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  1. I talk to evangeline lilly now and then on social media and she told me once she'd love to come to a UK con She'd be busy this summer due to filming quantumania but she'll probably be available after that
  2. I wish I met dominic monaghan as he attended in 2016, so I hope he comes back one day!
  3. I wish I met him in 2016 when he was at LFCC so I hope he comes again one day!
  4. How about Paul rudd and evangeline lilly? They'd be too busy to go to the summer one as they'll be filming quantumania but they should be finished by winter!
  5. It would be cool to meet elijah Wood and Sean astin etc Also dominic monaghan was there at 2016 so it'd be great to have him back!
  6. So I had the opportunity to meet him a few years ago but I couldn't due to personal/health reasons and I've been gutted ever since It would be a dream come true to meet him especially after watching the Falcon and the winter soldier!
  7. Dominic monaghan, I believe he attended in 2016
  8. Anthony mackie please! I wasn't able to meet him in 2017
  9. i desperately want to meet anthony mackie, i had a opportunity to meet him in 2017 but i couldn't due to personal/health reasons so i've been gutted since, PLEASE have him as a guest showmasters i'll pay whatever lol I just really want to meet him!
  10. billie piper david tennant freema agyeman karen gillan catherine tate, michelle gomez and jeremy renner (want to meet them again!) paul rudd evangeline lilly tom holland krysten ritter pom klementieff gwendoline christie richard madden
  11. gwendoline christie gal gadot evangeline lilly pom klemetieff karen gillan billie piper david tennant dominic monaghan (i really wish i met him when he was at LFCC 2016!) chris evans tom holland krysten ritter charlie cox bradley walsh sebastian stan and catherine tate (met them already but would love to meet them again!) anthony mackie alex kingston elijah wood tessa thompson
  12. lena heady, carice van houten and gwendoline christie from game of thrones tom holland, evangeline lilly, paul rudd, pom klementieff, anthony mackie, karen gillan, krysten ritter, runaways cast from marvel david tennant and billie piper from doctor who
  13. Mcu stars please Evangeline lilly Pom klementieff Karen gillan Anthony mackie Tom holland It'd great to meet Jeremy renner again All do a lot of cons
  14. Karen gillan Evangeline lilly Anthony mackie Pom klementieff Runaways cast Krysten ritter Tom holland Rachael taylor Would love to meet Jeremy renner again
  15. tom holland jeremy renner (i would love to meet him again!) evangeline lily pom klementieff karen gillan billie piper david tennant freema agyeman anthony mackie
  16. gwendoline christie billie piper david tennant tom holland karen gillan pom klementieff krysten ritter runaways cast evangeline lilly jeremy renner again lena heady richard madden
  17. gal gadot tom holland jeremy renner, benedict cuberbatch and catherine tate (would love to meet them again!) billie piper david tennant evangeline lilly krysten ritter runaways cast karen gillan pom klementieff richard madden gwendoline christie sebastian stan chris hemsworth chris evans paul rudd
  18. i second gwendoline christie! i really want mcu stars! the ones that do comic cons the most are: karen gillan pom klementieff tom holland evangeline lilly chris evans sebastian stan krysten ritter runaways cast i would love to meet these! i've only booked 3 people so far (which is low compare to previous years) so i hope more guests are announced
  19. a lot of marvel actors (like evangeline lilly, sebastian stan and pom klementieff) are doing lots of cons this year so hopefully they can come to london, i would also love to meet karen gillan!
  20. loving marvel's runaways atm, would love to meet some of the cast!
  21. i would love to meet gwendoline christie and some mcu stars like: karen gillan chris evans sebastian stan pom klementieff paul rudd evangeline lilly tom holland jessica jones cast runaways cast
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