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  1. Ive been wanting to meet Harry for so long now loves him in Thrones and his Dr Who episode is one of my faves
  2. I met him last time but House of the Dragon was so good I gotta meet him again!
  3. Thats how I read it and Ill be gutted to be fair as I like collecting the dog tags and I even displaying them with my autographs and photos
  4. I would say from meeting Shatner in previous years he is such a fast signer he gets to VQ early and even seen him go to open ques by the afternoon
  5. Im gutted but I hope he gets better soon and we can meet him in the future
  6. Wow an actor that has such a long list of amazing projects! But cant wait to get him to sign my Hobbit poster
  7. Such an amazing guest! Thats my headliner right there
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