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Guest Cancellations - Sir Derek Jacobi, Bex Taylor Klaus & Jack O Hallorhan - UPDATE ON SUPERMAN GROUP SHOT!!

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  • Showmasters Admin

Unfortunately due to unforeseen changes in their schedules the following guests are now unable to join us for London Film & Comic Con this weekend.

Derek Jacobi
Bex Taylor Klaus
Jack O Hallorhan

Individual Photo Shoots will be refunded asap.



Due to Margot Kidder's cancellation a full refund for the Superman Group shot will be given. Refunds will be done automatically.

There might be a duo photo opp going on sale, but that is not 100 percent confirmed yet.

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I cant believe how many cancellations we have had this year such a shame it really is Derek Jacobi was going to be 1 of my highlights this year oh well I will put his money towards Matt Lucas and Benedict Wong

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Just now, davesimon said:

HI what about the Superman Group Pic ? will that be cancelled for those that want it refunded now, as i purchased it for the 3 villains, and without all 3 its a bit pointless to me.

The  first bit says "individual photoshoots" specifically. So Group Shot seems to be Happening still.

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21 minutes ago, lois Lawson said:

Zod and Ursa but Non is gone :no:

literally just booked the group shot, toyed with it for ages but thought having those 3 together was too good not to


and not even an hour later... cancelled


I'm assuming we won't get any money back on this one either Showmasters?

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