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  1. Living in hope: Richard Dreyfus Kurt Russell Mark Hamill Nancy Allen Christian Slater PJ Soles Nancy Kyes (Loomis?) Mickey Rourke Steve Guttenberg Ally Sheedy Molly Ringwald JoBeth Williams Arianna Richards
  2. The guy in Photo area A is an absolute queue master. On the whole though the crew were excellent throughout and helped make it a great weekend for me. Hats off to you!
  3. Loved the app.. 'My schedule' was really useful and it saved me making and printing one..... ok I still did that, but my point is next time I know I don't have to :) Surely with show masters top scientists on the case and the advances in micro chip technology, the app will go from strength to strength!
  4. I had a photoshoot booked. Says a lot about the lady if she tried to see her fans despite not being up to it. I hope she's ok.
  5. Wow... you truly have delivered Showmasters. Love Martins work - Legend being the word: Badlands, Apocalypse Now, The Departed, Dead Zone.. the list goes on
  6. Brilliant guest. Fantastically creepy performance in 'The Innocents' with Deborah Kerr
  7. Fairuza Balk Rachel True Neve Campbell Robin Tunney (aka the coven from The Craft)
  8. Ethan Hawke Rob Lowe Emilio Estevez Ally Sheedy Molly Ringwald Joe Dante Belinda Balaski Phoebe Cates Richard Dreyfuss Anthony Edwards James Duval Ryan Phillippe Heather Graham Christina Applegate
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