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  1. 21 12 2021 isn't a palindrome. 12th February next year will be the next one and we've had quite a few since the start of this century. What was special about yesterday was that it was a palindrome whether the date was written in the UK or US style. The next one that will be true is, I think, the 3rd March 3030.
  2. One of my most wanted guests and it's for an event there is no way I can attend .
  3. I can understand that might make it easier but it's not really fair on the one-day people.
  4. Why should 3 day people have a separate queue from 1 day people?
  5. Since David finishes after Sophie I would do Sophie first, explain to the crew you've a clash so hopefully they'll rush you through, go to David and then back for the dual.
  6. How about you get Jenna to sign the box that the discs come in?
  7. From past experience, the sports guests all tend to be no photos. I think this is due to the limited time they are there.
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