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  1. Was just thinking about him the other day in regards to LFCC, since he cancelled a few years back, wondering if they would ever get him back
  2. Great guest, got Scum and Quadrophenia posters that would look great with his signature on.
  3. Just ordered a poster for one of the Django films, will looked great signed by him
  4. dvdrob13


    I would probably guess yes, given it's his first con, and I think Inbetweeners is still popular enough with people that they will be many who want to meet up I guess it's one of those you won't know until the day though
  5. dvdrob13

    RIP Peter Mayhew

    While I didn't meet him at LFCC Spring, I briefly looked over to his queue and he seemed in good spirits when he was interacting with the fans, guess what I'm saying in a roundabout way my last memory of him is a positive one. R.I.P. Peter
  6. I like getting posters signed rather then a 10x8 on the desk, and it's pretty awesome I happen to already have a poster that I got given for free
  7. She was on my list of hopeful that you would get for this years LFCC Booked my first Diamond Pass of the years for LFCC. Such an awesome guest.
  8. Meet The Beano guys if you can. I met them at LFCC last year and they were all great. Even drawing sketches in my annual for me, a great experience.
  9. June... But I want an Oompa Loompa now!
  10. dvdrob13


    Love iZombie so excited by this news
  11. I got really lucky the end of the day with a VQ ticket in London so there is a chance, no matter if it's slim that will be gettable without a Diamond pass
  12. literally brought a 1989 Batman poster the other day, maybe it's a sign I should get him to sign it
  13. Awesome another name for my Time Bandits DVD cover
  14. dvdrob13

    Latest Guest Announcement - KARYN PARSONS

    Cool guest, was only thinking about her being a potential guest the other day, she is in the 1996 Gulliver's Travels with Ted Danson which is a project I started at LFCC with Richard Wilson, so she is somebody I'm planning to get a couple from.