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  1. Just a minor thing but the link to the forum on the Glasgow site takes you to the Cardiff 2019 forum, so you have to take a detour to get here. Gizmo and a few of his pals have obviously got into the system
  2. Me too. Total gent and happy to meet him all over again in Connor's home con. Hopefully he'll not remember me coz that will be just plain weird and creepy!
  3. Excellent announcement, more like this please SM Not meaning to be greedy btw.
  4. Cool start to gearing up for next year's show - hopefully plenty more good announcements to follow.
  5. Totally agree. Obviously we don't know how easy or difficult it is to get the big names north of the wall (pardon the GoT pun) and what it costs too, but big names = big crowds pretty much every time. Then everyone wins.
  6. I'm normally an early bird but no need to with all photo shoots being later in the day. Looking forward to it tho with 4 guests to meet.
  7. I will be there on the Saturday and have a couple of clashes, one of which involves James Caan. I got in early for buying his ticket so am in Batch 0 - if I go to the shoot that clashes and get finished in time, then get over to the James Caan photoshoot, am I likely to be bumped to the front or the end? Apologies if something similar has been asked already btw.
  8. Cool beans SM - most useful Think I lost about 200 places in the Q at Collectormania whilst waiting on a Diamond Pass...just to add to the stress of the day! Not having a go at the lady working the table btw, she was doing a grand job.
  9. Friday only? Brilliant announcement gone wrong Will live in hope she becomes available for the Saturday.
  10. At least you picked a night when the World Cup ain't on - and here was me thought I was getting the night off!
  11. I noticed that too and was desperately hoping it wasn't just me coz I got a ticket about 10secs after he was announced. Never been a Batch 0 before - hopefully we're not penalised when the shoot is called
  12. Holy monkeys, Sonny Corleone/Paul Sheldon. Go you Showmasters, happy Friday me!
  13. I never saw these for sale but always look out for them so if available via the online shop - it helps SM get rid of them after all - that would be cool.
  14. Brilliant news - an extra hour on the Saturday should have ye olde bank manager in a suitably cold sweat. My parents always tell me they don't want anything for Christmas...well this could be the year they get their wish
  15. I did the Saturday - been to London a good few times but this was my first one at NEC - and overall it was a really good day. Just a couple of things let the show down slightly although with events of this size, there are always things that are going to go wrong. As mentioned above, the queuing outside to then go inside, back outside and then in again was bizarre especially when not many people had their hand stamped to eventually get in. Also the inside queuing area meant about one third of the hall was blocked off for the rest of the day which was wasted space, although I get with the NEC 'corridors' and the bus/taxi stops outside needing to be kept clear, there was probably no alternative. The only other issue which was causing a problem (that I saw) was the VQ tickets for Danny Glover. I got in for 9am and there was no VQ needed (apparently), came back about an hour later and one was in operation albeit tickets 1-150 were allowed in the queue, which was just about everyone. Danny was a lovely guy and chatting to everyone, meaning the queue only ever went up in size, and frankly the guy manning it lost control. He took tickets off everyone when they joined the queue and when you had to leave an hour later to go to a photoshoot, you had to fight to get them back. A different crew member then told us to go away and come back in half an hour as we were causing a fire hazard and they needed the queue to go down, only to come back and find the queue was longer still and that second crew member was nowhere to be seen, aka be prepared to wait a long time. I don't envy the crew at these events and pretty much every one of them is polite and super helpful, plus controlling a mob getting more and more angry is a thankless task. I just feel that one thing got mis-managed, at the risk of being slightly negative (sorry SM). Aside from those issues, no complaints from me. Got to meet some lovely people - celebrities (one of which is a personal hero), crew members and other con-goers - and plenty of stalls and food availability, plus more room to move about than LFCC since it was quieter and less manic. So overall, thanks Showmasters for another really good day out
  16. Thanks Raylenth, once again you are the font of all SM knowledge
  17. Doing this event for the first time and have a Diamond Pass for the first time; I also have an early entry ticket. Is it advisable to print the entry and Diamond tickets out rather than have the barcodes on my phone, so SM staff don't think am taking the mick, or does the barcode tell them when scanned? Also, any info on collection of Diamond passes yet? I know QS didn't know when asked previously in this thread but in the off chance anyone knew now... Thanks in advance.
  18. Please be Clancy Brown to round off the Highlander guests
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