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  1. Midnight

    Answers to FAQ

    last i looked Zachary wasn't on the schedule for friday. its not been updated since he changed days has it "last updated 10/7 he changed days 2 days later. and hes the key.
  2. Midnight

    Answers to FAQ

    is there anyway to find a rough time for photoshoots so I can book passage back to Yorkshire.
  3. Midnight

    Guest suggestions.

    James Frain and Mia Kirshner
  4. Midnight

    All Things Cosplay

    currently its a coin toss between a Shadowhunter and a Specialist from the Discovery. i would love to cosplay a Greyjoy but I have neither the money nor the skill
  5. looking along the photos for friday and I come to the person i'm looking for, only his doesn't look like everyone elses. where Shazad is listed it says "Photo Session with collectors book" now. i'm sure the collectors book is an awesome idea, but i don't get why Shazads is the only one listed with it? and does this book add anything to the photoshoot price? Does anyone know?
  6. Midnight

    Guest Suggestions

    Anna Hopkins Grant Bowler Jesse Rath Stephanie Leonidas Graham Greene
  7. Midnight

    Night Parties

    Is it possible to buy tickets to the parties separate from the entry tickets or do you have to have package tickets to attend the parties?
  8. Midnight

    Latest Guest Announcement - ETHAN PECK

    yes! all the yes! you guys rock!
  9. Thank you guys, for the early morning heart attack! Vorch-dog-baghk, Ash Tyler
  10. Midnight

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    ah, right. lol. i've been there. cheers.
  11. Midnight

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    have i missread. sorry. i saw this "A new forum will be coming soon meanwhile tickets are on sale now! eventbrite.co.uk/e/destination-…"
  12. Ethan Peck, Michelle Yeoh, Alan Van Sprang or Shazad Latif pls
  13. Midnight

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    so what happened to this other forum?
  14. Midnight

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANSON MOUNT

    Ok! now things just got real