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  1. Diamond pass booked! And hopefully the double shoot is still available when I get paid
  2. I loved the way SM did the screen shots so clever and I love my photos, and my Bernard Hill photo where is a floating head has got to be one of my fave photos of the weekend as it makes me laugh out loud every single time I look at it
  3. Riz Ahmed and Aaron paul was one of the big reasons I was coming so thats a major blow, but SM now owe me about £350 in vouchers all together. Hope I get them before the event.
  4. Just watched Flight Of The Navigator for the first time, what a great movie, Excited to meet Joey now!
  5. I have been watching next gen for the first time recently so really excited to meet her!
  6. Im getting my Harry Potter poster signed but a legend like him could get so many different things signed if I could afford it
  7. Ive met him a few years ago and he was lovely but need him on my poster so looking forward to meeting him again
  8. Looks like Jessie T Usher has moved to the cancelled section now
  9. Ive met him at destination Star Trek and he is so lovely I recomend anyone to meet him!
  10. Oooo I have been wanting to meet him for ages and for such a cheap price!
  11. Ive always wanted to meet George and that double photoshoot is a MUST have!!
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