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  1. The Stolen Heir by Holly Black - just got it today
  2. I've now been told their gonna limit her auto to diamond pass only. I don't like all this Chinese whispers stuff
  3. what are the chances that people with normal tickets will get her auto?
  4. Please tell me more Cloak Rooms will be open this time, for people coming from outside of London, I know its a pain but its needed. Last time I attended LFCC the staff /Stewards pointed me to 4 different cloak rooms that turned out to all be closed, and when I told people they just shrugged. In the end I was almost late for a very important very expensive photo running to the only one open at the other end of the building.
  5. i'm trying to figure out what the best time to get there is. i've only ever done 1 LFCC to speak of. do wish Peter Wingfield still did conventions but I am happy with Adrian
  6. Freya Allan Anya ChalotraMimi NdiweniEamon FarrenMyAnna BuringAnna ShafferJoey BateyMecia SimsonMichael Vlamis Nathan ParsonsLily Cowles Tyler Blackburn Michael Trevino
  7. ignore this i posted in the wrong thread
  8. for thos who want to buy autos but cant make it to London?
  9. the price of a decent Raktajino mug?
  10. Anthony Rapp Wilson Cruz David Adjala Alan Van Sprang Shazad Latif Michelle Yeoh Harry Treadaway Peyton List.
  11. due to a reply from an actor regarding November, its going around that SM are likely to cancel july or make it UK actors only.. whats everyones thoughts?
  12. waiting on a few. but the most recent is Ronen Rubinstein from 9-1-1 Lone Star
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