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  1. Stefanie Powers (Hart to Hart, Herbie Rides Again, Hammers "Fanatic" (aka "Die! Die! My Darling!"), McLintock,
  2. 40th Anniversary of "Dallas" so bring the "Dallas" Cast :-) and 20th Anniversary of Charmed so bring the Charmed Cast
  3. ANYONE ever mentioned Thom Mathews from The Return of the Living Dead (1985) and Friday the 13th - VI or William (Bill) Campbell (The Rocketeer, Dynasty) ????
  4. Heather Locklear Grant Show Doug Savant Josie Bissett Marcia Cross Thomas Calabro Jason Priestley Tori Spelling Jennie Garth Ian Ziering Brian Austin Green John James Jack Coleman Al Corley Stephanie Beacham Kate Jackson Bruce Boxleitner Melissa Sue Anderson Melissa Gilbert Sarah Gilbert Alison Arngrim Stephen Amell Colin O'Donnell Nick Gehlfuss
  5. boah... met him just one month ago. He was always on my top list for POLTERGEIST as Im usually not a Horror movie fan. He was such nice and talked about his work. RIP and thanks for POLTERGEIST
  6. there was a SUPER (HOTTIE) MAN seriously: respect to all cosplayer who had great costumes - and there were really a lot with amazing costumes!
  7. next time it will be easier... you should have seen my first Con back in 2010 :-D
  8. it depends also what else you're going to do on the evening while staying in London. I usually have mine closer to Soho/Russell Square :-D
  9. Emma Samms (Dynasty/The Colbys, Models Inc.) Michael Brandon (Captain America First Avenger) William Hope (Aliens, Captain America First Avenger) Hayley Mills (former Disney Child Star) Maxwell Caulfield (The Colbys) Sebastian Stan Whoopie Goldberg (Sister Act) Justin Hartley (Smallville, This is Us) Patrick Wayne ("Sindbad", and the son of the Duke ! John Wayne) Teri Hatcher John Wesley Shipp Sam Witwer anyone from the Chicago PD / Fire / Med AND Law & Order Universe
  10. I was surprised that I got in sunday (missed the chance friday/saturday) even his time was limited for a few hours per day. I always have wanted to meet him since I've watched in the 90's "Beverly Hills 90210" and of course "Lois & Clark". Been a bit afraid how he will be in Person (arrogant, tired, reserved or whatever) but surprise: he was incredible nice. He wasnt yet there at his table. Then he arrived (he did Looks a bit busy/rushed) smiled and said "hi" to the People who''ve waited. He always had a smile on his face while signing and talking to the People. I of course had a DVD cover with me of Lois & Clark. He's thankfull to have played this role and playing with all those wonderful guest stars and with Teri of course. Myself I haven't seen yet the second of "Supergirl" but read that Teri is in now. Dean: "oh yes.. it was wonderful to see her again and we are in the same Episode but... well you've to see!". I asked: and what about Brenda Walsh? Dean: "oh yes... Brenda... this was an amazing time. Such wonderful to have worked in this. This was before Lois and Clark. Only that ending of the Story-line for "Rick" was a bit worse". Yes.. definitive. Im still wondering what happened to Brenda when she left "Beverly Hills"... possible met Rick again? Who know, who know :-D Well, I like your acting/work. He thanked, shoke the Hand... and smiled. this was another great Meeting... even myself I'm always a bit stressed/nervous with my terrible english language Well done Showmaster. Thanks!!
