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  1. Thats great!! The ones I've seen from other places, the plexi can be seen and the background of one side of the plexi looks a different shade to the other side.
  2. Would like to see a pic if anyones got one, interested how the plexiglass looks as not been to impressed by examples i've seen in the past.
  3. Just had an eventbrite upcoming event reminder email with my ticket for Ernie Hudson. Assume these are just carried over to next year?
  4. Some of the images (not all i must add) I've seen from where there has been plexiglass look right iffy. Almost like it's 2 photos stitched together.
  5. Saturdays sold out too. Did I miss a low ticket announcement anywhere? Seems a bit out of the blue otherwise.
  6. Hopefully eventbrite will be updated with the new dates for lfcc.
  7. Whats the VIP meet and greet involve? I'm guessing just a small group of you, or just yourself in a room or something?
  8. Well, one positive from this lockdown, I've finally took last summers photos out of the cupboard, and out of their collectors wallet and put them in my album
  9. Ernie's just announced he's cancelling all 2020 convention appearances. Fingers crossed SM can get him back in 2021!
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