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  1. And near a tube station or bus stop on a route that can get you to Olympia, or a nearby station that’s a short walk away.
  2. @D-C-A Think I spent that amount in 2018 where I accomplished meeting all the surviving male Doctor Who actors at the time, with about 2/3 of that amount on Diamond Passes. My current plans are photoshoots with Sylvester McCoy and Ernie Hudson in costume (met him at Collectormania in 2017), and to say Hi to Andrew Cartmel.
  3. Hopefully we’ll have Jodie Whittaker and/or Jo Martin. I missed out on previous opportunities as I personally didn’t feel comfortable attending the events on those occasions in view of the pandemic. But now at a comfort level and got no other commitments at the same time that I will be attending all 3 days.
  4. Last couple of LFCCs when I met him, he let me sit next to him for a bit of a chat (first time was when I was cosplaying as the Seventh Doctor).
  5. I wasn’t at the event due to personal circumstances, and personally not feeling comfortable with large gatherings at this time, so I don’t have all the facts. I recall one past LFCC where I eventually met one non-Diamond guest at a past LFCC in the afternoon because the Gold Pass holders were getting priority and the VQ number range remained the same throughout most of the day. Some of the posts/suggestions here reminded me of a much smaller event I went to that only had a few guests where the VIP ticket holders could meet the guests during a time slot in the morning, after which normal ticket holders could meet them if time allowed, or wait until they’re available in the afternoon. Although I don’t think it would work well for a large-scale event. On a side note, I have met Brian Blessed a couple of times in 2004, including a Collectormania that year.
  6. Nice! Would be buying entry ticket and a Tardis photoshoot with me cosplaying as the 7th Doctor, but I’m going to wait and see what the situation is with regards to the pandemic nearer the time.
  7. My other plans in regards to location have been cancelled but there may be an alternative arrangement at the same time, or on another weekend. Have booked a hotel but not bought any tickets yet in case circumstances continue to make me feel it'd be best to stay safe and stay at home.
  8. Got time off work and a hotel booked. Just waiting to see if I can go subject to other commitments...
  9. Disappointing but expected and understandable. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go on the November dates due to other plans and commitments. But am keeping an eye on the Collectormanias, and next year's LFCC.
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if guests who live outside the UK decide to cancel. See what the PM says today. Also, I remember Showmasters saying they’ll review the situation in a few weeks time.
  11. A friend of mine mentioned that one aspect to consider is the flights between here and the US. In the event they're not happening, a number of guests could cancel. Hopefully, the situation will have improved by then.
  12. My initial thought was the 2016 Spring LFCC. I only went for one day and got everything done before lunch. I only stayed for the afternoon cos I was cosplaying. I feel it might be similar to that. I do remember the 2015 LFCC, where only the National Hall was used for the Ground Floor, and the Grand area wasn't used for Level 1, but Level 3 was used. And I do remember the chaos back then. I'm sure Showmasters have got something planned so as not to make a repeat of this. Have noticed there's no further news for the YALC event, but I assume that's still going ahead. With these in mind, I might only go on the Friday and Saturday as I have no other plans for the Sunday. But we'll wait and see...
  13. I usually set up my plans, costs and times on my Notes app. I aim to get the autographs and/or photoshoots as early as possible for guests attending more than 1 day, and have some other photoshoots to purchase on the day as backups in case the guest is No Photos.
  14. Same here in case I don’t end up going, or find a cheaper rate, even at the same hotel!
  15. Last night I found out my local carnival, due to be held in August this year, has been cancelled. Got me concerned about this year’s LFCC. To be fair, the carnival’s main source of income is donations from local businesses and the public rather than entry tickets so as SM said in another thread, LFCC is still going unless advised by the government.
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