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  1. I had a great weekend all round and my only disappointment was missing out on David Bradley autograph yet again. In 2015 I had exactly the same issue. I got a virtual ticket at around 9.15am today and it was at 170!!! I'm actually really fed up with dealers or anyone being allowed to hog guests to sign a huge amount of items, especially when or if it is for personal profit. As a fan, I want an autograph for myself and would give every thought to the fact other fans deserve the opportunity as well. I actually gave up my VT to a fellow guest today as we chatted in a queue and he had a ticket in the 300s... He was desperate to get David's autograph so i thought i could help by giving him my lower ticket number. At 5.35pm I checked the numbers on the board anyway and it only reached 120 plus golds the whole day...time to put a limit on the number of items ANY one person can have signed and give true fans a chance to have a piece of the pie so to speak. Other shows manage it perfectly well through my own experience.
  2. Richard Franklin is definitely here
  3. Still no official word on the Superman group photo refund for Jack? At the very least, Showmasters could hand out a £15 voucher to people as they scan their tickets for the photo shoot.
  4. Hold on, in relation to the Superman group shot, why is this not being cancelled now? It has been specifically stated a few times who the group will be. Now that is minus one member and there is also no refund for O'Halloran as part of that group price. Correct?
  5. I guess Paul Rudd. Please :-)
  6. How was your weekend?

    I had a great day today. Really enjoyed the show. Great guests. Good dealer stalls. All round well done from me.
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - ERNIE HUDSON

    Booked a photo shoot without second thought! Brilliant announcement.
  8. Brilliant is all I can say. Oh and also, Janet Fielding?
  9. Tom baker yes please!! Meanwhile Lalla photoshoot not yet listed to buy
  10. Sorry, no longer attending Friday
  11. I've just had an email refunding Kirsty Alley photoshoot, no longer attending...???
  12. Booked photo. Easy option. Great announcement.
  13. She was a lovely lady to meet today. Thank you
  14. Looking forward to a photo shoot for my classic who guests 😊