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  1. For me, Jo Martin and/or David Tennant (although I plan to attend Glasgow Comic Con next month).
  2. Aye. Have bought my entry ticket and a Diamond Pass for Ncuti Gatwa.
  3. Entry to the event is free. As for photoshoot tickets, there will most likely be a desk where you can buy them. As for online, I’m not sure if they’ll be available to buy on the dsy itself (I normally purchase mine in advance). For VQ tickets, they’ll most likely still be available in the afternoon but, depending on the guest, you may get a high number with zero to little chance of getting their autographs.
  4. Yep, entry is completely free of charge. The only tickets one may need to pay for are: Photoshoot Diamond Pass Gold Pass (acts like a priority Virtual Queue ticket for non-Diamond guests, and allows you to acquire £50 worth of autographs).
  5. Must be something new (or overlooked or forgotten by myself) as I’ve not purchased a Diamond Pass since 2018.
  6. If memory serves correctly, you don’t need batch numbers for Diamond Passes. Diamond Pass holders will get priority over Gold Pass and standard photoshoot ticket holders.
  7. Have checked the post on the recent Winter LFCC thread, and it says “both in costume”. Hopefully we can get confirmation or more clarity nearer the time.
  8. I’m wondering the same myself. Ticket page is saying ‘Aldred & McCoy in costume’ Would be great if she will be in costume as well, since I’ve already had a photoshoot with Sylvester McCoy in costume at this year’s LFCC.
  9. So it begins. Already got time off work and a hotel booked. But at the mo, it’s down to other commitments not clashing, as well as my finances and the guest list
  10. Jodie Whittaker David Tennant Ncuti Gatwa Jo Martin
  11. See if I can liven it up with my usual summing up and pics. This was my first LFCC and SM event since 2019, and for me, it was stress-free, but tiring. Only had 1 autograph and 2 photoshoots. But it was good to meet some fellow cosplayers for the first time in years, especially in light of a personal circumstance a couple of years back. Main highlight was having a photoshoot with Sylvester McCoy in costume, while cosplaying as his Doctor. Good points: Crew member complementing me on paying in £5 notes for an autograph Guest area less of a mosh pit Got to see (not meet) almost every guest, even if a few were just brief glimpses Almost every trader accepting cash Trader tables in a straight, rather than staggered, alignment The lady selling the tribbles putting up with my Klingon (some of the tribbles didn't even get frightened) Being able to visit the Lego displays in the afternoon Negative points: Morning queue for Robert Emms was limited for health and safety reasons - could have either done with Mr Emms being in the guest area rather than the Star Wars Zone, or VQ tickets At least one trader only accepting card No slush drink stall like the one held in 2018 & 2019 Some others, but these are on Olympia's end rather than Showmasters
  12. Only seen one stall with a Card Only sign, and at least two others with a Cash Only sign. Did ask some traders selling wood-based merchandise if they’d accept sheep, but they said No.
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