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  1. apparently somebody has just spoken to SM over the telephone and they have catagorically stated no refunds nothing. if im forced to go ahead with this photo-shoot that i did not purchase (as its diff to what i paid for) then this weekends Showmasters event will also be my last Showmasters event and i will no longer support them in any way. and at moment i have 34 photo-shoots booked usually more but a lot of cancellations , never mind the autographs i was getting.
  2. yes thats a valid point, it should be upto the customer to make that choice as we the ones who have paid the money.
  3. BUT thats the point if its fair then it needs to be done, random cast shots fair enough move and swap, like a generic classic drs actors pic, 3rd cyberman to left swap him for a dalek operator no sweat. but when you have three core (oh my theres that word again) charachters who make a particular group and one cancels then it should be cancelled. if you had a photo booked with the three stooges and one cancelled then its fair to cancel and refund for those that wish it. dont forget this is an expensive shoot. and if it is forced ahead a lot of people are paying for something they frankly do not want and will come away very upset.
  4. I think the majority of people who booked this, booked this for the 3 kryptonians, and am watching this point with great intrest. im surprised its taken this long for an official statement. i dont want any other guests in the pic, i dont want a partial refund, or to exchange for single pics as, as a fan have already bought singles aswell. i just want a refund as thats fair.
  5. but is there the availability of cancelling as its no longer what is desired ?please can you ask for us
  6. HI what about the Superman Group Pic ? will that be cancelled for those that want it refunded now, as i purchased it for the 3 villains, and without all 3 its a bit pointless to me.
  7. what are open close times please friday,saturday. very hard to easily find info
  8. i cant seem to find will weaton photo shoot sat, found it
  9. You're going crazy http://destinationstartrek.com/visiting/timetables thank you x
  10. am i going crazy or is it not here
  11. i had 34 photo-shoots over fri/sat and i must stress that the guys n gals running the shoots despite being under imense pressure and the heat(ad the cold ) were all wonderful and helpful and polite and funny, and just brilliant, especially Brendan on photo-shoot B made a tough time go like a dream, thanks to all 4 areas.
  12. hi i cannot find the Sam Coleman photo-shoot that was at 5.25pm
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