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  1. last random hopeful stab in the dark guess: jennifer lawrence. a guy can dream, right?
  2. wasnt expecting it to be mareep. i was expecting another starter. #squirtlesquad
  3. funny thing was i didnt actually go to a meet up (like i usually do) i ended up going for a wander round the village where i live and along the river. it was EPIC! also managed to catch a wild lileep and extra feebas too
  4. hang on.. what about kenneth brannagh? helps potter fans and marvel fans (he directed thor) been around for donkeys years and has led in a lot of stuff
  5. QS how did you fair during the community day event on sunday? i managed to get 5 shiny bulbasaur! at the previous 2 community days i had managed 1 shiny from each event
  6. nice! ive had 2 so far. just hatched my first wynaut as well! pokedex edition!!!! (and from a 5km egg from before the easter event started)
  7. so..... while we wait.... anyone caught any good pokemon lately?
  8. if its a potter guest my wallet is going to scream at me....
  9. you know what sucks about the "big announcement" announcements; im always split between "OH MY GOD I HOPE ITS SOMEONE IM INTERESTED IN MEETING" and "I hope its not someone i want to meet so i can save some money for other guests who may be announced" either way i both win and lose at the same time!
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