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  1. Oooo I have been wanting to meet him for ages and for such a cheap price!
  2. Oooo I was really hoping she would get announced!
  3. Ive always wanted to meet George and that double photoshoot is a MUST have!!
  4. I love Tony, met him a few times and always a super nice guy
  5. I think that make up shoot is 100% happening! And in the boiler room too! Thats beyond cool!!
  6. I didnt realise she was also in The Witcher that means I gotta meet her now
  7. That is great news for me, it was obvs the July event was going to get cancelled but the fact they got almost all the guests back is great! I was worried that I was going to miss out. Got a spring im my step today and I cannot wait till November now!
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