it should be better since if I've understood correctly, the bike race is only affecting the Saturday?!
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    I just had a read, I'm still none the wiser at to whom they are now to be honest, but I don't blame them not signing pop figures of themselves, I wouldn't if it were me. Horrid little bug eyed things. I took one for Pam Anderson to sign, because it was at that point the only figure of her I could find, then I discovered the VIP Vallery Irons figure which has her likeness so I took that instead, it's one of my favourite pieces now, signed on the bubble. :)
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    Thank you :) I'm not sure who the sisters are but I'll head on over to the CM forum now and have a look, thanks again for your help! :)
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    Probably a daft question (and I don't know if it's being asked, I'm too lazy ot trawl all the way through)... will he sign CDs as well as film related stuff?
  11. Both days?! It only mentions Saturday?!
  12. Assuming I've understood correctly and it's this event specifically: https://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/events/brompton-world-championship/
  13. OMG - we're planning to leave on Saturday and the bloody bike ride is on Saturday! I can't win!
  14. @wjbleming - great, thank you very much for that! :)
  15. It depends where you're going. For example we stayed at the Hilton just round the corner and we booked a taxi from there to take us to Victoria Coach Station and all the roads were blocked up and it took ages to get there and he couldn't get near so he had to direct us where to go to go on foot to the station. I wouldn't like the stress of that again. I think you can still catch trains relatively easy, but I just remember what a ball ache the whole bike race thing caused and am eager to avoid it this time. But it passes by close to Olympia.