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  1. You’re not going to mention the fact he’s been the voice of Batman in many DC animated movies?
  2. Cardiff Con September https://indiemacuser.co.uk/2019/09/08/film-comic-con-cardiff-september-2019/
  3. That is the official date for summer. Winter event was cancelled - but spring event still going ahead.
  4. I think you mean 2020 this date will make it difficult to book any guests that have current projects or shows
  5. Would be great to get some more Sunday guests. Sunday is looking very very quiet right now
  6. I was amazed Hayden managed to do so many VQ tickets I think it was a combination of his being a fast signer and the crew that were running his area - it was a great job all round. Also I think the price point put a lot of people off. Or they opted for just photo or auto rather than getting the diamond pass.
  7. He commented on my batman T-shirt and we spoke about Adam West and he asked me to sing the theme tune
  8. Attended his talk - that was something special! Matthew doesn't like the normal Q+A and instead spoke honestly about his career and life.
  9. This was so useful over the weekend, although it still has a ways to go and will hopefully be updated and improved before next years event. more live updates and reminders on the day through the app would be good
  10. Re: value, was it personalised or not? Personalised signatures normally have very little value anyway so not worth worrying about.
  11. Re: value, was it personalised or not? Personalised signatures normally have very little value anyway so not worth worrying about.
  12. Our article and photos about this years LFCC https://indiemacuser.co.uk/2019/07/29/london-film-comic-con-july-2019/
  13. As a gold pass holder, you don’t need any VQ tickets. I believe you just join the back of any line behind any diamond pass holders and VQ ticket holders that are already in line. You wouldn’t be able to join any line that was still only open to Diamonds only though. Gold pass has never included any actual guarantee for specific autographs either
  14. Special mention for the crew for Val Kilmer on Sunday - I think they pretty much lost all their voices doing the last call for autographs. also, the crew doing Hayden Christiansen were very efficient - with your help he got well over 200 VQ tickets done by end of day
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