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  1. stanstill

    Guest Suggestions

    LILI TAYLOR would be class. Amazing in Dogfight with River Phoenix, Arizona Dream with Johnny Depp, The Addiction and The Conjuring to name just a few!
  2. stanstill

    Guest Suggestions

    Firefly guests are always welcome: Nathan Fillion Summer Glau Gina Torres Adam Baldwin Morena Baccarin Jewel Staite Sean Maher Alan Tudyk Gotham guests
  3. Brilliant - iconic horror guests
  4. stanstill

    Guest Suggestions

    Riverdale guests would be good. Its a great show!
  5. One of the first guests I ever met at a con many years ago. I was so nervous and he was so nice! Great guest SM
  6. stanstill

    Guest Suggestions

    For your consideration. PJ Soles- Halloween, Carrie Nancy Loomis (or is it Kyes?) Halloween, Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog Annette O'Toole - To go with the IT guests (and I love Superman III and Smallville ) Elizabeth Shue - Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, Piranha Keith Coogan - Adventures in Babysitting, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead, Toy Soldiers Anthony Rapp - Star Trek, Rent Ally Sheedy - Breakfast Club, St Elmos Fire Rob Lowe Jennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller thank you
  7. Love Patrick Troughton's era. Great to have Wendy at the show!
  8. stanstill

    Guest Suggestions

    Long shots: (but hell you got Jimmy Caan at LFCC!) Martin Sheen - Apocalypse Now, Badlands, Dead Zone, The Departed Richard Dreyfus - Jaws, Close Encounters Sissy Spacek - Carrie, Badlands Wishlist: Alexandra Essoe - Doctor Sleep, Starry Eyes Nancy Loomis (Kyes) - Halloween, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13 PJ Soles - Halloween, Carrie Nancy Allen - Robocop, Carrie, Dressed to Kill
  9. stanstill

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    First of all I must say a big thanks again to Jason and the Showmasters squad. I have met a lot of my favourite actors/actresses down the years since my first show back in 1876 (No.. it was really 2006.) A lot of my lows do not involve Showmasters in general as I think they are getting better and better at organising these events. Highs - Getting in was excellent and quick. I remember the days of waiting outside in the hot sun for ages with the queue snaking around the building three times and you never knew where the back was! - Photo shoots personally went very smoothly, having them all in one area really helps with clashes as you can keep an eye on queues etc - Sean Young for just being there. I looked deep into her eyes... and forgot how I spelled my name. Composed myself and got there in the end! - James Caan for his age was very lively and interacted a lot more than I expected. - The variety and amount of free talks was great. I personally went to The Fog and James Caan ones. - The guests I met were all very pleasant : Sean Young, Catherine Mary Stewart, Lance Guest, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, Jimmy Caan and Nick Castle. - Lots of room, even Saturday never felt overcrowded or over heated. - Showmasters staff were very busy, but always very friendly. They do a great job. - Other attendees : had some great chats with people in the queues - Cosplayers: Make such a positive impact to these shows and it would be a duller show without them Lows - Miranda Richardson photo experience - seemed to me like she didn't want to be there at all - talk about miserable! As an actress she could at least pretend to enjoy meeting me - I missed a photo shoot as another one run over, so my brother went in my place. Not so bad considering I had a lot. - Queue jumpers. A tiny tiny minority of the thousands of people there who are all great. But queue jumpers... you know who you are and you are a disgrace. - Variety of stalls. For a film convention there was no one selling actual films! There seemed to be more stalls with original art in previous years too. Roll on the next one!
  10. stanstill

    Guest Cancellation - Val Kilmer

    Oh gutted - big fan of Val's Hope he can come see us sometime in the future
  11. stanstill


    This has made my weekend. Blade Runner is my favourite film and Sean was a big part of that. Thank you again Showmasters, I've been coming for years and you guys always deliver!
  12. stanstill


    Stunned. In so many great films. Round of applause SM !
  13. stanstill

    Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    Over the moon he is going. I'm getting my blu ray copy of Thief signed. In my opinion his greatest performance :)
  14. stanstill

    Guest Suggestions

    Sean Young