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  1. So with Josh now fighting 2 weeks after Collectormania im guessing a cancellation is any day now
  2. Serscottypoo

    Latest Guest Announcement - JASON ISAACS

    I met him at DST and he signed my Potter and Discovery posters and he was such a cool guy i got to have a chat with him he was so lovely!!
  3. Serscottypoo

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICE EVE

    I didnt realise she was Mary from Iron Fist as well ill get her to sign my Iron Fist poster as well then
  4. I met them in Birmingham last year and they were so nice and chatty!!
  5. Met him at LFCC a few years back and he signed my autograph 'I've seen things you people would never believe' its my fave autograph!
  6. Serscottypoo


    Thats a big announcememt for me!!
  7. Serscottypoo

    Latest Guest Announcement - JENNA COLEMAN

    Fantastic price and genuinly shocked she isnt a diamond guest will be booking here straight away!!