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  1. Sebster118

    Near-by hotels

    Location-wise, I find the Chiswick Premier Inn useful. One can take a bus to Hammersmith from the nearby bus stop, or from the Chiswick High Street.
  2. Sebster118

    Latest Guest Announcement - ERNIE HUDSON

    Have met him before but the costume photoshoot sounds tempting (might even bring a Twinkie). Can one assume it’s the Ghostbusters outfit?
  3. Sebster118

    Viking Stall...

    The Viking stall is definitely Horns of Odin. Bought some mead from them.
  4. Sebster118

    Guest Map Next Year

    What I meant was that the maps of where each individual guest was hasn’t happened since then. The only move I know of that year was David Bradley. I ended up with a high VQ number that by the time it got to my number, a crew member was saying he was going to stop signing and there was only one set of photos available to sign (not Doctor Who). Did eventually meet him at the 2017 LFCC.
  5. Sebster118

    My Weekend with Jenna at LFCC 2019

    Nice. Reminds me of my experiences last year: When meeting Matt Smith, it was handshakes at the photoshoot, then fist bumps at the autograph signing. When meeting Peter Capaldi, I was hyperventilating a bit when he wrote my hometown on the photo.
  6. Sebster118

    General Chat

    My name
  7. Sebster118

    Guests you missed this year

    I got all the autographs that I definitely wanted. There were a couple that took my fancy but decided not to go ahead with for various reasons (time constraints not being one of them). One I would have liked to have gone for, but decided not to, was Hayden Christensen. This was mainly due to financial restraints, as well as potential time restraints (which wasn't the case on the day). Also, for me autograph-wise, Mr Christensen wasn't on the same level as those who played The Doctor.
  8. Sebster118

    Guest Map Next Year

    There was a map of guests at the 2015 event, but at least 1 guest got moved to another area. It hasn't happened since then.
  9. Sebster118

    Dates for next year

    Have booked a hotel but I avoid the pre-payment rates in case I can get a cheaper rate, or the rare case that the Con dates change.
  10. Sebster118

    Showing friends and family

    I show photos to my mother. Sometimes I have to explain who the guests are, and for some of my photoshoots when I'm in character for my cosplays, she says I should smile more. I then upload them on my Facebook pages, and save them on my phone to show some of my work colleagues who aren't on Facebook.
  11. Sebster118

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    And from Sunday:
  12. Sebster118

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    From Saturday:
  13. Sebster118

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    Here's my pics from Friday;
  14. Sebster118

    LFCC 2019 - An appreciation.

    Had a good time. Thanks very much Showmasters! It wasn’t very stressful compared to previous years, but for me it didn’t compare as well as last year’s (having accomplished meeting all surviving male Doctors). The lows: Guest and photoshoot areas getting crowded. I’m now starting to refer to those areas as mosh pits. This is beyond Showmasters’ control but did notice the smell of fish mid-afternoon in the Grand Hall, most notably near the fish & chip restaurant area. A few too many stalls selling Pop Vinyl figures. 3-day and 1-day pass holders having to go through seperate gates. On Friday, the 3-day holders had to wait in a queue to collect or present their passes while the 1-day holders went ahead. My friend did this (instead of waiting) but security and others let me rejoin my friend. This did improve the next day. The highs: Morning queue layout - better organised so no tape-jumping. Comic Zone guests - very chatty and friendly, notably Andrew Cartmel and Ian Richardson. Seeing my friend get Gina Torres’ autograph, completing his Firefly main cast autograph collection. The slush stall - helped me cool down, especially with my 7th & 12th Doctor cosplays. Better queue layout for the Sales Desk - more orderly rather than a mob-like crowd. I had a good time and for me, it felt it was more cosplay-orientated, which is usually the main reason I attend events like these. Thanks once again for a great event.
  15. Sebster118

    Day Three

    Only had 2 autographs and a prop photoshoot today, all done by about 10.30am. What helped was that the 2 guests I planned to meet were next to each other. So I spent the rest of the day buying a few things and posing in my 7th Doctor cosplay for photos. Felt reluctance to leave but did not feel relief or “I don’t want to go”. Now waiting for the post-con blues to sink in.