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  1. dvdrob13


    I'm here, what do you want?
  2. dvdrob13

    Guest Suggestions

    I know she as popped up at a couple of SM events just none I've ever attended but would love if Faye Marsay got added
  3. Any film he did with Joe Dante really
  4. Best of all for me, he is in Gremlins 2
  5. dvdrob13


    name still spelt wrong it's Akerman not Ackerman lol
  6. dvdrob13


    really awesome unexpected announcement
  7. cool guest, difficult to decide what to get him to sign
  8. add me to the ones who have met him and thought he was very nice
  9. she's also in the movie Pride. Check it out if you haven't yet
  10. Also involved with the excellent Netflix series GLOW
  11. dvdrob13

    Guest Suggestions

    Would be great if you could get any of these three Matt Smith Benedict Cumberbatch Tom Holland
  12. dvdrob13

    Guest Cancellation - Katee Sackhoff

    seems destined not to happen, think this is her 3rd cancellation in a row, hope next time is lucky
  13. Was just thinking about him the other day in regards to LFCC, since he cancelled a few years back, wondering if they would ever get him back
  14. Great guest, got Scum and Quadrophenia posters that would look great with his signature on.
  15. Just ordered a poster for one of the Django films, will looked great signed by him