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    cool guest, keep those nightmare guests coming!
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    cool guest, keep those nightmare guests coming!
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    cool, I'm a big nightmare on elm street fan.
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    cool, must bring my aquafresh with me for the photo
  5. I need a album

    Soon I'll be running out of wall space in my bedroom where I hang all my photos, the size of these photos are 6x9 and as we all know it's kinda awkward to find frames to fit them in that size. The other day I bought 6x9 sleeves x100, I'm after a photo book. I've searched major retail sites however I found they have limits on number of pages. Can anyone lead me in the right direction where I can have a nice book/folder what will fit these photos in? Thanks.
  6. Found Tom Wilson Diamond Pass

    its nice to hear that people are honest and caring when they find these passes I too would do the same!
  7. when do you...

    so I've been going to LFCC since 2013 and I went to the odd winter LFCC and collectormania. people have asked me how do I enjoy this madness of mayhem? I find my self I enjoy it more the day after when I'm back home as I have time to look at my photos and remember what I did. I always have a tale to tell and when I tell people not only did I get a photo with such a such I had a chat to them or the odd guest waved at me as they remember me from the previous year. my two tales from this year is that Richard Dean Anderson waved at me when I sailed passed him when I got in as he was on the phone and I had a very nice chat with Benedict Cumberbatch before our photo. I guess my question is when do you guys enjoy LFCC/collectormania the most?
  8. What do you do with you're photos?

    hang mine on my wall in my room
  9. How much have people spent this year?

    I worked out my answer all I can say is "ouch" but it was worth it as all my photos from this year and previous years they all make me smile and when I'm having bad health days they cheer me up!
  10. Sarah Douglas Appreciation

    yup she was very hands on with me on Friday, got hold off me put her arm around me and smiled for the photo, very friendly.
  11. Crew Appreciation Thread

    showmasters crew always been good to me over the years, they are great!
  12. my lfcc

    I had a great time at LFCC, this year was the first time I used a wheelchair as my health has worsened this year. The showmasters staff have always looked after me with the extra help and never had any issues. I had a nice chat to Benedict Cumberbatch while we had photo taken, I asked Tom Wilson if he could do the knock on the head for me but he said he rather strangle me instead. It was clear that Zoƫ Wanamaker dint want to touch anyone as she had her hands in her pockets but only said hello to people, when she saw me she was admiring my t-shirt and took her hand out of her pocket and told me that me t-shirt was cool and touched me. I had many photos during Friday and Saturday only two things annoyed me, one Tom Skerritt gave out bad vibes as he just stood and looked at the camera no emotions came from him at all it felt like he didn't want to be their. Two I understood that Pamela Anderson requested for the flash to be super bright but good grief it almost wiped me out and burnt my eyes out, good job I had the wheelchair! This year showmasters organized it well by having the dealers on the ground floor and having all guests on the 1st floor, it made a massive difference from 2015 and last year. The collectors book for your photos is an excellent idea and I hope it will continue. The only negative thing I can say is that showmasters or olympia need to put more chairs around as my carer was almost dead on her feet on Saturday.

    I enjoy it more when its over because I have new happy memories
  14. first thing I buy is entry tickets then hotel if needed. photo tickets I buy when I got money. its all about logic!