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3 minutes ago, Raylenth said:

Creepy stalker talk there Mario :D

Really? I was just trying to point out the contrast between Yara's hard, tough personality and looks, and how sweet Gemma is in person...
*looks left*
*looks right*

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I met Gemma on the Sunday morning!  I'm quite a shy person, so I was a bit nervous.  Gemma is a really sweet person, though, so she made me feel at ease.  We had a nice little chat about Game of Thrones!  She's a really nice person! :smile:

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8 minutes ago, Broo said:

I didn't get to meet her this year but I adore her on GoT so I'm hoping she'll come again!

I adore Yara on Game of Thrones, too!  I definately recommend meeting her.  Gemma is a really sweet person!  I know she has been quite a few times before, so hopefully she will come again! :smile:

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