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  1. SilvaNemesis

    New Guest Announcements- Friday 7pm

    I'm not going this year so please don't let it be Pamela Anderson again or I'll cry. Maybe.
  2. SilvaNemesis


    I believe he was in Cagney and Lacey too :)
  3. Met him a year or so ago, he's a really nice bloke.
  4. SilvaNemesis

    Photo thread

    These are fantastic! It's been really enjoyable looking through them, it looks like you had a great weekend! :)
  5. SilvaNemesis


    I'm not at this event, but if you're going, Bernard is a really fantastic chap to meet, and one of my most memorable. I had a photo session with him at LFCC a few years ago, and as I walked away, a crewmember came after me, Bernard had requested I go back for another picture as he wanted to do something with my hair... and this was it... One of the nicest guests you could want to meet, without a doubt!
  6. SilvaNemesis

    Jacqueline Pearce

    I met her a number of years ago with a friend I used to go to comic con with. I took a picture of them both together. I never watched Blake’s 7 but I instead remember Jacqueline as Miss Raven in a children’s TV series I loved called Moondial. RIP Ms Pearce.
  7. SilvaNemesis

    Digital JPEG idea.

    I'd go for this too.
  8. SilvaNemesis

    Nichelle Nichols

    I was very saddened to read this, I know the implications all too well, my mum has it. I truly hope she can make it to this event, she's a really lovely lady! I was lucky enough to see her a few years back in Milton Keynes. I had two photos signed and a picture with her and she was very kind and gracious, and they are some of my most treasured.
  9. SilvaNemesis

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Here are a few more of my creations. I still have seven more guests to collage but I won't be posting anymore, I don't want to post too much!
  10. SilvaNemesis

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Great photos and I love the MOTU t-shirt!
  11. SilvaNemesis

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    My latest collage, Meat Loaf.
  12. SilvaNemesis

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Thank you very much! :-)
  13. SilvaNemesis

    Post your LFCC photos here.

  14. SilvaNemesis

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Thank you :-)
  15. SilvaNemesis

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    I like to create something with my photo-shoot pics, this is just one example I've just done for Sam Neill. I don't know where the idea came from for these or why I started doing them, but I think I've collaged pretty much everyone I've ever been pictured with at an SM event. It's an enjoyable hobby! Off to do Meat Loaf next!