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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - GORDON BANKS

    Brilliant announcement! More 66 players please!
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - GEOFF HURST

    Brilliant announcement! More 66 players please!
  3. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    Great to see the guests and times going up early, nice for us OCD people who have to plan everything to the last detail. I agree with you on Carl Weathers, great shout brody
  4. Guest Suggestions

    That would be amazing to have those young guns (now old guns lol) all in a group photo, maybe throw in Cristian slater as well
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Well said, I really hope Bobby Charlton is announced
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Maybe a joint photo with Donavon Baily, think that was his name, both competed for a 1 off 150 metres race indoors
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Some great names, just add Tony Adams
  8. Ah man I always manage to miss him! I'm going to bournemouth and Birmingham, well I shall wait and see if he will appear on the bill for them, fingers crossed
  9. Great to see more sport stars announced, I wait with excitement to hear the name Tony Adams but something tells me it won't happen but hey I can hope can't I
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - DANNY GLOVER

    Great guest and great loving person, can't wait!
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Great shout for Bobby Charlton and Stuart Pearce! Also Tony Adams.
  12. Super Staff

    I agree with you all! I always find that if Q's are left unmaned then that makes the whole event unenjoyible, I thought all the staff done an amazing job and all the Q's were dealt with perfectly and stress free, I will defiantly be going next year, keep up the good work. Oh and another shout out to all you staff that man the forum and answer all our concerns and worries and always reply, it really does help.
  13. Rest In Peace, Bill Paxton

    I'm still very sad about this now, such a shock as I would never of thought he would have any heart issues, Pvt HUDSON forever!
  14. Difference between collectormainia and film & Comic Con

    I went to bournemouth comic con back in 2015 and they had sports guests there, that was great, best of both worlds, hope they do it again in August