  11. i had big respect Meeting him and his line was incredible long but got in as the first one after the photo shooting. He signed my DVD covers Billy Budd and "The Collector". he was clearly surprised that I have those movie (the most People know him only from Star Wars or Superman). I asked him about how it was working in the Collector (where he and Samantha Eggar hold practically the whole movie) and with Director/Actor Peter Ustinov in Billy Budd. The Photoshooting itself: well.. I was shy to but my arm around him and standing close to him. He suddently put his arm around me and took me closer to himself. LOL.. my face on the pic tells the Story :-D
  12. some People came up with amazing collectibles (big big Posters, Cars, Toys, original movie programms for the 1980s etc.)- I do feel like a nut sometime having "only" a DVD cover. Ok.. I had my "Der W├╝stenplanet" (Dune) DVD Booklet/Movieprogram-Reprint with me.. Alicia Witt loved it because it was in german. original I have wanted to bring over a Poster "Captain America The First Avenger" to get signed by David Bradley but I wasn't then in the mood to have it in the plane and transporting it all the time with me. Im always suprised that other People bringing over their big Posters Otherwise I had 3 Bluray Steelbooks with me to get signed (Doctor Strange, Rogue One, The Avengers) but they were with other pics/covers heavy enough in my bag
  13. oh yeah.. he was really nice. Just my Picture with him Looks bit weird ( = myself) but he was cool
  14. Im fine with everybody who appeared last Weekend... and even with the Situation of those who had to cancle (whatever the reason was) For those who I haven't met yet (who have cancled): maybe there will be another Chance...
  15. absolutely you're right Baggieboi. I enjoyed it also much more 2017 with that Kind of space FCCL /Showmaster had this time compared with 2015.
  16. can anyone really remember what happened during the Weekend? With all the adrenaline... it did feel like to be in a Trance while Meeting the People and running around :-D
  17. Right.. that Mads Mikkelsen Photo Area on sunday morning was relaxed. That guy controlled it very good... and thanks having enough space at the Event it was much more relaxed than two years ago. So it wasn't "loud" all the time - specially not in the photo Area. Also Phil at Area A was great... and he made fun during the whole time. Also those with Benedict Cumberbatch on friday... I have expected the "hell" but it was incredible well organized
  18. some actors had to work / filming on their Shows like Kenny Johnson on "SWAT", and Doug Jones on the new Star Trek Serie, others had Family issues or became ill... whatever... I have wanted to meet Kenny Johnson so many time even our "way" crossed one time before (but havent had Chance to talk with him), and the other People who cancled had been filming on Iron Fist. Im surprised that Michael Madsen had been at the Event even he's so busy with filming :-D
  19. well... I had many great moments... even it was busy (but MUCH more relaxed than two years ago). Talking about SARAH DOUGLAS: she was incredible. She was the first Person friday morning I met. I was the first in the line with a couple People behind me. She arrived and came straight Forward to everybody single one who waited.. was greeting, asked Name and where we came from. She was INCREDIBLE nice and took also time to answer any questions. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: I've expected a incredible crowd on friday. He was in time and I got very fast in. He smiled, asked Name and was blessed when i said that he is a good actor - lol... even with my terrible english. Love my Matt Lucas Picture with a Quote from a Marx Brothers movie I've written onto paper. He did read it - smiled and asked: do you want really that I do this? Me: "only if you want". He did and he had a incrdible smile in his face. I went not queuing Tom Wilson / Christopher Lloyd - to much People. But I noticed that Tom Wilson was incredible nice during signing and talked with People. Even he walked from A to B he talked to fans and took notice'em. I booked photoshooting with him/Delorean. Even there he was incredible nice (In the BTFF he wasnt ). Love my pic with him. Also went to David Bradley who's popular right now for his bad ass role in GoT. With all those fans who had waiting in the Long Queue I thought he might be tired and not ready to talk. but surprising: he was very nice, smiled and answered one question and was happy when I mentioned his great acting. To the CREW: I should say - everybody was great and did a great Job. Those at Mads Mikkelsen and Benedict Cumberbatch, Lloyd, Wilson's Autograph-area or Photo Areas had a lot to. But Mikkelsen's (on Sunday) and Cumberbatch's (Friday) photo Shooting were really well organized (calling in first Diamonds, then Gold and then the Batches) and mostly it was relaxed. And thanks TO Showmaster... for having MUCH more space / hall booked and keept the Merchandising area separate and kept autograph area and photoshooting on same floor. So there wasn't much "running" around (as it was two years ago). Please Keep it that way for next time!!!!!
  20. he has such a lovely face and VERY VERY nice in Person. It was fun to talk with him and taking a photo. Big thanks to James. big shame he isn't in more movies.
  21. for it's 20th Anniversary - a reunion of "Charmed"-Guests
  22. lol... it wasn't only at Terence Stamp. There were others too.
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