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  1. Gutted as he was announced fairly early on and almost lasted till the event, but hey this happens
  2. It’s great to see that montage moments are at collectormania! They always make the weekend that much more special and give the opportunity to meet a lot more unique sport guests
  3. That's great news......for people going to LFCC but not so much for us Birmingham goers, ah well it can't be helped and it happens all the time and right up until the day of the event. Still lots more going on, I think the cup cake stand alone is enough to make me attend anyway lol
  4. Great announcement, shame it wasn't for Birmingham, but you never know, still time!
  5. Maybe try and get Steven Ogg again, I was gutted when he had to cancel last year also Cristian Slater would be an amazing guest or Micheal Rooker. Warwick Davis has been mentioned quite a few times, he must be Finally due a Collectormania appearance as for sports guests Tony Adams would be my choice or Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. anyway just a few suggestions, easier said than done tho.
  6. Thank you all for your help in answering that for me appreciated
  7. Can photo tickets for these film/TV props be pre purchased or can you only buy them on the day? I can't find the option to pre buy them on Eventbrite.
  8. Thanks for posting that on here i think the world/businesses forget that not everyone is on Facebook.
  9. Where do I start Tony Adams Thierry Henry Arsene Wenger Neville Southall Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hulk Hogan Any 66 World Cup winners (Jack Charlton and Norman Hunter already attending with the Leeds 72 reunion) Evander Holyfield Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis Dennis Rodman Bo Jackson That will do for now
  10. Thanks for your reply as you say I guess its a case of see what happens, hopefully all will be ok, it was just something I thought of as I know guests change all the time, but as you state it does say all 10 anyway thanks for your help
  11. hi there I have a question about the LEEDS group photo What happens if you buy the group photo for all 10 and lets say 2 of the 10 cant attend, do you automatically get refunded some of the £90 (equivalent amount of 2 guests) or do you get refunded full amount and have to buy again at new amount for the remaining 8 guests? Anyway hope that question makes sense Thanks Brendan
  12. How about Thierry Henry?! he should have some free time now he has just been laid off by Monaco. Plus get Mr Wenger as well i reckon a joint photo would be great!
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