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  1. I didnt bother going this year. In the past have done around 12 photos and numerous autos in a day. This year unfortunately there either wasnt anyone I was interested in, or those I was, I've already met. I'm pretty sure there used to be about 8 or 9 different photo shoot areas too. Wondering, did Ernie Hudson make it this time?
  2. Big gap between June and August in Michael J Fox's diary of his convention appearances
  3. So quiet on here now. I miss the buzz it used to be.
  4. Have fun everybody going today!
  5. Does that mean not many have been sold then, or they'll be 100s turning up at once?
  6. Odd. Its quite along time for the photo shoot too, so am guessing a lot have been sold.
  7. Not that I'm caving in to a boiler photo , but just wondering why when you look at the Robert Englund tickets at the payment stage it doesn't show a batch number to choose.
  8. Anyone know if autos can be paid contactless at the event now, or is it cash still? Thanks
  9. Yeah, havent booked it. May be an on the day booking subject to jumper confirmation. I've got a feeling as it says makeup, it will be just that (and the glove that Robert brings).
  10. No idea, but if LFCC is as hot as today, my previous years mentions of Cosplaying as Borat might happen! High five!
  11. My list has also shrunk. I'm kind of at the stage that if there's someone I want a pic with, I'll take a chance and possibly book it on the day, so it gives a bit more of a guarantee of no cancellation, and I wouldnt be stuck with piles of vouchers. Risky that maybe I wont get a photo, but not risky that I will have money sitting in something that expires and may not get used.
  12. I'd like to know if Robert will be wearing the stripey jumper for the makeup and boiler set. This is the difference as to whether i book or not, as I've seen makeup photos from previous year where it was an lfcc top.
  13. Isnt Hayden Christensen the new Darth Vader? Odds on for tonights announcement....
  14. Ooh wonder who **TOP SECRET** is in the guest days and prices topic. 25 for photo and auto.
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