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  1. The photos were inside the booths for Eccleston and Tennant last year.
  2. Sebster118

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    Noticed that too. But it’s still in the draft stages. Am considering a Sunday photoshoot in case she’s No Photos and I don’t get one for Saturday on that day.
  3. Sebster118

    Who are you meeting!?

    Following last night’s announcements, my plans at this time: Autographs: Andy Bradford Hugh Quarshie Erin Kellyman Andy De La Tour Guy Henry Maybes: Adam Baldwin Daniel Mays Photoshoots: Sylvester McCoy Christopher Eccleston Maybes: Ted DiBiase Hugh Quarshie Erin Kellyman
  4. Sebster118


    Some eateries nearby in the area, as well as nearby areas like Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith. Most likely go for a Cheeky Nando's at Hammersmith or Chiswick on the Sunday (seem to have one every time I go to LFCC since 2015).
  5. Sebster118

    New Prop shoot

  6. Try looking at it from a business perspective. Both shows’ organisers are businesses. Like any other business, they need to make money for their shows to succeed and profit towards their next show. Both make money from us paying for entry tickets and traders paying for a pitch/table at the event. Showmasters also make money from photoshoots and Diamond Passes as UKGE do not normally have guests attending. I didn’t go this year, but if this arrangement happens next year, I might go to both on the same day subject to the guest list and/or my finances.
  7. I had a few photoshoots involving small props. I usually mention it to the crew and/or guest.
  8. Sebster118

    Hand Stamps

    Last year the entrance and exit were separate doors. However, I didn't leave until about 4.30-5pm.
  9. Sebster118

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Normally, a crew member will announce any requests made by the guest. At one LFCC a couple of years ago, I overheard one crew member saying that the guest concerned has requested no physical contact. And the year before that, I read on the forum that a couple of guests made such a request for their photoshoots.
  10. Last year, a friend had a DP number over 150 (if I remember) and that number didn’t come up until before his afternoon photoshoots. Don’t know if he managed to meet VQ ticket holders by the end of the day.
  11. It’s official! I’ve now bought a photoshoot ticket (as well as a 3-day entry ticket).
  12. Sebster118

    Next year's date

    My department at work is similar concerning leave. When I get dates for the following year’s LFCC, I check with my colleagues before booking the dates. I booked dates for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi some 2 years before their release dates!
  13. Sebster118

    Latest Guest Announcement - GINA TORRES

    Not for me but a friend is really pleased. He’s already got autographs from the rest of the main Firefly cast and this will complete his collection.
  14. Sebster118

    All Things Cosplay

    With the Iron Throne photoshoot and Christopher Eccleston’s announcement, it looks like I may be doing my 3 Doctor Who cosplays again (7th, 9th & 12th).