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  1. So, who're you seeing this weekend?

    Diamond - Mads (3rd year in a row coz I’m nuts apparently!) Photos - Richard Wilson, Bella Ramsey, Sylvester McCoy, Billy Boyd & Daniel Bonjour Autos - Robert Englund, Austin Amelio, Lochlyn Munro
  2. Post your lfcc pics here!

    A selection of my favourites
  3. He has been, & very happy to do so. Lovely man
  4. Oh blimey!!!!!! Excellent guest.
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - MATT LUCAS

    Ooh awesome. Can't squeeze another photo in but an autograph for sure.
  6. Thanks Stuart. Easier to do it that way as I have Jessica straight after Finn & didn't want to keep walking between shoot areas!!
  7. Ooh, just noticed another thing. Friday, Alan Tudyk & Finn Jones. Finn's shoot is smack bang in the middle of Alan's. Should I go to Alan's first (gold pass) then Finn. Or the other way round & catch the end of Alan?
  8. So on Sunday I have shoots with Kevin Smith, Tommy Flanagan, Benedict Wong & Emily Kinney. All 4 slightly overlap. I have a gold pass, what would be the best order to do them? Tommy, Benedict, Kevin then Emily?
  9. Wahey!!!! Time to get planning
  10. Guest Cancellation - Mike Colter

    Oooh, this one hurts
  11. Ooh, won't know if I can do this till the schedule is released but deffo interested
  12. Yaaaaay, got the double shoot booked. So happy
  13. Important Guest Update Tonight 7pm LFCC

    Intrigued by the wording of this....