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  1. jammyc1

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    hoping for some big doctor who guests
  2. i still do not know where to get my tardis op or what VQ ticket he is doing rn like 1-50 etc
  3. jammyc1

    Answers to FAQ

    sorry if asked already - where do diamond pass people collect their mugs/prints etc
  4. what number is he doing up to right now?
  5. where is the david with tardis op at?!
  6. i waited an hour and got a tardis shoot. so happy
  7. me too, or when it appears and i press order is says unavailable. i really hope i can get one
  8. refreshed since he was announced and unavailable or it loads goes through and it says they’re unavailable now.. gutted to say the least
  9. unavailable on my phone but others are buying them?
  10. Thank you!! I have saturday/sunday tickets, I'll collect the diamond passes on Saturday when I go. Thanks for the help :)
  11. Hi, I have two diamond passes for Sunday guests. On saturday when I go to enter, can I collect my diamond passes on the saturday, if so is that the H entrance?