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  1. Last couple of days I’ve got John Simm, Rupert Graves, Jane Horrocks, David Suchet, Celia Imrie, Tracy Ann Oberman, Phil Davis, Gary Kemp, Colin Mcfarlane, Nicholas Woodeson and Ron Cook really enjoyed both plays that I saw
  2. Nice - I wasn’t planning on going next year but I’ve now changed my mind
  3. Loved reading great review and made me wished I could’ve attended all weekend instead of just one day
  4. I would love any of the following Diego Luna Noah Wyle Sarah Michelle Geller David Boreanaz James Marsters Hugh Laurie David Tennant Orlando Bloom Sean Bean Mark Strong Liv Tyler Nick Moran Michael Palin
  5. I’m not sure megaphones would help but would be helpful if there was something that could be done at the photo shoot areas as it is difficult to hear if at the back. Though it would also be helpful for the longer shoots if those with later batches were not all there at the start - maybe come half way through.
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