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  1. Hi, have you any more updates and details on the show please. Are things still planned to happen in November as it stands? When are the social distancing plans going to be released etc... thanks.
  2. She was lovely, agreed. So pleased I decided to meet her and get an autograph. Friendly and chatty lady.
  3. Hi, not sure if you could help me with this question please, perhaps a strange one..... I'm attending tomorrow and would like to get the Rene Odo bucket charity drawing as a Secret Santa gift for a fellow Trekkie.... I'd like to know whether Rene is willing or able - due to contract commitments - to have a photo at the desk of him alone holding the personalised drawing? I'd like to do this as part of the authenticity of the gift, even offering a further donation to allow it to happen but wouldn't like to be in an awkward situation asking at the desk.... Thanks if you are
  4. I really enjoyed reading this and agree with you how fantastic all the Doctors were to meet. I only had a photo with Arthur which was as expected so happy there.I understand that his London show had only finished the night before so I'm sure tiredness was a major part of people's experiences with him. Moffat too was a real trooper on the day and a great guest I thought. It is a very well done to Showmasters this year.
  5. I got Eccleston, Tennant, Smith and Capaldi along with Steven Moffat and Ingrid Oliver to autograph my 'Tardis Inside Out' book bringing the total to 75 signatures....most importantly to me, it means I now have it signed by all Doctors from Pertwee to Capaldi, including John Hurt and stage Doctor, Trevor Martin. Very proud of it :-) Also I got Jack O'Halloran, Lance Guest and Paul Mcgann (who signed my figure set). All were Awesome, understandably limited time with the Doctors but in that time, they made the time for you....hope that reads ok!! It was a very stressful Sunday and my body knew i
  6. That is a very reasonable and good point, agreed there.
  7. I really don't disagree with you at all in what you say. Perfect sense. Landscape is just my personal preference based on all my other photo shoots over the years but that choice of shot where possible should be offered quite easily by a professional photographer.
  8. No the photographer was holding the camera which is why I was so surprised it couldn't be accommodated. I wouldn't have even considered asking if it had been on a tripod as I understand how that would cause delay and hold other people up.... never mind. I still have a photo with Tennant and as you say an option to crop myself so it's all good :-)
  9. no but the point is it should be my choice if I request how I want my photograph taken. simple really.
  10. I do appreciate what you're saying and expected the shoot to be portrait for that exact reason but I was not interested in seeing full length shot of the Tardis which is why I personally wanted the landscape. purely my option or at least should have been. And in case anyone wonders why have a Tardis shoot if I wasn't bothered about the Tardis being in it, simple answer I wasn't given the option with diamond pass. I'd have much preferred to choose standard blue background photo but was once again bluntly told no. Still, I wouldn't have missed the opportunity for anything and it's not a bad over
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