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  1. Guest Suggestions

    I agree with you 100%, Mario. Wonderful actor. And that voice!
  2. What guests do you want to see next year?

    What about Anson Mount? Unforgettable Cullen Bohannon in Hell on wheels and he's going to be in Inhumans soon.
  3. Phil LaMarr Appreciation Thread

    He was very approachable and very friendly :-). We stopped at his table on Friday and my boyfriend got a Futurama autograph, there were no Star Wars Rebels images so I told him I will try to find something and come back Saturday or Sunday. He told me he would try to get some Bail Organa images too. I came back on Sunday with a sketch from a comic artist and he signed it for me with a quote, I love it. But he also managed to get some Bail Organa images, which was nice of him.
  4. Hotels near Olympia

    I think it depends which room you get, we were always lucky, not on the street side :-). You can hear noisy neighbours on the corridor sometimes, but once they are in their room, it's ok. It's definitely not the best hotel you will stay in (not the worst either), but it's alright for the price and what we use it for (shower and sleep). I prefer to use the money for autographs and photos!
  5. Crew Appreciation Thread

    Most of the volunteers were very friendly and very efficient :-). Special thanks to the French girl organising Dave Prowse autograph queue on Friday morning (very chatty and very nice), the dark-haired girl who held my phone during the Sean Biggerstaff photo op on Saturday (I forgot to leave it with my boyfriend and didn't have any pockets) and the guy at Mads Mikkelsen photo shoot on Sunday morning (very efficient and very nice even though it was busy, called in batches properly, kept people outside white lines, etc).
  6. Cosplay Appreciation Thread

    Always a highlight of the con to see what the cosplayers come up with :-) Kaecilius and the Ancient One were great! I also loved the comic con guest cosplay, it was so original! Another original one I saw was Samara from The Ring when she's crawling out of the television. And a special shout-out to Star Wars cosplayers, what a friendly bunch! We cosplayed as Star Wars characters on Sunday, and all the Star Wars cosplayers were saying hi or interacting with us.
  7. Finn Jones Appreciation! :)

    He's a great guy! I met him in Bournemouth Film and Comic Con a while ago and he was very chatty and super friendly. I remembered he talked to me about his holiday in France. I didn't meet him this year but I saw him while queueing for Jessica Henwick's autograph, and it was nice to see that even though he was way busier than before, he was still the same lovely engaging guest! :-)
  8. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Aneurin Barnard (The White Queen, War and Peace, Dunkirk)
  9. As always, love to read your con reviews :-)
  10. Hotels near Olympia

    I stayed at Hotel 65 for the third time, it's a short walk from the Olympia and is quite cheap. We pay 300£ for 3 people and 3 nights. It's not the best hotel but it's decent, more than enough to have a shower and sleep :-)
  11. Who did everyone meet?

    Pilou Asbæk : Auto and photo Alan Tudyk : Auto and photo Valene Kane : Auto and photo Mads Mikkelsen : Auto and photo (second time, he is one of my favourite actors) Michael Madsen : Auto and photo Jessica Henwick : Auto and photo (second time, wanted to get Poe Dameron comics signed and I didn't have a photo with her) Dave Prowse : Auto (second time, also for a Poe Dameron comic, I already had a photo with him) Phil LaMarr : Auto Mark Williams : Photo Benedict Wong : Photo Emily Kinney : Photo David Morrissey : Photo (second time, didn't like my first photo with him) Alistair Petrie : Photo Jeremy Bulloch : Photo
  12. Valene Kane Appreciation Thread

    Nice to read about your experiences, guys! Yes, it's a great autograph. It's my favourite from this year (with Alan Tudyk's). She seems to have done/to be doing a few Showmasters events, so I'm sure you can do that soon :-)
  13. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Jack Lowden (War and Peace, Dunkirk) would be nice!
  14. I kept a rough Diary at LFCC

    I remember you, I liked your cosplay :-). Unfortunately the camera on my phone is broken and I couldn't ask for a picture. Nice read too, always interesting to read about other people's experiences.
  15. Hi guys :-), Did you meet Valene Kane? How was your experience with her? She was one of the highlights of my week-end. First I met her for her solo photo shoot on Saturday, she was lovely and engaging. Saying hi to everyone, asking for our names. I really felt welcome. On the Sunday, I got an autograph and thought she was very friendly and interested in what you had to say. We had a chat about The Fall and her heartbreaking scene, I told her it was brilliant acting and really hard to watch. She thanked me and said it meant a lot to her. We also talked about Lyra Erso and the book Catalyst, I told her all my friends cried at the end of Rogue One but I also cried at the beginning. We agreed that Lyra is a great character and that it is too bad she has so little screen time. I really enjoyed the experience as I talked a few minutes with her, and she was responsive and genuine. I also love the autograph, she took her time to do it and it is very personalised. My last interaction with her was Sunday afternoon for the duo with Mads Mikkelsen, she actually remembered my name, I was really surprised and I told her that I was impressed by her memory. She was so nice I almost forgot one of my favourite actors was here (I'm joking, Mads Mikkelsen is a great guest too)! I really hope she comes back :-)