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  1. spengler

    Guest Suggestions

    Franke Potente
  2. spengler

    General Chat

    Are notifications working ok for anyone? I dont seem to be getting any emails when new content is posted on the lfcc forum.
  3. spengler

    Friday 7PM dudes

    Dudes, so old school
  4. spengler

    Guest Suggestions

    Streets of Fire reunion. Diane Lane Willem Dafoe Michael Pare Rick Moranis etc.
  5. spengler

    Guest Suggestions

    Elisabeth Shue
  6. spengler

    Guest Suggestions

    Lethal Weapon series cast.
  7. We guessed right! My first time ever!!!!
  8. Good minds think alike
  9. spengler

    General Chat

  10. spengler

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Thats a lot of bums.
  11. spengler

    Carrie-Anne Moss appreciation post

    Matrix 4 in the pipeline https://www.thewrap.com/the-matrix-4-greenlit-with-keanu-reeves-and-carrie-anne-moss-set-to-return/amp
  12. spengler

    LFCC 2019 - An appreciation.

    I'd rather not have an extra charge added to photo opps for 'free' digital prints, however I would be very happy to pay the £5 for one of my photos should one get damaged, or I need a reprint. I think many people just scan their photos as a backup anyway.
  13. spengler

    Guests you missed this year

    It was an emotional experience of a meet, just the sheer great strength after what Val has been through, to then fly to London to meet us all.