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  1. Thanks. There was no official news on the Showmasters Twitter feed apart from one irate customer. I emailed the shop and I received an email saying that one of the Showmasters crew sadly was undergoing bereavement which explains the long silence. Of course this bereavement is more important than my order being potentially late. I stumbled upon the Showmasters Facebook page which had some updates and the Showmaster crew member who I presume is in charge of the send in orders emailed me back. I received my Felicity Jones signed photo last week and my poster today which I am pleased about. A long anxious wait over! That irate customer on Twitter didn't help by making worrying accusations and no reply from Showmasters to refute his claims. Anyway, this was the first time I used the send in service and it had a good outcome. Thank you Showmasters.
  2. Hi, Does anyone who works for Showmasters have a rough estimate of when photographs and send in items from the Felicity Jones private signing will be sent out? Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this.
  3. Hi Raylenth, Thanks for your previous advice. I had a small scare this morning when my 6:55am coach didn't seem to turn up and the London bound coach sitting at the bus station at 6:55am wasn't the 6:55am service. The 6:55am service was supposed to arrive into London Victoria Bus station at 10:20am and the driver of the London bound coach at the bus station in my city said that he was the 7:15am service which would arrive into London Victoria Bus station at 11:20am which would be cutting it extremely fine to make it for Jenna's photo shoot. Thankfully, my original 6:55am bus was 10 minutes late into arriving into station and I (and many other relieved passengers) boarded it and we arrived into London Victoria bus station on time at 10:20am. I previously came to LFCC on Friday so I knew my way to the Olympia via the underground. In fact, it was even easier today (Sunday) as there was a direct underground train from Victoria to the Olympia as it was a weekend day today, unlike Friday when I had to change at West Brompton (and factor in a few minutes' wait). As you said, I was able to walk up - there was still a sizeable number of new arrivals for LFCC like myself getting on from Victoria station but security was quick and I was into the Olympia at about 11am, giving me plenty of time to get ready for my photo shoot with Jenna.
  4. Hi Raylenth, Thanks for your reply. I've been to LFCC before on all days and all the memories of long entry queues merge into one memory. The hot weather isn't helping my travel plans but I've decided to take the coach so hopefully I won't be delayed by malfunctioning railway lines.
  5. Hi again, Due to Sunday trains starting later than on weekdays, the earliest I can arrive into London at St. Pancras station is 10:12am. Assuming no delays, it takes about 50 minutes to get to Kensington Olympia and allowing for say 30 minutes to get into LFCC, I could scrape in at 11:30am. Would I still be able to enter the photoshoot if I get there before 12 noon? If I miss the photoshoot time, could I get a refund or is it a case of no refund?
  6. Wow. Instant reply. Thank you. I also found the spreadsheet elsewhere on the LFCC website which confirms the above, thank you.
  7. Hi, What are Jenna's photo shoot time(s) on Sunday? I am travelling in from outside London so I need to know if it is feasible or not for me to make it for a photoshoot (assuming that they are still available). Thanks for the help in advance.
  8. While Martin's autograph price is too expensive for me, I would like to say - do you even need to put any film reference for Martin Sheen? The man is legendary! "Martin Sheen" ought to be enough.
  9. Not sure if this has been brought up before but could there be tables and benches available for attendees to have a sit down and have their food? It is a bit undignified to sit on the floor to eat and drink. The Olympia is a massive place and there is still lots of room where a few long benches with long chairs would go down well. Put it another way: Showmasters Events in Glasgow Braehead and Sheffield Motorpoint Arena that use an ice hockey stadium are fantastic for this because they have all the seats that sports fans normally sit on during a match for the convention guests and it is wonderful to have so many seats to choose from to rest and have some food and drink.
  10. I would like to meet Olivia Thirlby and John Wagner from Judge Dredd. Wagner used to be a regular attender but it seems that he has stopped coming to conventions now. I would also like to meet Rosabell Laurenti Sellers because she is the last of the GoT Sand Snakes that I haven't met so far, all the others as well as Indira Varma I've met through Showmasters Events, thank you!
  11. Hi, I am not sure if this has been covered before but what do people think is the most beautiful signature you've received from a celebrity? One personal favourite of mine is Summer Glau's because it is so elaborate. The best thing about waiting a long time and paying sometimes a very significant amount of money for an autograph is getting a beautiful signature at the end. Naming no names, it was disappointing to wait, pay and then receive an illegible scribble, which while may be the celebrity's signature, one would think that if one was famous, one would put a bit of effort in creating a distinctive signature as much as they do for their acting role?
  12. "Underrated Alien 3" - whatever you do, never ever say that to Michael Biehn. He has given several talks at events including at Showmasters expressing his dislike of Alien 3 - mainly because his character Hicks got killed off in the first ten minutes.
  13. Charles Dance is a fantastic actor and I would love to meet him. However, he was announced for London Spring Comic Con a couple of years ago and pulled out in the week running up to the event and again this year at Birmingham Collectormania. I understand any guest can cancel anytime for their work or personal reasons and Dance being a top actor will be in demand so an early announcement like this one, I will proceed with caution in terms of expecting to see him. I will attend for other guests and if he makes it this time then wonderful, fantastic and I'll queue up to meet him. But twice bitten, twice shy for me.
  14. Just found out that Jeremy has sadly announced his retirement from the convention circuit: http://comicbook.com/starwars/2018/08/06/star-wars-boba-fett-actor-jeremy-bulloch-retires/ He really is a true gentleman. I met him at Showmasters London Spring convention about 3 years ago and he got up from his seat to shake my hand when I arrived at his desk after queuing for a while - not sure why but maybe because I am old enough to have seen "Return of the Jedi" in the cinema on its original release. He was also very complimentary to the young lad behind him who was in cosplay as Han Solo saying to him, "Its Han Solo". I met him again a year later to sign my "Return of the Jedi" poster and I told him that the signed photo I gave to my friend made my friend very happy and Jeremy was really happy to hear that. May I wish Jeremy a happy retirement and may the Force be with him.
  15. Hi, I was in the Lance Henriksen queue and I paid for two autographs - one for a signed photo and one for my poster. The crew member who took payment from me told me that I can have a second print to keep unsigned seeing that I have paid for two autographs. This was a pleasant surprise because I've paid for two autographs from other guests in the past few years but never been offered a second unsigned photo to keep. I didn't take one in the end but for future reference, does this offer apply to all guests?
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