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  1. Digital JPEG idea.

    And then theres always the possibility of it then becoming a compulsory part of the photo price, shunting up the price, like what has happened 'elsewhere'.
  2. Guest interactions.

    Nick Castle was so cheerful and welcoming, but I have to say that every guest I met this year was warm, chatty and a pleasure to meet. Jack O'halleran was a real pleasure to meet too.
  3. Busy but moving. Constantly 20 or so in the queue. They didnt have vq at the start of the day.
  4. Was very busy earlier. Not sure about now. He was late getting here. Its pretty packed over the general area where he is.
  5. Peter Weller Auto Problem

    Didnt ask extra for me.
  6. Yes its moved to 1pm
  7. Awesome. Thanks for the info and glad you enjoyed it! Did you meet Lance and Catherine also?
  8. Post your LFCC photos here.

    Search for #lfcc
  9. Lets hope so. Anyone there today where abouts is Nick sitting please? (appreciate this can change for the rest of the weekend)
  10. No thats why i'm asking. Hopefully he is. Last year Tobe Hooper wasnt but then they changed it because the queues were big
  11. Olympia Entrances and door access

    Gold pass entrance or standard?
  12. Pass Pickup Times

    Sorry, tongue in cheek.