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  1. MarioVl

    TV shows watched in 2019

    I am a huge fan of the original comics, so I guess seeing the characters come to life and interact was good enough for me. The pacing of season 1 is a bit too slow though. It seems to have picked up in season 2, but it's probably too late for the audience they lost. Netflix regional differences are weird. In my home country I'm fairly sure they showed The Good Place season 3 as soon as it started airing in the US. But we have to wait for ages for some other stuff, or never get it at all.
  2. MarioVl

    TV shows watched in 2019

    I've been rewatching 'Allo 'Allo on and off, just finished Series 3. It's as brilliant as I remembered from way back! I am enjoying The Gifted season 2, but I do like superhero stuff beyond reason. I am also watching, and liking a lot, season 2 of Runaways. Also making up for lost time on The Good Place, currently midway through season 2. It's fantastic! A couple years ago a group of friends started to watch Star Trek from the beginning: two episodes per week, with a Facebook group to comment on what we've seen. It's a great way to watch, particularly if you feel The Original Series looks and feels too dated - someone always points out the cool stuff to watch out for. We are currently about to finish season 6 of The Next Generation.
  3. MarioVl

    Who are you meeting!?

    I got an entry ticket and a photoshoot for Christmas, so I'll definitely be attending! Very excited to meet: Charles Dance (this was my gift) John Simm Lucy Davis Tala Ashe Jes Macallan Probably more depending on funds and schedule.
  4. MarioVl

    Guest Suggestions

    Oh right! That would make for a fun photoshoot. Let's find an inflatable pig...
  5. MarioVl

    General Chat

    Oh ok
  6. MarioVl

    General Chat

    Cool!! Will you post a pic when you assemble it?
  7. MarioVl

    Guest Suggestions

    Kim Cattrall would of course be a particularly good fit for the event, having been in Star Trek and Big Trouble in Little China. And Cynthia Nixon has also guest starred in a couple TV shows that I really enjoy: The Big C and Hannibal. So, yes please!!
  8. MarioVl

    Guest Suggestions

    I haven't seen Deadwood, but I'd love to meet most of these people for other stuff. Which highlights what great guests they'd be! On a related note, Deadwood seems to be filled with some of my favourite actors. I should start watching some day.
  9. MarioVl

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes please! And also Cara Gee Chad Coleman - also for The Walking Dead Elizabeth Mitchell - also for Lost!!
  10. MarioVl

    Guest Suggestions

    I think I see a theme here :) I had no idea Rebecca Romijn had voiced Lois. Cool! Meeting any of them would be awesome! How about Dana Delany to complete the set? She's also been in Battlestar Galactica, and Light Sleeper which is one of my favourite movies ever ^^
  11. MarioVl

    (Just for fun) Dream guest that has passed away

    I just saw an episode of Star Trek Next Generation with Lwaxana Troi in it, that made me think what an amazing person Majel Barrett must have been and how cool it would have been to meet her.
  12. MarioVl

    General Chat

    Oooh, !
  13. Nice job! The description of your joy was lovely, particularly the part about Davison and your Who fandom. Welcome to the addiction club!
  14. MarioVl

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Thanks! I did wonder which one of the Kaylees might be you