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  1. soo undecided if I can attend this year due to uni timetable but this is a massive pull for me
  2. I like the thought process I'll see if the wife will let me give it a go :)
  3. Felicity Jones, Donnie Yen, Diego Luna, wen Jiang, Ben Mendelsohn and Forrest Whitaker
  4. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr as a combo like Alyson and alexis
  5. Nice looking poster good to see something a little different
  6. Timothy.. he just ozzes coolness. Couple him with Elisha Cuthbert to make it a the girl next door reunion or Walter goggins to make it a justified one
  7. Not on my big poster but a Jeremy bulloch signed big picture it was unsalvagable.. damn those pesky kids
  8. I binned all of mine. Nothing special at all, a guest specific holder would be been nice but again it would have bumped the cost up
  9. Many thanks for opening up that suppressed memory now to sit in a. Corner with a blanket for the afternoon:(
  10. What an absolutly adorable guest, I dont think I saw her stop smiling all weekend (and what a smile she has). Great to talk to allbeit brief though with the hordes of people wanting to meet her. Loved her interaction with the public doing the photos happy to throw hewr arm round you. I specially loved the guy in the spike costume on Saturday with the Bored now sign her face was perfect. it's one person i can gladly say I have met and will always remember it.
  11. True True Nate. if your a lucky one who gets an autograph thats great if you miss out well it sucks, now I expect QS to spank you
  12. Going to try this again 3 new Signatures to this Warwick diamond, Julie Sharpe and MArk Austin Mads, Alan, Valene, Alistair, Martin, Richard, Mads and Alan alyson Photo and I goet the DVD signed by both during the talk on Sunday Alan and Mark Shepard Tommy, David, Kristen and Mark
  13. I got a host of posters signed. Sorry no idea how to get individual images showing up yet LFCC 2017 Autographs and bits https://imgur.com/gallery/vFNPB
  14. What a lovely guy his talk was fantastic I learnt a thing or two during it and as for con man how have I missed that series it's hilarious.
  15. There's quite a few I need to point out over the course of the weekend. Firstly the duo who were handing out and dealing with Gold pass goodie bag and vouchers on Friday both were great and swift to answer questions with knowledgeable answers or if directing them to someone who did know. The 2 males in blue shirts who looked after the 4 boba shoot. Good crowd control and organisation throughout. Finally the lady who controlled the queue on Sunday for the diamond queue despite being understaffed on that area she organised and controlled the queues as well as directing people to the correct areas as well as stopping those who were trying to sneak in the talk without a ticket
  16. The trolls included in the bag were great my lad loved them for all of 30 seconds before removing their heads. But a little underwhelmed with the goody Bag, a convention programme or even a collection of flyers that they were handing out all weekend at the talks would be been nice fillers
  17. She was lovely with every encounter with the public. Friendly chatty and always had a smile. As for her talk highly amusing stories specially the dodgeball casting session one. And the dance off the stage at the end.
  18. Regarding virtual tickets. I know there is nothing which can be done but I did witness dealers purchasing low number virtual tickets from people who had a stack of tickets.
  19. He was a slow signed for sure but worth the wait he's chat to each and everyone ask questions as well as answer the ones you asked him. So glad I waited the 45 mins to get it for sure.
  20. Mark hammill, Nathan fillion, Anthony Daniels, Catherine o'hara, paul rubens, ken page
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