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  1. Probably the same way it worked in all the previous years it was held there
  2. It's in a shopping centre that is open to the general public, the guests and stalls are in an open area at the back of the centre surrounded by shops that is open to everyone. You can't "not get in".
  3. You are correct, the only way you would get the entry ticket refunded would be if the event was cancelled and the only way you would get refunds on photo tickets would be if the event was cancelled or the guest cancelled.
  4. You usually get a wristband put on as you enter on Saturday, you can't get it on Friday. They have posted a map on Facebook (and I presume X).
  5. mpharris


    It doesn't specify it'll be a cash refund though, may still be vouchers.
  6. From previous experience I would say no. In recent years all the sports guests have tended to be no photos.
  7. Actually they can... https://www.royalmint.com/help/trm-faqs/legal-tender-amounts/
  8. Graham McTavish Chris Barrie Doug Naylor I make that three
  9. When you purchase tickets the terms & conditions state that refunds will be in the form of vouchers so by purchasing and agreeing to the terms the consumer has agreed to it.
  10. General consensus on various autograph groups on Facebook. There seems to be (from memory) 3 different variants but there are tell tale signs (I'm no expert, just passing on what I read). Also people have successfully had refunds when they challenged the authenticity.
  11. 21 12 2021 isn't a palindrome. 12th February next year will be the next one and we've had quite a few since the start of this century. What was special about yesterday was that it was a palindrome whether the date was written in the UK or US style. The next one that will be true is, I think, the 3rd March 3030.
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