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  1. Hi there Does anyone know the best pens and colour to use to sign boxing gloves? I’m thinking a white paint pen but I’m worried that it won’t get cared for after signing as I’m getting a boxing glove signed via pre-order so I won’t be there in-person. anyway hope someone can help, thanks
  2. Hi Olliewoggle i think you have answered your own question within your question, just pay the diamond price, at least your know you will get the photo and signature, if you don’t and he is a popular busy guest and you miss out then your wish you had of just paid the extra £50, if it turns out he’s not that busy then the extra £50 will save you time on queuing plus not having to get those darn early virtual Q numbers, anyway hope that helps
  3. It’s hard to suggest names on here, in my head I can think of loads I’d really like to suggest but they are so unrealistic and wouldn’t happen, so I’m going to suggest ones I wanna meet but there’s at least a realistic chance, even if it’s a small one, so….. Christian Slater Wes Studi Emilio Estevez Lou Diamond Phillips Warwick Davis Michael Rooker Val Kilmer Michael Rapaport Sheridan Smith Reece Shearsmith Steve Pemberton Mark Gatiss Ricco Ross Gary Busey Dolph Lundgren Carl Weathers Mickey Rourke Cuba Gooding Jr. Denis Leary Edward Furlong David Jason Stephen Dorff Frank Grillo Dennis Quaid Martin Short Steve Martin Mr T Red Dead Redemption (voice actors) Now for a few sports stars, hopefully Montage Moments will be back Tony Adams Arsene Wenger Stuart Pearce Thierry Henry Emmanuel Petit Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hulk Hogan Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis anyway I could go on and name so much more
  4. This is great news! Just need him for Birmingham Collectormania now.
  5. Gutted as he was announced fairly early on and almost lasted till the event, but hey this happens
  6. It’s great to see that montage moments are at collectormania! They always make the weekend that much more special and give the opportunity to meet a lot more unique sport guests
  7. That's great news......for people going to LFCC but not so much for us Birmingham goers, ah well it can't be helped and it happens all the time and right up until the day of the event. Still lots more going on, I think the cup cake stand alone is enough to make me attend anyway lol
  8. Great announcement, shame it wasn't for Birmingham, but you never know, still time!
  9. Maybe try and get Steven Ogg again, I was gutted when he had to cancel last year also Cristian Slater would be an amazing guest or Micheal Rooker. Warwick Davis has been mentioned quite a few times, he must be Finally due a Collectormania appearance as for sports guests Tony Adams would be my choice or Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. anyway just a few suggestions, easier said than done tho.
  10. Thank you all for your help in answering that for me appreciated
  11. Can photo tickets for these film/TV props be pre purchased or can you only buy them on the day? I can't find the option to pre buy them on Eventbrite.
  12. Thanks for posting that on here i think the world/businesses forget that not everyone is on Facebook.
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