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  1. so, the good news is, the 2 photos I had back at the event that were of a really poor quality look much much better in the digital format, the bad news is it is going to cost me another £10 to get them... is it worth emailing the folk in charge to mention this? I kinda begrudge paying more money for something that wasn't right to begin with but don't know if anyone else has had similar issues and brought it up with a positive outcome??
  2. Stormtrooper guy would just be happy he didn't miss the shoot.... that is a Star Wars joke folk, from someone that doesn't like Star Wars... you are welcome
  3. I totally get you shouldn't do these things for other people, sure it is nice they get enjoyment out of them but I am certainly not going to spend hundreds of pounds on photos with celebs just on the chance someone I went to school with but never spoke to likes them... That said, for me personally, I like to look at them and see that it is me with them... I know that isn't the case for everyone, clearly not otherwise people wouldn't wear masks covering their faces, but I just find it interesting as to people's thinking is all
  4. ok, not knocking anyone of course but genuinely curious so bear with me... do you not mind paying loads of money to take a photo with someone, potentially for the only time you would get a chance only to have your face covered up? I get Cosplay and fair play to all those that put so much time and effort and money into it but if you pay money to have a photo with James Caan for example and know it may not ever happen again only to not be recognizable, do you not think it is a bit of a waste? Really curious to the thought process is all... I remember the first time I saw it, Milo and Adrian from Heroes at LFCC years ago and the guy before me was in full Stormtrooper gear and didn't take his helmet off for the photo
  5. I had heard stories of James all weekend about how he was difficult and got into arguments and that he would never be invited back...! I met him twice, once for an auto and once the photo and both times I thought he was great and when I walked around and saw him he seemed in great spirits too, Not my main reason for attending but as far as star power, you can't get much bigger than him
  6. I was almost tempted to get the Falcor/Worm one... all her work was fantastic but I am not a Star Wars fan, we joked after she saw my Ludo tattoo that maybe that could be something she works on next (a Ludo canvas, not my tattoo...)
  7. When you are told to smile and then people say not to force it... BUT YOU TOLD ME TO SMILE!!! took me years to "perfect" that smile in photos smile.. not 100% convinced I have managed it but it will have to do!
  8. The Highs The Guests for sure, Zach Levi was just as you'd expect from the shows he's in, so full of life but so humble too. Him shouting "I'm at f**king superhero, how the F**K did that happen?!" was a highlight James Caan, was great in the auto line and the photo shoot, asked where I was from, thanked me for coming, asked who had already signed my Elf DVD (Will and Zoey if you wondered) joked that at least auto was clearer to read, proper legend Johnny Whitworth throwing out a Roger Rabbit impression, Tom Welling also showed Roger Rabbit some love (I was wearing a shirt..) Tom Atkins and I chatted about tattoos... Aly Michalka, Jack O'Halloran... loads more, all genuinely lovely. Was a nice bunch of people The Lows... I was not sure whether to post this as I don't want to upset anyone an I generally praise SM over all other events but this was the first show of theirs I have been to in about 11 years where I felt I was just there to spend my money... Johnny Whitworth and Tom Atkins both had their prices increased about a week before the event which threw my spending plans up in the air a bit... Johnny's was a full £10 increase I went to meet Johnny and asked for a photo and he said sorry but he's not allowed, he felt bad at coming across as a bad guy for saying no but had photo shoots planned. I said not to worry and that he should ask for a sign to take that pressure off him. His assistant said if I had asked her she would have said no and wouldn't ask for a sign to go up.. sorry but I never ask the assistant for anything... why would I? Anyway, a potentially awkward encounter asides, he was great in the photo shoot which I ended up buying too Tom Atkins next, he was so nice, chatted to everyone, joking around and was bringing people round the back of his table for photos. I got to him, we chatted, we joked, he signed. I asked for a photo... "I am really sorry but I have just been told I am not allowed to be taking photos with people as I have a photo shoot later" (better note that just before this, a sign went up next to Adrienne who he was sitting next to but not Tom) no worries Tom, genuine pleasure to meet him, so much energy for an 82 year old. Now I have been doing these things a while as I said and I know some guests request a no photos sign and for the busier guests some restrictions are put into place to get people through quicker and more of them but it seems like there are more and more examples of thee guests being told not to pose at the tables. For the record, I didn't ask Aly Michalka for a selfie as I already had a photo shoot (she was doing them before a sign went up) and I didn't buy a photo shoot after Tom politely declined... Lastly, Zach Levi who I never expected to have time to pose for photos as he would surely going to be busy posted a video on his instagram apologising in advance of the convention starting saying he had been asked about selfies but wouldn't be doing them as he has been told that he is not allowed so that is that, I know what responses this will get and truly hope it doesn't result in some sort of forum ban as I sing SM praises all the time but like I say, it is the first time I have felt a little let down by them... any way, see you in March!
