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  1. Done it. I'm so excited, thank you Showmasters. Dream come true for me.
  2. Showmasters, there's too many amazing guests, what are we going to do?
  3. Missed him the past few years! Can't wait to meet him this year!
  4. Very excited! Another awesome meet to look forward to!
  5. This! Would love to see Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof. Charisma Carpenter too!
  6. Random question. How much were last year's gold passes? Thanks folks!
  7. Hi there, Did anyone find a stack of photo shoot photos at the convention? It would of been: 2x David Tennant w/Tardis 2x Christopher Eccleston shoots 2x Matt Smith shoots 1x Ray Park Shoot There was a photo of me with the guests and a photo of my fiancee with the guests except for Ray Park who I only got the single shoot with. He's pointing at my Darth Maul tattoo in the photo! Thanks guys and girls.
  8. Look forward to seeing you at the Spring convention! Best wishes.
  9. Very pleased with this! SM you are spoiling us this year, thanks!!
  10. Septimus - Stardust...Just saying. DP TO BE PURCHASED IMMEDIATELY!
  11. There's a few on eBay, and I have seen them floating in price between £25-£50! With this annoucment though I would expect to see the prices go up! Funko sellers are VERY aware of signings and stuff.
  12. We are happy with the implication we have earned a gold star each! Haha.
  13. My Fiancee and I have just bought our first ever diamond passes and our entry tickets! We're so excited! See you all at London!
  14. Yep! My partner and I have bought a DP each and have just bought a Dark Elf Pop and the Ninth Doctor with banana Pop!
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