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  1. DaveyMorgy

    Latest Guest Announcement - JES MACALLAN

    Excellent... another DC Legends guest :)
  2. DaveyMorgy

    Latest Guest Announcement - TALA ASHE

    Excellent... looking forward to meeting her :)
  3. I missed this announcement... nice one to add to the collection :)
  4. DaveyMorgy

    Latest Guest Announcement - MIKE CARTER

    Good guest... another to add to my collection
  5. DaveyMorgy

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN SIMM

    Diamond pass booked
  6. DaveyMorgy


    At last a Vikings guest... very happy bunny!
  7. Really nice bloke and very chatty when I met him at the Newcastle F&CC
  8. DaveyMorgy

    Guest Suggestions

    Cast members from Defiance :)
  9. DaveyMorgy


    Excellent... a few more Black Sails guests would be good too ;)
  10. DaveyMorgy

    Latest Guest Announcement- Kate Mulgrew

    Excellent... another to add to the list :)
  11. DaveyMorgy

    Wrong Name's Wround Up LFCC 2018

    I did see you in the queue to get in on the Friday, but you were too far away to chat... I was in the second line. Good read like last years... probably bump into you at the Spring LFCC.
  12. DaveyMorgy

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    Again he was a very friendly and nice man... I managed to get him with a VQ ticket of 115 around 12:15 today... very happy chappy :)
  13. DaveyMorgy

    Guest Cancellation - Val Kilmer

    That's a real shame... hopefully, get him back for Spring
  14. DaveyMorgy

    Guest Cancellation - Mary McDonnell

    That's a real shame... I hope she feels better soon! What it does do is solve the dilemma of whether to get a photo shoot or not.