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  1. Guest suggestions

    I'd love to see some guests from Vikings, Black Sails, Dark Matter and Killjoys.
  2. London Film Fair

    Thanks for that, I've penciled in the other events for next year. I'm guessing they are a wee bit more relaxed than other Showmasters events?
  3. London Film Fair

    Sadly, I can't make this, but was wondering if its the same set-up as other Showmasters events where each guest has a selection of 10 x 8 photos to select from to get signed?
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Any cast members from Vikings, Dark Matter or Killjoys would be great!
  5. Excellent, my budget wouldn't stretch last time he was over.
  6. Wow.... a Diamond pass guest at Newcastle... looks like I'll be doing the long drive home for the weekend!
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Cast members from Vikings, Black Sails, Dark Matter and Killjoys would be good along with all the usual films/tv genres.
  8. Excellent... this could mean a trip back home for the weekend :)
  9. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Any cast members from Vikings, Black Sails, Dark Matter or Killjoys, as I haven't seen any from these series.
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - MATT LUCAS

    Great guest... I'll see if my budget will stretch
  11. That's a real shame... hopefully, you can get them both back soon! On the plus side it releases more funds for other guests.
  12. Guest Cancellation - INDIRA VARMA

    Another Saturday guest cancellation to help ease the mad rush! I hope she returns to a Showmaster event soon.

    That's a shame, I was looking forward to meeting him. Still, it frees up a wee bit of time on the Saturday.