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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Robert Englund. Paul Verhoeven.
  2. Tickets

    Entry tickets on sale tomorrow at 2pm according to post on twitter.
  3. Guidelines and Rules

    Thanks. Have forwarded the email for your attention.
  4. Guidelines and Rules

    Ok thanks QS. What's the email address please? I'll forward it to them for your attention.
  5. Guidelines and Rules

    Ok that makes sense why I didnt hear back from you. I replied a couple of times to the email you sent me (it came from that address).
  6. Guidelines and Rules

    Is this the correct email for contacting the mods please? forums@showmastersevents.com
  7. Guest Suggestions

    No i think its defo Keith Sutherland, assistant to directors of the He-man tv series
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Sandra Bullock. I would definately buy a diamond ring. Ahem, I mean diamond pass, diamond pass.
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Would be great if Linda Blair could come next year.
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Lauren Cohen
  11. I'll start. 1\ yes, absolutely
  12. Tried to do a poll but it wouldn't let me. Please join in the campaign by copying and pasting one of the answers below. Do you want Lea Thompson to appear at LFCC 2018 (subject to availability)? 1\ yes, absolutely. 2\ not for me but would be happy for others if Lea attended. 3\ sorry - I've been living in a bubble and have no idea who she is. 4\ no.
  13. Conversational Quotes

    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
  14. Guest Suggestions

    This is a MUST for LFCC 2018. Showmasters need to make this happen - so many people want Lea to come back!
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Rowan Atkinson. Robert Englund.