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  1. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Ive rewatched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy over the last weekends I like the first one the best

    I’ve got group C so that’s tomorrow at work sorted working out all my timings .

    Yeah I’ve just seen it and very confused on the auto front! I’ve got a platinum ticket and assume we get our group number when we pick up tickets as I don’t remember choosing a group

    Yeah would be quite good if schedule was out soon as I like to plan my days and know what I’m doing. Also don’t think I’m going to be able to get there until 5.30 ish on Friday as got to work in the morning so keeping fingers crossed I won’t miss much in first hour as would like to check in first if possible
  5. Sherlocked UK 2017

    That's very exciting did he sign Sherlock stuff or was it just play related?
  6. Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    No I haven't - I really need to as would like to see it on the first day

    I'm not ready either - I need to decide if I want all autos on one item or if I'm going for separate Better get thinking

    Ooh that's really not long at all
  9. Guest Suggestions

    I'd like to meet the following Diego Luna Chris Hemsworth David Boreanaz Sarah Michelle Gellar Seth Green Holly Marie Combs Brian Krause Johnny Galecki David Tennant
  10. Hamlet Help!

    Martin Freeman and Benedict
  11. COUNTDOWN!!!

    Considering how long ago I booked my ticket it's really not very long at all now
  12. Hamlet Help!

    Have booked something to look forward to before Sherlocked
  13. Hamlet Help!

    Ooh thanks I missed seeing it originally so will watch this
  14. Sales Desk Queue Nightmare

    I wanted to buy a CL diamond pass and it said online sales had ended so I went to the sales desk to purchase as they were able to overide it. Usually if I decide to last minute buy I do use my phone but couldn't in this case.
  15. There were also non dealers getting more than 5 in some queues - they did have permission to get that many but I think they should have to queue twice when there is a long queue.