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Latest Guest Announcement - ERNIE HUDSON


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Latest Guest Announcement - Ernie Hudson

Attending: Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Price: £25
Photo Shoot Price: £25





Winston Zeddmore

Ghostbusters II 
Winston Zeddemore

Oz (TV Series) 
Warden Leo Glynn

Stargate SG-1 (TV Series) 

Transformers Prime (TV Series) 
Agent William Fowler

Scorpion (TV Series) 


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Okay guys. As I unfortunately have to post way too often again: We understand not everyone can make all shows. But please stop using the guest request threads for posts "get him to show X instead." That's the reason posts here are gone.

We have been getting tons of complaints about this, so once this gets out of hand in a topic (as it did here - we had more posts "get him to LFACC!" than others) the mods have to hide such posts now.

Again, we totally understand that you can't make all shows. But not all people can make LFACC either. The other shows deserve good guests too, otherwise it would be completely unfair on the attendees there.

Also if your post has been hidden please do not simply repost. Normally an explanation is posted, unless the mod is really in a hurry. If you really can't figure out why a post is gone, there s an e-mail address in my profile. I am happy to check for you.

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Great guest! He's another that has been on my wishlist. Getting a pic with him as he was in Ghostbusters but want to get a pic of Agent Fowler from Transformers Prime signed as I'm collecting Transformers related autographs. :-)

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