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  1. Collectormania 25 Talk and Photo Shoot Schedule

    does main stage mean they are doing a talk at that time?
  2. Guest Cancellation - Jonathan Frakes

    that bit confused me that's all. thanks for clearing that up.
  3. Guest Cancellation - Jonathan Frakes

    wait I'm confused, has he canceled on us once again?
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - JERI RYAN

    my 2nd favorite Voyager character!

    as long as they don't bump into each other we should be fine

    but he's a time lord, surely he can turn up at any time!

    I had this photo shoot a few years back along with two stormtrooppers by each side and me next to Boba Fett. Jeremy came in with his helmet on then he took it off and I started off the around off applause. I guess he took it off since it was too hot for him.
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - NOEL CLARKE

    I'm guessing this comic con is going to be a whovian convention

    why does he keep cancelling on us? oh well I guess I'll wait even more!
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - RICHARD WILSON

    With Charles Dance cancelling yet again (oh well never mind, maybe next time!) I'll use that £20 to gain a true TV legend Richard Wilson. Thank you showmasters this is a fantastic announcement. Yes I do believe it!
  11. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    These days showmasters now do AM and PM slots for photoshoots, we get the schedule a week before the event. You can book photos when you want however the later the you book them the higher the risk they sell out. When the schedule is out it will tell you in detail the times, however you will need to look at your ticket to see what batch number you are. Example if you are batch 1-5 you are going to be in the morning section, if you are batch 6-10 etc you'll be in the afternoon. If you have missed your batch and the photoshoot still has afternoon option then explain to the crew. If you are disabled you have priority to jump the queue, (you'll need to notify showmasters by email and fill in the form on website) if you have diamond pass the same thing applies.
  12. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Personally I've given up on guessing now, I just keep my self occupied. Do I ever complain when it's someone I'm not interested in? nah no point, I just see it as money saved!
  13. Guest Cancellation - Anthony Head

    I don't understand why people complain so much when guests cancel, you get your money back and it's good to see that the guest are still working to entertain us. OK so you may not want to go to the event no more and it feels like you have lost money on hotels and public transport fairs but it's a freedom of choice. I've seen guests cancel or not turn up on the day example it happened to me at one event and yes I was disappointed but I didn't let it get to me plus I know it's always out of Showmasters control. People should be grateful that we have Showmasters here in the UK and rather than rant or abuse them you should praise em. We are lucky to have other organizers who put on events like LFCC and Collectormania etc and guess what, the same thing happens to them too! (about guests cancelling). The way I see it if you have waited this long for a particular guest I'm sure you can wait more till the next time, and it's a nice bonus when they finally manage to attend. As they saying goes, "all good things goes to those who wait"