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  1. I might be being blind, but the Sylvester and Sophie double shoot for Saturday isn't listed?
  2. Badly handled. I have number 112 and they called up to 250 in no time at all so the queue has been massive and every time I tried to join I've been turned away instead of them lowering the numbers
  3. What an absolute disappointment about no double shoot. Wasted opportunity
  4. I'd much prefer it to be just Mark and Jenette, they are a proper double act in the film, with Colette's character being separate for much of it. I'd absolutely love this double shoot to be done, it's a no brainer
  5. I'd have guessed the double shoot would be added to Saturday, as I've had an email to say that the Mads/Valene double shoot has now been moved from Saturday to Sunday
  6. I assume Colin/Nicols duo photo shoots will be automatically refunded?
  7. I'm desperately hoping that this doesn't get overlooked and at least gets looked at as a possibility. Mark and Jenette are a classic double act in that film, and it would be a huge wasted opportunity. Likewise with Fraser and Debbie. I've met them both loads of times, and had loads of photos, so wouldn't likely be spending money on photo shoots with them, but I'd jump at a chance to get a double photo shoot. And I know others who would as well
  8. After the success of campaigning for the double Goonies photo shoot at the last Glasgow show, I was hoping that a couple of others could be considered that would make perfect sense and i'm sure would be popular. Frazer Hines & Debbie Watling - Classic double act in Doctor Who, and this is a photo I would absoutely love Mark Rolston & Jenette Goldstein - Again, another double act from Aliens. Jenette and Ricco did a double at Collectormania a few years back, so it'd make even more sense to have one with these 2 as they were a couple in the movie. Hope these can be considered.
  9. Which is why I was asking! As far as I was aware the previous ones were the TV movie console, with a green screen background, and the John Hurt one with a green screen background, so I wondered if it was going to be a green screen background with this 80s console. I'd hoped SM could answer to avoid any speculation as I've been wanting photos with the 80s console for years but don't want to book if it's not a background I'm happy with
  10. Going from Sylvester's announcement (http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=93120), it'll be the 80's console. Yeah I know, that's what I said I just wondered what the background would be. I wasn't aware there had ever been Showmasters photo shoots with this console? So that's why I wanted clarification. This isn't the John Hurt console that was used for previous photos
  11. Could it be elaborated on what the console pics will be? I know the console is the 5th/6th/7th Doctor era console, but will it be a green screen background, regular photo shoot background, or a roundel type background?
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