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  1. I just finished playing Detroit: Become Human and... Bryan Dechart please! :)
  2. I also thought For all mankind was excellent and would like to meet some of the cast, especially Michael Dorman!
  3. I would love to have more voice actors, especially from Life is strange, Star Wars Rebels and Avatar/Legend of Korra :)
  4. Ok, I give up. Could someone remind me how to insert photos from Imgir please ^^?
  5. Alright, I could see the photos in the post but when I published, they didn’t follow ^^
  6. All the guests I met this year were brilliant, even the bigger and busier guests were very engaging and friendly :) I met Iwan Rheon and Aidan Turner with a Diamond Pass, they both seemed like nice guys but I thought being there only one day, it might be rushed. But they were both lovely, chatty and personalising autographs. I got two autographs from Iwan Rheon, one from Game of Thrones with my name and one from Vicious, the DVD cover. I told him he didn’t need to put my name on that one, he said “Alright, but which one am I though? This one?” (Pointing at Ian McKellen) ^^. The photo sess
  7. Mine is the same, a bit worried. The main name at the top of the ticket is David Tennant. But at the bottom where it says the batch number, it says Peter Davison batch 2 David Tennant batch 2. Is that ok?
  8. I was thinking about buying a photo op with her, decision made for me then..
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