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  1. I just finished playing Detroit: Become Human and... Bryan Dechart please! :)
  2. I also thought For all mankind was excellent and would like to meet some of the cast, especially Michael Dorman!
  3. I would love to have more voice actors, especially from Life is strange, Star Wars Rebels and Avatar/Legend of Korra :)
  4. Ok, I give up. Could someone remind me how to insert photos from Imgir please ^^?
  5. Alright, I could see the photos in the post but when I published, they didn’t follow ^^
  6. All the guests I met this year were brilliant, even the bigger and busier guests were very engaging and friendly :) I met Iwan Rheon and Aidan Turner with a Diamond Pass, they both seemed like nice guys but I thought being there only one day, it might be rushed. But they were both lovely, chatty and personalising autographs. I got two autographs from Iwan Rheon, one from Game of Thrones with my name and one from Vicious, the DVD cover. I told him he didn’t need to put my name on that one, he said “Alright, but which one am I though? This one?” (Pointing at Ian McKellen) ^^. The photo session with Aidan Turner was fast as he came late in the morning, but he was so warm and smiling that it didn’t feel rushed at all. I only had photos with David Tennant and Matt Smith, both very busy shoots, but they were great. Having a few nice words for everyone and happy to do poses if you asked them. I asked David Tennant if we could do silly faces, he said sure and the photo is now my favourite comic con photo! The Wonder Woman actors, Eugene Brave Rock and Daid Taghmaoui, were really nice too. I had both autographs and photo shoots with them. Said Taghmaoui was super chatty and excited to be here (he told me it’s his first con). Ray Park was brilliant too, I wanted to meet him since a long time and he did not disappoint. I heard loads of good things about him and it was all true hehehe. I also enjoyed his martial arts demonstration on Saturday night! It was really cool and funny. I also went with my boyfriend and his brother when they got their Matthew Wood autographs. He was amazing! He was happy to talk and have table photos. He also put quotes from General Grievous and said the quote with the character voice! it was a great year!!!
  7. Mine is the same, a bit worried. The main name at the top of the ticket is David Tennant. But at the bottom where it says the batch number, it says Peter Davison batch 2 David Tennant batch 2. Is that ok?
  8. I was thinking about buying a photo op with her, decision made for me then..
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