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  1. spengler

    Carrie-Anne Moss appreciation post

    Matrix 4 in the pipeline https://www.thewrap.com/the-matrix-4-greenlit-with-keanu-reeves-and-carrie-anne-moss-set-to-return/amp
  2. spengler

    LFCC 2019 - An appreciation.

    I'd rather not have an extra charge added to photo opps for 'free' digital prints, however I would be very happy to pay the £5 for one of my photos should one get damaged, or I need a reprint. I think many people just scan their photos as a backup anyway.
  3. spengler

    Guests you missed this year

    It was an emotional experience of a meet, just the sheer great strength after what Val has been through, to then fly to London to meet us all.
  4. spengler

    Showing friends and family

    Yeah thats one i get quite a lot. My response is compare a photo of how old you were when that film first came out, to how you look now. Usually gets a laugh and a defeated "point well made"
  5. spengler

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    Is it the titanic pose or is John about lift you a la ballet stylee?
  6. spengler

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    Great pics @wjbleming
  7. Yeah great read. One day I'll not be so shy and say hello to some of you guys on here.
  8. spengler

    Showing friends and family

    Yeah sometimes the yawns/glazed over looks come out .
  9. Thats a real nice print. Was that one you designed yourself?
  10. spengler

    Val Kilmer Appreciation Thread

    I grabbed a high vq in the morning on Saturday, really high number. By 5.30 (i think, time had blurred by this point) it was a very small open queue. I got an auto. I dont think I've ever felt so emotional getting an auto, what a fantastic guy after what he has been through, to come over and meet us all. Full respect.
  11. spengler

    Day Two

    Only there yesterday. Enjoy today.
  12. spengler

    Day Two

    Absolutely great day Saturday, thanks SM. Even saw a few from here (not to speak to) @wjbleming and @Matthew Bleming in the queue in the loading hall, and a few others around the venue. As usual, I was a bit too shy to say hello.
  13. If Barbara came on her own insistence, then good for her. If its obviously her wish then well done SM for respecting that.
  14. Same with Carrie-anne Moss.