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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - RUSTY GOFFE

    I really enjoyed his talk today. He's a funny guy
  2. I'm a little surprised that the talks are so short. Hopefully it'll be quality over quantity then
  3. Free Talks Announced for Glasgow

    I'm looking forward to the Aliens talk. One of my favourite movies ever :)
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - IAN BEATTIE

    Nice one, another signature for my poster :)
  5. Post your lfcc pics here!

    Same, that's why I bought a scanner after my first convention
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - VALENE KANE

    I met her at LFCC last weekend. She is such a nice person and she was a real pleasure to meet. I only had time for the autograph last time so I'll be hoping for picture this time around
  7. First time going

    Although it's a smaller event than LFCC, it feels much busier. All of the stalls are packed onto the ice-rink floor, so the crowd is very thick. I've never had any problems at all for photo shoots and autographs. There's only ever one photo area and it's well organised. The autographs are spread around the north side of the arena and on the upper floor. There's usually plenty of space in those zones. The talks are done on the seating areas that overlook the ice-rink, so the view of the guests is excellent. No one will be blocking your view and you'll be able to take photos. The best bit is that the arena is attached to the shopping mall, so plenty of choice for food and drink nearby.
  8. How much have people spent this year?

    £320 - flights and hotel £260 - gold pass £200 - spending money in London (food, drink etc...) £800 - approximately on photos and autographs. So about £1600 total. Worth every single penny though!
  9. 2018 anniversary movies

    25 Year Anniversary Sniper - Tom Berenger, Billy Zane Groundhog Day - Bill Murray, Andie McDowell Falling Down - Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall The Fugitive - Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford True Romance - too many stars to mention... Demolition Man - Wesley Snipes, Stallone, Bullock Tomestone - Kilmer, Russell, Elliott, Biehn, Zane
  10. How Do Guests Get Paid?

    Yeah, I figured. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  11. Fave moment of the convention?

    In no particular order for myself... meeting Benedict Cumberbatch meeting Mads Mikkelsen The Walking Dead commentary talk on Sunday evening the John Rhys-Davies talk... I could listen to him talking for hours the Tricia Helfer talk. I was seated just a few feet away in the front row. It felt amazing being so close.
  12. I'm curious how guests are paid for these types of events. I'm not curious how much they are paid or anything, but I'd love to know how it works. Do they earn a single appearance fee based on number of days or whatever? Do they earn a basic appearance fee then earn a type of commission on how many photos/autos they sell? Do they pay for their own flights and accommodation etc... I'm guessing it's different for each guest depending on their popularity.
  13. Missing Comicon

    Yeah, crashing back to reality on Monday is pretty hard to take. I take comfort in knowing I can do it all again next year
  14. 2018 anniversary movies

    I feel so old reading this list lol. There's some really great movies hitting anniversary numbers next year... can't wait to see what SM do with that
  15. Crew Appreciation Thread

    I know he's been mentioned already, but big shout out for the dude on Photo G (especially during the Pamela Anderson issue on Saturday). His crowd control was top notch. he kept people outside of the queue zone he controlled the crowd by shouting for a show of hands before allowing them to come forward. he often checked that people had the correct ticket type and batch number, reducing queue jumping. most of all, he was clear, loud and concise. Give that lad a red shirt lol...