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  1. why do you never announce the guest cancellations on social media? Seems really unfair that attendees after find out 2nd and 3rd hand if somebody is not attending anymore
  2. This post is in a no way meant to be political but Larry Holt looks like a young Boris Johnson in that picture Onto the guest announcement though, I love when they get stuntman in there is always a wealth of films they have worked on, I noticed he worked on both Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Police Academy, so may get one or both of my posters signed by him.
  3. I had no idea they was married, learn something new every day. She would be a great guest, go nice with Alan Ruck
  4. I want to know about this too, based on events in previous years run by both, each event is just simply too big to be sharing the venue.
  5. who was in charge of gifts for the diamond passes? Because the cup you got featured a picture of Brandon Lee not Mark Dacascos I get they look similar but this is something that should have happened
  6. on Facebook they have just announced that Ian's price for auto has been reduced to £65.
  7. cool announcement. I remember you announced his last appearance in 2017 as his last UK appearance, so great to get another chance to meet him
  8. Stephanie Beatriz, she would be an absolutely awesome guest to get Alicia Silverstone would be a great guest oo Also token request for Maisie Williams, Karen Gillan and Krysten Ritter
  9. Maisie Williams Karen Gillan Krysten Ritter (I request them every year anyway)
  10. I'm here, what do you want?
  11. I know she as popped up at a couple of SM events just none I've ever attended but would love if Faye Marsay got added
  12. name still spelt wrong it's Akerman not Ackerman lol
  13. add me to the ones who have met him and thought he was very nice
  14. she's also in the movie Pride. Check it out if you haven't yet
  15. Would be great if you could get any of these three Matt Smith Benedict Cumberbatch Tom Holland
  16. seems destined not to happen, think this is her 3rd cancellation in a row, hope next time is lucky
  17. Was just thinking about him the other day in regards to LFCC, since he cancelled a few years back, wondering if they would ever get him back
  18. Great guest, got Scum and Quadrophenia posters that would look great with his signature on.
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