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  1. SATURDAY Note: The Christopher Lambert talk on Saturday is a £10 paid talk. SUNDAY
  2. Saturday photo B and C changed. Hayden Christensen 12:40-13:55 B Anthony Cecere 13:55-14:00 B Martin Sheen 14:00 - 14:45 B Jason Momoa PM 15:55 - 18:15 B Carrie-Anne Moss PM 16:05 - 16:50 C Matthew Lillard 16:50 - 17:40 C
  3. As you will see a number of the big guests have two photo shoots, an AM and a PM shoot. We have tried to give an estimate of which batches will be called in the AM shoot. "Likely" = There is a good 70-95% chance of joining the AM shoot. You should definitely go along. "Possible" = There is a 40-70% chance of joining the AM shoot. You should look at going along but don't expect to get in. This is only an estimate, there is no way of knowing for sure. If you are 2 or 3 batches outside the AM estimate it might be worth checking 10 minutes from the end of the shoot if you can come t
  4. Due to work commitments Ethan will now be at the show Sunday only. All Friday and Saturday photo shoot tickets will be automatically refunded.
  5. Unfortunately due to work commitments Daniel can no longer be with us at LFCC 2019. All photo shoots will be automatically refunded.
  6. The latest version will always be on the website here.... http://www.destinationstartrek.com/timetables
  7. Updated to correct Harry Melling talk clash on Saturday. Also removed Gethin, added Ken, and added the Caroline and Christopher dou shoot.
  8. Due to his filming schedule over running Scott Stevenson will now be attending Sunday, not Saturday.
  9. We are still looking for more crew to help out across all 3 days at Destination Star Trek at the NEC Oct 19-21... could that be you? You don't have to be a Trek fan to join the fun - though no guarantees you won't be assimilated by the end of the weekend... If you've got friends that you think would be interested do let them know (by asking them to email in). Please direct all applications to crew@showmastersevents.com See you in October!
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