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  1. MarioVl

    General Chat

    Warning, mild spoilers! Well... similar to most of the show's cast, he's a bad fit for the typical version of Lex we all have in our heads, but he's really ok for the version they have chosen to write. Also, an important difference, we see a side of Lex we're not used to. Even in the opening scene, he probably allows himself to show his sister a part of him that he doesn't let anyone else see. And for the rest of the episode he's dying. I guess that justifies a... more emotional Luthor than usual. I'm not a fan of the beard, but other than that, cautious approval from me.
  2. MarioVl

    General Chat

    This is from LFCC 2014. I cannot be sure but I suspect Finn himself did it.
  3. MarioVl

    General Chat

    So, your problem with trailers is that they don't represent what you'll get when you see the movie? That's interesting, because my problem with them (and I naively believed this was a universal thing) is that they reveal way too much, so when you get to see the actual movie all the cool stuf has been spoiled for you. That is part of what has us all so worked up with the Endgame trailer - they have made an actual effort to make the movie look exciting (like it needs any help!) without revealing anything crucial. Kevin Feige has actually stated that all the promotional material is taken from the first 15 minutes of the movie, so we can watch it all and be relatively spoiler free. Then again, Infinity War dropped a very big bomb in the first 5 minutes, so you never know...
  4. MarioVl


    In the past I've been to: - London Visitors Hotel. Cheap, decent for the price, and unbeatable location - one block away from the bridge over the Olympia train line. I think it does not allow booking for less than 5 nights in a row, it may be a good option if you plan on staying in London a few extra days. - Holland Inn. Similar to London Visitors, a bit more expensive but more flexible with reservations. - Abercorn House. It's more a hostel, but like Kurdamoni said, it's cheap and clean, and location is also nice - near Hammersmith tube station, 15 minute walk from Olympia.
  5. MarioVl

    What did you get signed?

    I got mostly 8x10 from the guest tables, the great part were my interactions with them. I wish I could tell you about my awesome interaction with Jes Macallan and the personalization that came out of it, but it would break forum rules. So um, look elsewhere. I did get one special item signed, but it wasn't for me. My friend Montse is a member of Archivo 007 - the Spanish Bond fan club, and she wanted something very special to get signed by George: she tracked down a copy of the same issue of Playboy that Bond is reading in a scene from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I did hope to get a bigger reaction from George, but I guess at this point in his life he's seen it all
  6. MarioVl

    Post ya Photos..

    Here is my full gallery: https://www.facebook.com/mariovillarl/media_set?set=a.10217598323901136&type=3 Some highlights are: Robert Englund never disappoints. I needed something fun for the Legends of Tomorrow girls, so I bought a Beebo from Etsy. Their reactions to it were... diverse, but either way it was a roaring success! Queue-accurate cosplayers: Diana Prince is from Lucy Davis' photoshoot, and the Legends girls from Jes Macallan's.
  7. MarioVl

    Films watched in 2019

    Put me in the "loved Captain Marvel" list! Particularly the opening studio logo and the cameo. Also the character, the actors, the main twist in the story, and pretty much everything!
  8. MarioVl

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Last year Jason walked around the convention on several occasions, blasting rock from his phone, and a lot of fans followed him for no other reason than the pleasure of being near him and the collective fun of being part of it. His agent looked shocked This is clearly not a scheduled part of the event, so don't count on it, but maybe you'll get lucky!
  9. MarioVl

    Post ya Photos..

    Some very cool photos @Chris1970 ! Did Robert have that Willie photo on his table, or did you bring your own? I didn't see one but maybe I missed it.
  10. MarioVl

    General Chat

    Only because she knew you love that.
  11. MarioVl

    General Chat

    Yes!! Everyone was great, but I want to add another special mention for the photographer at photo B. She cheered on everyone's pose choices with appropiate compliments like "badass", "adorable", etc. I thought that was great and added to the very nice atmosphere ^^
  12. MarioVl

    TV shows watched in 2019

    True Detective season 3 is definitely an improvement over season 2. Not as strong as season 1, but then again, probably nothing ever will be. Mahershala Ali's acting and aging makeup are astonishing.
  13. MarioVl

    General Chat

    @The_batflash123 nice photos! The ones with Jack Gleeson, Eddie Marsan and the Legends duo are awesome
  14. MarioVl

    Good show! Same again next year please.

    I agree! It was extremely enjoyable. Of course, the fact that I wanted to meet a good number of guests helps :) I guess it's a hard balance, getting quality guests and mantaining a smallish size, so I'm very pleased they found this sweet spot!
  15. MarioVl

    Guest Cancellation - Charles Dance

    He was one of my main reasons to go to LCC Spring Oh well, plenty of other great guests to choose from. And, the fact that such a good actor keeps getting work is nothing but good news!