  9. they are clearly doing a new season of BSG and just haven't told any one haha
  10. Robert is the one... Luckily enough I have already met Rose, Rahul and Malcolm so Aly and Robert are essential
  11. photo area B issues mentioned elsewhere asides... my only real surprize was how messy the auto queues were. Never do they get out of hand, they are always well organised and of all the events I go to Showmasters are the ones that have always been the best at controlling these. It all got out of hand on Saturday though, there was long lines all around taking up lots of room and preventing people passing through properly. Not helped by seemingly having less space (I'm sure the area for signing was pushed further back last year) VQ tickets were accepted for up to 150 for Danny Glover when there was only really need to be up to 50 for the time he was taking as the space available... Genuinely surprised me that it got like that because as I said, I rarely see it get out of hand (families queuing together for 1 person getting an auto doesn't help) I got everything I went for though, so no massive complaints all in. Just hope it is back to normal come LFCC
  12. photos from A and C were perfect Chad Coleman and Michelle Ryan in area B were disappointing. Michelle was just a little too bright I suppose but Chad was blurry truth be told. I've being doing cons for 11 years and never had a problem with pics, even my Pam Anderson ones were fine but these were poor, shame really. Especially as I love Michelle... haha
  13. Masi Oka Ali Larter Tim Kring Not many people Heroes related left that I haven't met that I would love to, these 3 are massive needs for me though
  14. Peter Cullen, ALWAYS Peter Cullen Also, now they may not be tied to exclusive contracts elsewhere in the UK I would like to think the Winchester Brothers may be accessible to Showmasters... I'd like to meet them and it was just so difficult before Wrestling related, Marc Mero is essential for me at this point Grant Gustin gets my vote too, whoever manages to get him over first will make a LOT of money... less likely guests... Gal Gadot. The only Justice League I sill need a photo with, would be nice to complete the set!
  15. is there ever going to be an event in Milton Keynes again? Are the photos ready for it yet?
  16. to annoy us? or to take pity on us and save us money... either of those
  17. I don't watch the show so I have no idea what it is meant to look like but I paid for my older sister, niece (17), nephew (9) and 2 of their young friends to be a part of the photo and they absolutely loved it, they had to pose 5 different ways and loved messing around trying to find the best poses
  18. I did this on the Saturday, it was my last shoot of the con and I made it thanks to the gent who bumped me through Benedict's queue so thanks for that... What an absolute joy to be a part of! All 4 of the actors involved were more than happy to play the fool, posing in absolutely any way that was requested of them, I would have been happy just to hang out and watch others have their photos taken person before me had a standard martial arts post, the lady after me had them all vogueing and the last guy had them do the YMCA no less! When Tom dropped out and there was no sign of us being refunded any money towards the shoot I was a little irritated by it but I really didn't care after the shoot itself, was a riot
  19. got Pam's autograph on Friday with no issues at all, she signed the front cover of Playboy and personalised that too, she seemed a little flustered (generally speaking, not by me specifically) but was very pleasant (she's probably the first person I have seen be papped on the way into a con and walking to her photoshoot) I had the photoshoot booked for Friday and was aware of the issues with the flash, my main concern being I wear glasses and how that would look... the first pic had glare on my lenses so I went through again, the second photo was better, if not perfect. she was lovely both times though, really was. didn't have a "no touching" rule or anything like that and said hello and thanks for coming, if 15 year old me would have been told then that her boob would one day touch my arm I would not have believed you... one thing I would say, the flash, it really didn't do her any favours, she is still a really good looking woman and while I understand everyone had their own vanity issues or hang ups, whatever, that white light kinda made her look a little poorly! Anywho, I was really pleased to meet her and probably would do again
  20. Met Tommy on Friday, not a Sons fan (not seen it yet) but wanted him for something else put the DVD down and it took him an age to work out it was Smokin Aces, he automatically assumed it was SOA, he then said that they did a sequel and it was "really s**t" and pointed out I had it but not watched it yet and he shrugged his shoulders and gave a specific hand gesture to suggest it was not very good haha he signed it, character name included, he spoke about how much I liked the film how good the end scene was and how cool Ryan Reynolds is I asked for a photo and he happily walked around the table to pose with me and ribbed my mate who had to take a second photo "yeah, like that was our fault mate" he was superb, was a real pleasure I wanted to meet Mark too but they didn't have an photos from Last Man On Earth at his table and Stateside didn't have any so I just decided to do the photo shoot instead, very nice again, thanked me for the compliment on that show too no complaints here
  21. from what I understand only the best people come from Egham, science fact I believe
  22. I only got the photo with him but walked up, shook his hand and thanked him for coming out to meet us, he thanked me too and just as we were going to take the photo he asked where I was from... I said "Egham in Surrey" and he absolutely roared with laughter... No idea why it was funny but it was a nice meeting none the less and great to see him in such great spirits, great guy
  23. I'm certainly not knocking you QS, (if others are then I apologise on their behalf), I know all too well that this isn't on you in the slightest is just a shame this one subject has been overlooked by the powers that be when other things have been communicated (Batman on Fatman, guest cancellations, Wong's additional day etc)
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