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  1. benweblight


    News just in! Val Kilmer is playing the new Bluntman in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot!
  2. benweblight

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Based on the latest clue my guess is Keanu
  3. benweblight

    New Prop shoot. Note the details.

    “Have your photo taken On YOUR PHONE” for £2
  4. benweblight


    Best announcement of the year for me! I’ll be adding him to my LFCC Delorean poster from the reunion a few years back
  5. This seems to be a new trend, they did the same with Cardiff last weekend. and I’m guessing is the reason is they are using the same photographer/photo area for the cosplay photos because those are happening earlier on.
  6. https://indiemacuser.co.uk/2019/03/10/film-comic-con-cardiff-march-2019/
  7. benweblight


    Not sure he is doing the choke hold anymore because a fan tried to sue him
  8. There’s usually been a small queue before talks at Cardiff in the corridor outside. Im guessing the late photo shoots are because they only have one photographer covering the photo shoots and cosplay photos.
  9. benweblight


    Loved meeting Ted, and he seemed to be having a great time. His first time in London His panel was great too
  10. benweblight

    Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT ENGLUND

    Did Robert do many VQs on saturday? I know he got to some on Sunday. Hoping to get him at Cardiff next weekend
  11. LCC Spring 2019 - Our Report & Photos https://indiemacuser.co.uk/2019/03/03/london-comic-con-spring-2019/
  12. benweblight

    2019 Anniversaries

    So what? ..People could see any film at any time. Anniversaries need to be based off either the intial theatrical release, or the U.K. theatrical release. This is why Halloween’s 40th anniversary was celebrated with various events this year. And one of the working titles for the new film was H40
  13. benweblight

    RIP Stan Lee

    A true legend Was so lucky to have got to meet him at his last European appearance at LFCC 2014 with standard tickets and went to his panel which I will remember forever. Also our First LFCC The Friday was preview night, but Stan also did an extra signing earlier In the day. We were lucky to arrive just after the signing and before doors opened and got straight in the queue for Stan. We were with the first group to go into the room where he was signing and he said hello to everyone. Then there was a pause as everyone was so in awe of him and nobody moved. So he said “well, come on then!” R.I.P
  14. benweblight

    2019 Anniversaries

    As I already pointed out above. The Halloween 40th anniversary was THIS year, 2018. The original was released in 1978. Superman was released December 1978 so techically the 40th anniversary is next month, not next year. Grease was September 1978
  15. Robert appears to not be listed on the main website page. But is listed on the film and TV guest page