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  1. Excellent... more Vikings guests would be great! :)
  2. Any cast members from the following: Vikings Black Sails Knightfall Outlander Killjoys
  3. On the plus side... a possible joint photo with Ming-Na Wen :)
  4. Well I wasn't going to be going on the Saturday.... but now talk ticket bought :)
  5. Billy Bones... another for my Black Sails collection :)
  6. So glad you managed to get him for the Spring event after the Winter event was cancelled :)
  7. Any cast members from: Vikings Black Sails Killjoys DC Legends
  8. Genevieve Gaunt was very chatty at her table and was pleased to see a number of people getting Knightfall photos to be signed. She was also doing selfies, which I often seem to forget to ask to have done, but I got one with her :)
  9. It's a shame about the Newcastle Cons... possibly one day they will be back. Luckily, I live down south, so I have the best of both worlds.
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