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17 hours ago, dsmith said:

Great to see her on here, I'm a big fan of Blade runner, I've been suggesting her for ages and its fantastic that show masters have finally got her. All booked! Nice work guys! :thumbup:

I think this is her 2nd LFCC now, her first was around 2008 I think. Said she regretted turning down a role in The Piano. 



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  • 3 weeks later...

It was a pleasure to meet the legendary Sean Young today: it is not every day one gets the chance to meet a lead actress from a masterpiece of science fiction films. Her portrayal of Rachel in "Blade Runner" is perfect and timeless: an andriod thinking she is human, suffering the heartache of finding out she isn't human and then going on an uncertain journey (until the recent sequel) with Deckard as the ambigous ending Director's Cut and subsequent cuts of the film showed.

Thank you very much Sean for the autographs and for the picture!

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