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  1. Thanks Showmasters

    Rory McCann would b brilliant but we'll have to wait until he ascends to the Iron Throne. That's my patriotic fantasy for GoT.
  2. That is absolutely brilliant Matthew - looks so professional - well done.
  3. I just wanted to post a wee note to SM to thank them for another good Glasgow FCC over the weekend, given there has been some criticism over the perceived poor guest line-up this year. My partner and I went on the Sunday and yes, it was quieter than in previous years (although admittedly we do normally go on the Saturday), but it allowed us more time with the guests we met, and meant we had more space to get in to look at stalls. The variety of what was on offer for buying was good and the staffing was really friendly and adequate. The three guests I met - Ian Beattie, Staz Nair and Mark Rolston - were three of the nicest guys you could ever talk to, in or out of a con, and overall, it was a fun day out. Obviously I would love it if the guest line-up was bigger and better still, but as Brasco said after being on the Saturday, it's horses for courses. London and Birmingham are the biggies for SM each year and would love Glasgow to start to get up there with them, but people in Sheffield, Newcastle, Cardiff, etc. will likely all say the same about their show, so I get that it's not easy. It was really good to see Glasgow is still on the calendar for 2018; can't wait to go back. Thanks again SM
  4. Thanks Queen, just wanted to check in case I end up being 5mins late for all my shoots...that would hurt! With all of them being relatively short though, will just double check on the day. My timings are generally bad enough without outside help.
  5. Are the updated schedules (after the Valene Kane change) going to be posted or will we have to wait until we are there to see what's what? I have photoshoots booked for Sunday so was going to print off the schedule before I go, but obviously that would be pointless if everyones shoot gets moved about to fit the additional person in. Thanks in advance
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - IAN BEATTIE

    That's a shame - was really hoping to meet him on the Saturday along with a couple of others who aren't there on the Sunday
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - IAN BEATTIE

    Ooh Sir Meryn, the evil beggar. Very good SM, he always seems like a really nice guy when being interviewed. Hopefully next up Clive Russell and Rory McCann (since they're Scottish) and we'd have a right party to get started.
  8. Just a few suggestions and don't want to come across as having a moan; was there on Saturday and loved it. SM do a great job and I don't envy QS and all the others behind the scenes who make it happen; personal thanks to them, is a genuine highlight of the year for me and almost counting the days till next year. VQ Tickets The VQ tickets are a constant issue every year - this year they didn't count for anything with the bigger guests (which I get since Platinum and Golds should have priority) but John Rhys Davies and Gemma Whelan were unticketed and their physical Qs ended at around Hammersmith Station. Also, us speed walkers kept getting shouted at for running for them and yes, one day there will be a bad accident if there hasn't been already (I hope not). So, maybe getting autograph tickets onto EventBrite would save a few hassles. Not sure of the logistics but would mean a less stressful start to the day and allow people to be better organised and less manic when at the con. Photo Qs Firstly, cords/barriers could be used for these. The tape on the floor is a bit of a problem with people pushing forward - I think the fella trying to organise John Cleese's afternoon shoot must have seen a tidal wave of people slowly getting closer and closer every time he blinked, like marginally less psychotic weeping angels! Also on this point, microphones for the SM people so us waiting to join a Q know what's happening (or not as the case may be). Either that or the whiteboards like what they use for autograph Qs. Lastly on this, something to identify batch numbers on e-tickets would be great. My batch was called for John Cleese and the girl checking them thought I was taking the mick as it didn't show the batch no. on my mobile. Thankfully she didn't throw me out but it could happen to someone and be mighty unfair. Apart from that, I thought this year was great. Opening up that hall for photo areas A-D was brilliant - never realised the Olympia was that big! A bit more organisation and it would have been better still.
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - DEAN CAIN

    Good point - the guy does work well in limited space. I stand corrected.
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - DEAN CAIN

    Just on a side issue, am having doubts as to Dean Cain's alter-identity...Superman doesn't go to the loo
  11. I have to do something - I normally end up like Tom Hanks in The Terminal and risk getting picked up by the police!
  12. Brilliant, well done SM! Another LOTR person I can tick off ye olde list Hopefully he will slot into Derek Jacobi's photoshoot time; then it means I don't need to rejig my own wee timetable!
  13. Googed Olympia gates and came across the following map - https://www.kcl.ac.uk/campuslife/services/examinations/exams/Olympia-London---Venue-Map.pdf - looks like the only gate in West so same as last year and means we are queueing inside again (thankfully). Glad to see college web sites are good for something
  14. Sorry, honestly wasn't having a dig Can appreciate the schedule release is causing more questions than...well I can think of a comparison! Besides, I got the answer I needed.