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  1. My mind/wallet is telling me no. But my body's telling me yeeeeeeeeeees
  2. Do we know if the Sam Neill green screen shoot is included with the diamond pass? Thanks.
  3. 'Devil In Disguise' - Elvis song First actor who comes up having played Elvis? Kurt Russell. I feel it's unlikely but I shall do a prayer to Cthulhu anyway.
  4. Mi Amor. I would write a favourite Hound quote but they'll all get me banned.
  5. This is an awful year for me -guest cancellation wise. I'll be replacing them with gin.
  6. I'm going to selfishly pray to Cthulhu it's someone I love as 85% of my guests have cancelled. So yeah, Bruce Campbell please.
  7. Doug Jones is my main man. It'll be odd meeting him as I've spent the last year making many of his characters into sculptures. He seems like he'd be a gentle giant. <3
  8. Nice, hold on to your hats though, he took mine hostage last year A lovely cheeky chappy.
  9. Yeah Ah well, I'll have a miniature Wicker man bonfire or something.
  10. Great, now I own an antique wooden Jesus cross for no reason.
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