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  1. oh i usually pic really random things. and had stuff set up. then like 4 of my friends want his auto all SH fans lol
  2. yay, cheers for responding I do have a few self printed prints like Chris1970 but given the option i prefer professionally do
  3. just wondering if there could be Alan Van Sprang pics from Shadowhunters
  4. cheers...i'll go digging round here, i've still got a few days. I never know how to judge if a role is 'big' or not. but 9/10 what i think is, isn't
  5. i remember last year where, theres no photos at the guests desks you have to go to one of the sales tables. what I can't remember is if its just their trek work thats available. Say you were there to meet a guest for something else they'd done..how likely is it the photo desk would have pics?
  6. whats the earliest photoshoot time for Saturday and sunday? my train times now have me worried.
  7. now all we need is the amended timetable and next weekend will be perfect
  8. James Frain Mary Wiseman Mia Kirshner Anthony Rapp Wilson Cruz Patrick Kwok-Choon Emily Coutts
  9. The October Man by Ben Aaronovich
  10. really earning my "expert at stupid questions." title this con lol
  11. ok so.. day pass enters on place and yalc another. what if you've a day yalc pass?
  12. Is there a rough idea of who would be willing to do selfies and who wouldn't? believe me, I am well aware I should really know this stuff by now, but its not my normal thing.
  13. last i looked Zachary wasn't on the schedule for friday. its not been updated since he changed days has it "last updated 10/7 he changed days 2 days later. and hes the key.
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