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  1. From past experience, the sports guests all tend to be no photos. I think this is due to the limited time they are there.
  2. mpharris

    Guest Suggestions

    He was at LFCC in 2010
  3. mpharris


    No it wasn't. She did Collectormania a few years ago.
  4. Probably a silly question, but have you scrolled down on the eticket? They should all be on the same PDF they send.
  5. mpharris

    Guest announcements Friday 8th 7pm!

    30 (Moonraker is 40)
  6. mpharris

    Photo Shoot question.

    The only shoot I can think of where the guest was seated on a normal chair (i.e. not a high stool) and there wasn't a chair for us was Stan Lee and that was probably for speed reasons.
  7. Excellent, a must meet.
  8. mpharris

    Guest Suggestions

    Agreed, but the question was about the last one.
  9. mpharris

    Guest Suggestions

    No it was at Olympia. It was over 2 levels in two of the smaller halls with most of the guests and photo shoots upstairs with some stalls and a few guests and most of the stalls downstairs (If I remember correctly.)
  10. mpharris

    Pre orders?

    It says on the preorder website that "All items from Glasgow and sheffield will ship withing 48 hours of returning from Sheffield".
  11. mpharris

    Bournemouth Film and Comic Con

    According to the dates on the "Collectors Books" from LFCC, Bournemouth will be returning on the 16th-17th March.