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  1. englishjim

    Guest Suggestions 2020

    Michael Keaton (Batman, Bettlejuice, Spiderman) - Will never happen I know. Erik Estrada & Larry Wilcox (Jon & Ponch from CHiPS) Patrick Stewart (Star Trek TNG, X-Men, Blunt Talk) John Landis Director of American Werewolf in London) Jenny Agutter (American Werewolf in London) Griffin Dunne (American Werewolf in London & After Hours) Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, DC Legends of Tomorrow) Rachel Luttrell (Stargate Atlantis) Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis) Nicolas Hammond (70's Spider-man on TV)
  2. englishjim

    LFCC 2019 - An appreciation.

    This year's Facebook posts have really improved, especially with video posts. Actually showing people where to collect their DP passes is a brilliant move as it gives a perfectly clear picture to all as to where to go. Can I suggest for next time one of the team does a video walk around from the front of the building (in front of the train station) to the entry gate H. I saw a few comments of people saying I don't know where to go or I'll get lost but a video post of the route to the gate would be helpful to a lot of people. With that aside, this year's con was perfect for me. All shoots spaced out perfectly, all autographs got & plenty of time in between for a cheeky purchase or 8! The more I go to these events the more I think about volunteering. Been going since 2007 & might enjoy seeing it from the other side of the table for a change.
  3. englishjim

    Guests you missed this year

    My photo shoot with Bob Gale was at 5.50pm on Sunday. I'm not normally still at the convention at this time but was amazed to see the place was almost empty and most guests were just sitting chatting with no one getting autographs, this included The Shining twins who were busy all day. From now on if things are not looking good I'll wait until the very end as that seems to be the best time. Even over the PA system they announced that Jason Momoa had a free table & no VQ was required!
  4. englishjim

    Guest Suggestions London Film Fair.

    Jenny Agutter
  5. Agree with this 100%. I met John Landis when he was here last but lost the photo of me and him together. Would love to have an American Werewolf reunion for 2019.
  6. englishjim

    Guest Suggestions

    Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Diamond Pass with joint photo shoot.
  7. englishjim

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    Is his beard stuck on as it looks fake? And what shoe polish does he use on his hair, Cherry Black?
  8. englishjim

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    He was awesome. Really friendly and gave some details on the new Halloween movie. His talk was good too.
  9. englishjim

    Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2018

    Jack O'Halloran has gone up too, from £15 to £20.
  10. englishjim

    Latest Guest Announcement - ZACHARY LEVI

    Thought he would have been a diamond pass.
  11. Cheers bud, will do. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  12. Quick question about my photo shoot ticket. I've just noticed my photo shoot ticket doesn't have a batch number on it, is this right as normally there is a batch number at the bottom of the ticket?
  13. I get you. So the higher price would be for things like a dart board. That's great, thanks for the reply.