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  1. Phew! Just got the Friday one instead! It means I'm going to be extra busy on the Friday now but will also give me Sunday for a rest! :-)
  2. He's there now, thanks Showmasters! Typical Section 31... messing with time! ;-)
  3. Sorry if this is a silly question but do you still need to get VQ tickets for the free talks? I haven't done any of the free talks at LFCC for a few years and I seem to recall you used to have to get VQ tickets for the free ones... is that the still the case? I want to do the Lucy Davis talk. :-)
  4. She was an instant Diamond Pass for me! Must admit, I never expected to see her at one of these! Nice one, Showmasters! :-)
  5. I couldn't find a guest suggestion thread for 2019 so hopefully it's ok for me to start one... May I suggest Michelle Yeoh as a guest? That would be fantastic, amazing and awesome! I was a fan of her before she joined the Star Trek universe but now that she is not one but two Trek characters - twice the reason that it would be great to see her at DST (or indeed any other Showmasters event - she'd be a Diamond Pass for certain for me!)! In addition (yeah, there's more!) I'm really hoping to see more Discovery guests. I didn't get to meet them all last year and, of course, there are ne
  6. Timothy Dalton please! He'd be a James Bond guest (of course!) but also a Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful, Doom Patrol, Rocketeer guest... plus he's Mr. Pricklepants from Toy Story!! :-D
  7. That would be a definite diamond pass for me (Diamond Passes Are Forever? Couldn't resist...)... Licence To Kill is one of my favourite Bond movies of all time. Plus, if I get a picture with him he can say "watch the birdy you..." - I'm sure you know the rest of THAT quote! ;-)
  8. Nice! :-) I could have met Roger Moore a few years ago as he came to my town but my mum was taken ill that day so had to skip it - obviously her health was more important but I'm still sad about missing him. Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet other Bonds!
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