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  1. Are you famous for a role in a science fiction movie or TV show?
  2. When you said "linked" to your obessions, I automatically thought of castmates, not someone who has played the same role. Nicely done!
  3. Are you one of the actors that Raylenth is famously obsessed with?
  4. Did you Google "was fat, now isn't" and it showed you Kevin? Wow, Google's algorithms get more and more impressive every day
  5. We have a winner! i was tempted to mention that, although he wasn't puppetized in Team America, he loves to claim being friends with someone who was (Damon). But I thought I'd reserve that as a clue for a later stage, in order to drag this out make it more fun. But it wasn't needed :) By the way, the ensemble award was for The ArSheerio Paul Show, whatever that is. He and Jason Mewes also won the Dirtiest Mouth Moment at the MTV Awards, which is not for behind the camera work, but also not quite for acting, I guess.
  6. No, something far more obscure (at least I had never heard about it). Nate sounds like he's on the right track. Yes!
  7. No. That is usually a trait of superhero comic book characters, so I would love it, but no.
  8. I indeed had to check No. I have won a bunch of awards for my work behind the camera, and one ensemble cast award for a comedy show. But no real acting awards. (I shouldn't give so much info, but yes / no answers are boring. And I feel you lot could use a clue or two.)
  9. Sadly no, that would have been awesome. I'm not quite that mainstream famous.
  10. No, questions about anything other than my identity do not count against the question allowance. I am not known for playing a superhero, although I've kinda sorta played one. 10 questions left.
  11. I forgot most of the English formal grammar rules that I've ever known, but I'm fairly sure that the use of the verb before the subject makes it a question. There's bending the rules, and there's breaking them. I have unilaterally decided that the former question was allowed, but this one will not. I was tempted to remind you guys that you should ask more questions. But you seem to be the kind of people for whom quibbling over the rules is more fun than actually playing the game. And so am I. So, carry on.
  12. On second thought, I'll count it as one question and my answer is: I am known mostly because of my film work, although I have on occasion been a part of TV projects.
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