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  1. Sebster118

    Guest Suggestions

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned but maybe a Blade Runner cast reunion now we’re in 2019 (the year the film was set).
  2. Sebster118

    All Things Cosplay

    No official decisions what to cosplay, or even go, yet but considering: 12th Doctor (planning a photoshoot with Sylvester McCoy) Where’s Wally And 1 new cosplay in the pipeline involving items from an existing cosplay, one item from my normal wardrobe, and a couple of new items.
  3. Sebster118

    Who are you meeting!?

    Probably a photoshoot with Sylvester McCoy if I do go and cosplay as the 12th Doctor. (No definite plans at the mo - subject to the guest list and my budget and cosplay plans)
  4. Not holding my breath on this. She might be busy filming the next series.
  5. And so the guessing games begin... (Jodie Whittaker)
  6. Sebster118

    Selfies, Photos or Posed Photos

    No Posed Photos can also mean you can ask someone (a friend or the person in the queue behind you) to take a photo of yourself with the guest while they're signing the autograph, unless a crew member says otherwise. As Wrong Name said, asking can lead to embarrassment - I did this once because I did not see the sign at the start of the queue and there wasn't one behind the guest. Fortunately, they were willing to pretend to sign the photo while having a photo taken.
  7. Sebster118


    I read on last year's Collectormania forum that a friend of a forum user said Marcell was dismissive of his Doctor Who role at one event. Don't know what he was like at Collectormania last year concerning this as I didn't go.
  8. Sebster118

    Colin Baker

    Website’s still got this year’s dates at the mo.
  9. Sebster118

    General Chat

    And so it begins again...
  10. Sebster118

    General Chat

    Was going through my autographs and photoshoots and the memories came flooding back. Hard to believe it’s now been a month.
  11. Sebster118

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    Usually a number of reasons which I don’t think I can go into detail without breaching forum policies except to say that work commitments could be one of many possible reasons.
  12. Sebster118

    London Comic Con Spring for 2019!

    I can’t go due to other commitments but did look at the ticket pages. The fees in the descriptions are £1 yet most are higher on the headers.
  13. Sebster118

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    One high I like to mention is that the Tardis Props were in an enclosed area thus preventing others from trying to take photos of the Doctor Who guests.
  14. Sebster118

    LFCC 2019

    Probably beginning of September if this year’s is anything to go by.
  15. Sebster118

    Are you missing the Con?

    Can’t believe it’s been a week already. Already making plans for next year’s just in case...