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  1. Oooo this is tough 1. Wonder Woman 2. Hidden Figures 3. Bohemian Rhapsody 4.Rise of Skywalker 5. Toy Story 3 6. Inception 7. Black Panther 8. The Imitation Game 9. Inside Out 10. Looper
  2. We’re current in discussions with the venue and if we need to amend the prop rules this will be posted in all the usual places.
  3. Hey guys sorry for taking a while to spot this, I don't get on here that often The Lightsaber should be absolutely fine as its plastic The Power Rangers shield should also be okay - as long as its not 6ft wide - then you'd need a spotter Hope this helps Gerri Cosplay at Showmasters
  4. Only if you want to! We encourage anyone who wants to to enter the Cosplay masquerade, but not everyone feels comfortable going on stage and there will be lots of Cosplayers there who just want to soak up the atmosphere of the convention I would say that you should be prepared for people to ask you for photos though :)
  5. It shouldn't be a problem, but if you do find yourself in that situation speak to the red shirt on the door - just don't leave it 'til 5 minutes before the shoot is due to start!
  6. The biggest consideration when starting out in cosplay is deciding what character you want to portray. It takes time and effort to create cosplay and then you'll be wearing it all day at a Con so if you don't love your character it can take some of the fun out of the whole experience. Being excited about your cosplay character also helps to keep you motivated! Once you've decided what character you want to be collect reference photos so you can work out what skills you will need to replicate the outfit - some costumes require sewing, some require working with foam or Worbla and some need metal or leather work. Once you know these main things you can hunt on YouTube and find Facebook groups to help point you in the right direction! If you follow the Cosplay at Showmasters Facebook page you'll see links to our Cosplay Guest pages who often do tutorials and if you can get to any of our regional events the guests do great panels with tips for cosplayers at any level Hope this helps!
  7. Registration for the Cosplay Masquerade at Film and Comic Con Cardiff is now open at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/cosplaycardiff Brought to you in association with Tuppence Magazine the Cosplay Masquerade gives you a fantastic opportunity to show off your Cosplay and be in with a chance of winning our £250 first place prize and automatic entry in the Cosplay at Showmasters Grand Final at LFCC 2018 The Masquerade at Cardiff is always hotly contested and spaces are limited so the only way you can guarentee your place is to register online asap!!
  8. Don't forget to sign up online for the Cosplay Masquerade by 9pm on Friday to guarantee your spot and music choice! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/cosplaysheffield Who's thinking of entering?
  9. They are supposed to be taken from you for exactly the reasons you state... I'm sure that this will be picked up and reinforced at crew briefing for the next event
  10. Just a quick post to let you know where things stand on the Cosplay Masquerade at LFCC Friday is over half full Saturday is full Sunday has only 10 places left If you want to guarantee your place for Friday or Sunday we recommend you register asap via the LFCC website and choose Zones > Cosplay Zone > and choose the sign up link half way down the page The sign up link will close on Wednesday night and any places left will be allocated on the day on a first come basis at the Cosplay Registration desk If you have signed up for the masquerade please remember that you need to confirm your registration at the Cosplay desk by 1pm at the latest or your place will be forfeited and allocated to someone else See you all om Friday Gerri Cosplay at Showmasters
  11. There are a couple of small changes not reflected in the rules on the site. Showmasters staff are no longer able to hold any confiscated props. These would have to be checked into any cloakroom facilities which may incur additional cost In terms of Guns for Cosplay, if your gun looks realistic then it must have an orange / red tip to clearly show it isn't real. This can be done with tape if you don't wish to use paint. We also advise that you keep any realistic looking weapons wrapped up inside your bags until you get to the venue, as some of the public don't get Cosplay and may be concerned if they see you!
  12. You can enter as a team or an individual, you get an answer sheet and have to create a team name. We then go through 15 questions on various fandoms with a few bonus points on offer. If all goes to plan your host doesn't give away any answers *cough* Winchesters *cough* You hand in your answer sheet and while the Cosplay Masquerade is happening these are marked. While we are waiting for the Judges to decide on the Masqerade Winners we give out the answers and award prizes for the overall winner, best (family friendly) Team Name and one other random category that's decided on the day :)
  13. We'll have some images up on the screen of various Cosplays from past events and you are challenged to do your best sketch of one of the images at any point during the time. You then submit your entries at the Cosplay Registration Desk and a winner is chosen for each day who will win a prize (Prizes are confirmed on the day!)
  14. As long as your P90 is not fireable and is kitted out with an orange tip then you will be okay. Please keep in mind that the general public are not always aware of cosplay so we recommend you keep any realistic looking weapons wrapped and stowed until you get to the venue! it would be great to see any Stargate Cosplayers in the Cosplay Zone - maybe a group Cosplay photo shoot is in order!! Gerri Cosplay at Showmasters
  15. You will have no issues with a wand as long as you're not planning on poking people in the eye with it Gerri Cosplay at Showmasters
  16. Hi Ray We will have Cosplay changing rooms available at this event although their final location is to be determined. So keep an eye out for the floor plans being issued on the forum Gerri Cosplay at Showmasters
  17. And please come to see us in the Cosplay Zone! We love seeing everyone's costumes be they Shop Bought, Commissioned or Handmade You can even enter the masquerade if you want to, you won't be eligible for the grand prize as costumes have to be 80% handmade for that but we do have other categories like performance you can win and it's great fun to take part :) Gerri Cosplay at Showmasters
  18. Hi guys... Just to let you know that we only have 20 spaces left in the Cosplay Masquerade for today. Sign up in the Cosplay Zone asap if you want to enter For those who have entered online make sure you register at the desk by 1pm (but preferably earlier) to get your number and details of pre-judging
  19. Who's going to enter the Cosplay Masquerade at CM24? On Saturday the grand prize is £500!!! At the Newcastle event last weekend the Saturday competition was full by 1pm so the best way to guarantee your slot is to sign up online - just don't forget to check in at the Cosplay Desk upon arrival https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Birminghamsignup
  20. well done on taking the cosplay plunge! Will you be entering the Masquerade?
  21. its a bit of a work around, but if you have facebook and follow the Cosplay at Showmasters page they usually have the social media links on those announcements :)
  22. Its usually £5 per print you purchase on the day, but you can do a few poses and pick your favourites
  23. No it will not be a mistake. There's no way for SM to plot the photoshoot timetable round indiviudal attendees needs as it just wouldnt happen. Yes, but you can plot the schedule far better than it currently is surely? I mean, prioritising cosplay photos and putting them on at a peak time from 1.15 to 2.45, and thus pushing back 10 photoshoots till after 3pm... in what bizarre world is this fan-friendly scheduling :) You could easily have swapped those shoots around. Push the cosplay till later in the day - it's a GUEST-oriented event after all, not a cosplay focussed event. 1:15 to 2:45 covers a large part of the time that guests go to lunch. Generally you'll find that not much guest related is scheduled between 12:30 and 14:30 so that while some of the guests are at lunch the rest are at their auto tables so that most fans can still get their autos through out the day instead if losing 2 hours around lunchtiem when no one is at the table. Its also the time when a majority of attendees will also be getting their lunch This particular set of scheduling might not suit your individual needs, but it does take into account the needs of a majority of attendees who come to these events for all elements. I'm also not buying into the logic that giving cosplayers 90 minutes out of a possible 9 hours of photoshoot time to show of their hard work means that it's no longer a guest focussed event
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