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  1. Ahhhhhhhh finally

    Already booked a room in case I do go.
  2. Ahhhhhhhh finally

    And so it begins...
  3. Login Issues

    Just to say I've been able to remain logged in now. Many thanks for your help.
  4. Cosplay Appreciation Thread

    A few impressed me that I took photos of them: One lady as a Comic Con Guest You Never Heard Of (which I added verbally, and on my Facebook post, But Financially Obligated To Attend) on the Saturday A friend as Crystal Maze Richard Ayoade, also on the Saturday One guy as Ulysses 31 on the Sunday
  5. I kept a rough Diary at LFCC

    I don't have any youtube vids posted, but was in one from 2015. I was the Chicken with Fries/Rice guy with Hodor.
  6. I kept a rough Diary at LFCC

    Nice. Noticed you were at photoshoots and talks that I went to as well: Alan Tudyk and Kristian Nairn photoshoots on Friday Alan Tudyk talk David Bradley Tardis photoshoot
  7. 1 week on - still buzzing

    Still coming to terns it's now been a week.
  8. Login Issues

    Thanks. I think it will need looking at again. Signed in on my iPhone earlier today, and only just now had to sign in again.
  9. Login Issues

    Of course. On my iPad, have just signed out, unchecked and rechecked the box, then signed back in. I'll try the others as and when, but see how it goes.
  10. Login Issues

    Hope I'm posting this in the right place. Might just be me, but I find myself signed out often and having to log back in. So far, it's happening on my iPad and iPhone, as well as my work computers (which use Internet Explorer). Have yet to check if it's also happening on my home computer (I use Chrome). Is this a new security measure, or a hiccup? It can be a bit of a nuisance if I have to sign in almost every day.
  11. Post your lfcc pics here!

    Here are some of my pics:
  12. i had a fun time this year, despite some manic and hectic moments. I personally felt last year's was better, but this could be due to my autograph, photoshoot and/or talk choices for this year. Did have a couple of queuing issues which I have raised on other threads. After my experiences on the Sunday, I felt glad that Joseph Marcell cancelled otherwise I don't know what state of mind I'd be in. But one other issue is that nearly every time I try to move forward in the queue, I've had people trying to cut through instead of going around the queue. As before, the guest area got overcrowded, as did the photoshoot booths area near the main stage. The crew have been helpful and professional, especially under difficult circumstances. I have had many memorable moments which I will remember more than the issues that occurred. As this was my most expensive LFCC, I have decided to plan a hiatus from next year's LFCC mainly to recuperate my finances. However, I will be keeping an eye on it in case any guests I REALLY like to meet do attend, and I may go for one or two days subject to my personal circumstances.
  13. Missing Comicon

    Did feel relieved at the end although post-con blues crept in today. Got home a couple of hours ago, and feeling the tiredness from the early mornings.
  14. Crew Appreciation Thread

    Also want to give appreciation for the red shirt handling the Photoshoot C area Friday lunchtime. I mistook the queue for Hodor when it was actually Daniel Portman, and she made me realise this. Saved me from feeling like a right wally if I had my ticket scanned for the wrong photoshoot.
  15. As I mentioned in another thread, I (and some others) felt it was unfair that a majority of VQ holders missed out on David Bradley due to Gold Pass holders getting priority. But I feel it is more unfair that dealers can get away with dozens of autographs. They should be given the 5 auto limit just like everyone else, and only ask for more if the queue is open. One concern is what can stop a Gold Pass holder from rejoining the queue after getting 5 autographs? Couple ideas in my head are: Slowly increase the VQ number as the day goes by i.e. 5 every hour or half hour. Not sure if it will work out well due to costs, crew manpower, and/or layout, but an "express" queue system where those who only just want 1 autograph can join the queue earlier than those who want more than 1 (something similar to Alton Towers' single persons queue).