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Latest Guest Announcement - TERENCE STAMP


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Latest Guest Announcement - Terence Stamp


Attending: Saturday


Autograph Price: £55


Photo Shoot Price: £55/£110 Superman Group


Dimond Pass Price: £170 (2xAutographs, 1xPhoto Shoot)








General Zod


Superman II
General Zod


Smallville (TV Series)


Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Chancellor Valorum





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I love you, this is an amazing guest announcement


My wallet loves you less though


edit - also there is a mention of a Superman group shot, that's intriguing

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Arghh I was planning on not going this year... as need cash and no time.


But Terrance! Urggh... I was in a film with him a few years ago for a few days on set, never got to kneel before him as I would gave been chucked off the film haha


Now maybe my chance......

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