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  1. mrevil

    LFCC 2017 Floorplan

    no gold room this year
  2. mrevil

    LFCC 2017 Floorplan

    will we be able to pick our dimond pass the night before like last year
  3. why does it say in the shop £170 for the Dimond Pass
  4. mrevil

    Gold Pass Issues

    had a gold pass and lots of problems which shouldn't happened bad points and good point 1 not being let in early friday or saturday but did get sorted out sunday 2 having to que outside with no cover but standard was inside in the dry started raining saturday thank to security for letting us inside 3 loses of £10 pound photo shoot 1 day before the event got talk ticket for 2 diamond talks was told you could have the photo shoot if you want with £10 pound guest 4 great to pick up passes for gold and diamond passes thursday but need more staff if you do the same next year as it took 4 hours to get 1 gold and 1 diamond pass 5 show master staff didn't know what gold passes would allowed to do it happens every year 6 lot of space to look at the stalls down stairs please keep for next year and having all the guest and photo shoots all in the same areas was great 7 the goodie bags was for children was no good for me please bring back the autograph packs this year was a lot of problem i felt the gold pass holder was let down i remember when show master said if it wasn't for the people buying the gold pass the show could not attract the bigger guest please show master the gold pass need to be reviewed maybe having a 4 £10 POUND voucher for us to spend on autographs or photo shoots or talks other wise it was great to have more room moving around the gold room down stair had air con it was great meeting new guest and old guest again
  5. will we be able to pick up are vouchers for are gold pass i.e. the 2x £10 for photos and 2x£10 vouchers for autographs on the thursday and all extras for the diamond pass
  6. They get sent out as far as I'm aware thank you
  7. do the dimond passes get sent out or do you pick them up on the day
  8. was Robert Nairne in star wars the force awakens as on the imdb it says creature and droid puppeteer is that ture
  9. mrevil

    Guest Suggestions

    Please Showmaster can you get the Bounty Hunters Chris parsons star wars 4-lom Cathy Munroe Zucckuss Alan Harris Bossk Dickey Beer Boba fett Daniel Logan Boba Fett Temuera Morrison Jango fett Bill Hargreaves IG88
  10. mrevil

    Photo thread

    my photo all weekend Friday https://www.facebook.com/mrevil666999/posts/929135563812718?pnref=story Saturday https://www.facebook.com/mrevil666999/posts/929638350429106?pnref=story sunday https://www.facebook.com/mrevil666999/posts/930293467030261?pnref=story
  11. will gold passes be able to meet mr Paxton what a great guest
  12. Sorry, no. The only way to get an autograph is with the diamond pass. that a shame as I only want an autograph
  13. will gold pass holders be able to get an autograph
  14. will gold pass be able to get an autograph or do you need to buy a dimond pass as I only want a autograph
  15. mrevil

    Guest Cancellation - Ian Durrant

    thank you so much